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导读:本文是一篇mcmaster university金融学硕士 master of finance 求职推荐信,对于在外留学的小伙伴来说求职信函长什么样肯定是一头雾水,我们推荐这篇信函给大家做一个参考。

To Whom It May Concern: 敬启者:
I write in my capacity as a professor of Degroote business school, Mcmaster university, to offer my recommendation for Mr.XX. Mr. XX is a hard working student in the department, Mr. XX attend my class: financial markets and the macroeconomics. I have known him well in terms of his personality and academic performance.
Mr. XX is an outstanding student and he has excellent performance in most subjects of his studies and demonstrating great potential. Although these financial-related courses are difficult, and there are strict requirements in the exams, when he received a master's degree, his overall GPA ranked him among the top 10 in his class of 40 students. Nevertheless, Mr. XX is not a bookworm who has devoted exclusively only to exams. In his spare time, he has read extensively in subjects outside his major, especially in business law, mathematics and marketing, these subjects seemed to be fascinating to him. Considering from his logical thinking ability, learning enthusiasm and quantitative background, Mr. XX is one of the best students I have ever taught. 
Mr. XX’s study area was in financial markets. Over and over again, he has showed remarkable insight and willingness to explore the subject, especially in the field of financial market in China. During the past two years, I was impressed by his curiosity, his intelligent nature, as well as sense of logical analysis make me realize that he was powerful in mastering complicated theories. At the same time, I know that he has practical experiences in terms of forecast and capture asset abnormal returns, quantitative research on historical financial data, estimate asset risks, and so on. I believe that his solid theoretical foundation and work experience can help him to deal with the challenges in future.
During the period of studying in the department, Mr. XX showed his talent of communicating in both oral and written English. Some professors of his most important undergraduate courses were American, majority of them believed that his oral English was native and his written English was standard. He has improved his English a lot in his professional life.
From Mr. XX, I have found an optimistic and easy-going character. He has highly unusual determination and he has never been daunted by difficulties. He believes that he can achieve anything he wants with his hard work. His confidence could also be well grounded in his track record, considering the fact that he was an international student with not fluent English when he entered into this university but graduated as a top student.
When Mr. XX finished my course, he still maintained contact with me, and I was glad to communicate regularly with him about the current situation of macro-financial markets inside and outside China's, he often brought forward some new and interested views which made me excited. I think that Mr. Wang has understood China's financial market a lot and his awareness has been greatly improved, I believe that his knowledge, work ethic, interpersonal skills, language skills will help him to achieve good results in his future work. Thus I highly recommend Mr. Wang to you. I know he has the ability to work professionally in your organization.
Yours sincerely,此致,