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I am going to analyze and discuses on behalf of manufacturing industry (ALKEM LABORATORIES) and service company (WALMART) on the basis of different operations and functions.
ALKEM LABORATORIES is INDIA based pharmaceuticals manufacturing company which formulate different types of medicines. it is rated the No 2nd company in the overall antibacterial segment, No.1st in cephalosporin formulation and No.3rd in over all Indian market. Alkem laboratories operates different operations like process design (arranging the stores layout to give smooth and effective flow of customers), product design (designing stylist products that can be flat packed efficiently), job design (making sure that all staff can contribute to the company's success), supply design (locating stores of an appropriate size in the most effective place), etc during manufacturing process as well as other operations. Alkem has many customers in domestic markets (India) and international market (Kenya, Nigeria, south Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mongolia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Yemen, America, Eurasia, etc.)
As per the consideration of TABLET MANUFACTURING process fig.1 shows the basic block diagram of tablet TRANSFORMATION PROCESS FLOW CHART.
Fig. 1 transformation or manufacturing process flow diagram.
Granulation is a process by raw materials are mixing as per the required for tablet specification. Granulation take more time in tablet manufacturing process so we can say that this is internal part of bottleneck process. After granulation, compression perform to give specific required shape & desired size of tablets. After finish compression process tablets goes to coating area where reduce mask the unpleasant test and odour. Visual inspection machines are used for finding damaged core or coated tablets. The last but not least process is packaging and it divide into two ways i.e. primary packaging with blister and secondary packaging with strip. After completion all these process finishing tablets transfer to finishing goods store as per inventory management.
Wal-Mart is largest retailer service company in the world, headquarter in USA. The first Wal-mart store was opened by Sam Walton in 19961 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Wal-mart adopt different process management during operation like capacity management (coping with fluctuation in demand) , inventory (avoiding running out of products from sale) management, supply chain management (arranging for delivery of products to stores) etc. Wal-mart has worldwide customers. Wal-mart lays lots of values on different emphasis, example associate opportunity, sustainability, responsible sourcing, make large communities.
ALKEM laboratories and WAL-MART has low cost, because ALKEM has its own industry to formulate many types of raw materials (granules). which is very near to product manufacturing unit and other reason that many customer in the market. Apart from this causes they have own biogas plant which produce half electricity of the total consumption. WAL-MART also has low cost priority because today market facing with too competition so they need to maintain customers and loyalty and it can only happen with provide low cost product without affecting quality. One reason for low cost is their world impact i.e. world no.1 supplier as supermarket services.
Consistence quality is all about expectations of the external customers specification on the consistent basis. ALKEM laboratories provide consistence quality because they have separate quality and control department to assure about quality. So that they always keep the defect free quality parameters due to update production process after every steps of manufacturing process. WAL-MART also carry consistent quality performance for that achieve customers loyalty. It provide defect less product in the selves they cannot compromise with customers faith. WAL-MAET always monitor consistently of defectively product and manufacturing date and its expiry date.
On time delivery is also an essential similarity of both company ALKEM and WAL-MART. In pharmaceutical company like ALKEM has on time delivery because it products has limited period of time, and protect market reputation so that it carry on time delivery to avoid product waste and customer unsatisfaction. Same condition is apply in WAL-MART because they also tend to fulfil all satisfaction of customers and their demand by product.
ALKEM laboratories provides different types of medicines (different types of tablets, injections, dry powder syrups, liquid syrups, etc ) as per the customer requirements and demand. ALKEM laboratories has cephalosporin formulation group and antibacterial segment group that is unique variety in Indian market. WAL-MART also provides large range of variety with different brands with different products as per all types of customers considerations regarding cost, variations etc.
The dissimilarity between ALKEM laboratories and Wal-mart on the basis of competitive priorities are;
Top quality
Volume flexibility
ALKEM laboratories provide top quality because ALKEM formulate cephalosporin formulation product which has high customer interaction and involvement. Customer interaction all about unique product like cephalosporin and antibacterial medicine that are only provide by ALKEM laboratories in Indian market with desired quantity, durability, hardness, etc. ALKEM product has more demanding by customers so it's also one of reason to make top quality product company.
ALKEM try to satisfy each and every customer with their desirable medicine (with effective and quick action without any sidefect ). Their competitive priority is a customisation. They formulate medicine depend upon the age like children (0 - 11 years), teenagers (12 - 17 years), adults (18 - 32 years) etc. because every does of medicine is defend by parameters quantity of quality depend on age. Medicine also characterise by design shape and test which also depend on age, for example children likes sweets medicine with small size of tablets, etc.
ALKEM laboratories has large volume flexibility because they are able to expand product manufacturing capacity as per customer demand. The volume flexibility basically carry depend on demand and requirement.
Comparison on the basis of CORPORATE STRATEGY
Corporate strategy is a strategy which provides positions itself in its global, economic, political and social environment. In other words corporate strategy gives positioning of a corporation and the business. Corporate strategy consists with Environmental scanning, Developing core competencies ( workforce, facilities, market and financial, systems and technology ), developing core processes and global strategy.
ALKEM laboratories and WAL-MART both caries cost leadership. ALKEM lab use cost leadership to increase maximum share. As I discussed in above, ALKEM deliver low cost product with high quality product because they have own generate raw materials by fully automated system so they also minimize labour cost. WAL-MART has worldwide branches with no.1 position in their field so certainly market share also increase by cost leadership technique. WAL-MART has gained maximum share price in USA market by the using cot effective technique as compare with other competitors. It has variety of items with variety of price so it able to satisfy customers with effective less cost. (reference by OM book page 47)

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