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联合利华分析作业:联合利华pest分析,swot分析,Cost benefits analysis

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联合利华集团是由荷兰Margarine Unie人造奶油公司和英国Lever Brothers香皂公司于1930年合并而成的。1930年,联合利华的业务扩张,许多新的企业在拉丁美洲建立起来。这些企业无不在增加他们的产品,从而来成就他们非凡的发展。联合利华集团在全球拥有五个实验室,这些实验室对新的技术进行检验以便做出更好地改善。联合利华集团的目标就是为组织行为设定最高标准,这也包括每一个他们想合作的对象。

Unilever a leading multinational corporation has multifarious brands that inherent consumer products on a large scale and involve in manufacturing gigantic operating in hundred countries all over the world. Unilever’s has been moved by the significant cicumstances of the day like economic boom, rapid change in technology, depression, people’s lifestyle, and recession.
Unilever was original established in 1930 by the consolidation of soapmaker Lever Brothers and margarine maker. In 1930 the Unilever business propagate and new enterprise were inaugurated in Latin America.They are invariably increasing their products to provide more intense, extraordinary development. Unilever’s have five laboratories all over the world, which scrutinize new techniques to make more improve.Unilever’s purpose is to set the highest standards of organizational behaviour including everyone they work with.
Proposing Change:

The proposed change will be consist of ethical values and develop a new design considering diversity. Unilever should establish open communication with the employees and also take their decisons into consideration. They should come up with a slogan that will not effect ethical value of any employee in an organization but come up with such slogan thta will motivate their employees. This will create stability in the environment, and employees will also demonstrate completeness in their work and in organization. The rationale of the decision will be based globally, as unilever has such a diverse workforce which refers that the members are classify and distinguishable on the basis of religion, gender, age group, and several other barriers in dealing with diversity with respecting the morale of the workforce.
A description of your chosen organization ( including its size, structure, market, products, aims and objectives and recent history).
Organization size:
The industry is consist of consumer goods, and the size of the company is appoximatly 10,001+ employees. The current status of the Unilever is in operating.The type of Unilever is public company. The ratio of male is 56% and female is 44%. The common job titles are Brand Manager 5%, Manager 4%, and Finance Manager 2%.
组织结构——Organizational structure:

Unilevers is the leading corporation having numerous consumer products manages its devergency in oragnization having vertical axis which represents the level of global combination, and therefore of central, the horizontal axis which represents the level harmonious combination or function of national difference, and subsequent influence of stratetic and operational reconciliation.Unilever represents another approach to improve communication to avail opportunities and benefits from the resources that easily available to them.This type of structure is said to be a Hybrid form that manipulate with three ramification territories, two product divisions, and five operative sections. Unilever bring out the capabilites and implemented this organization structure for its company.
Org Structure.png
组织营销——Organization Market:

Unilever is one of the preeminent food company. They know their consumer and having good understanding of their consumer needs of food product. They always look forward what their consumer love about it and make their brands a most accessible choice in their consumer’s mind.Unilever make sure about the ingredents of the same product in the different regions. Unilever products are daily basis meals, and they also incline local in order to attract their local market by introducing new flavors according to the consumer of the product. They have the culture and knowledge to move consistently within countries and their cuisines. They know how to move globally, and locally. They are commitment to make sure and certain measures to form healthy balanced nourishment. Unilevers having kind of food product you can trust, their target is to fulfil whatever consumers love about food product. Unilever dessiminate and maket their product in such a way which is advantageous for them.
Organization product:

Food brand
Home care brands
Personal care brands
Health,hygiene and beauty
Our advertising
Unilever Foodsolution
联合利华的目标和对象——Unilever Aim and Objectives:

Unilever caters appoximatly 2 billion consumers each day.They have a clear and realistic objectives which consist of four pillars.
Unilever emphasize in creating a better future each day by fulfilling the consumer need on the daily basis. They care about their consumers by facilitating them to provide healthy diets so that people will be healthier for the long time.
Unilever’s ultimate vision is to facilitate consumers by make them feel good, look good, and achieve more out of life. They are consistently moving with the lifestyle of the consumers and variability in consumer’s taste which is now-a-days rapidly increasing.
Unilevers vision is to galvanize its consumers to take a small part in daily action so that will add a big difference for the world.
They are intensifying new ways to improve their business and having objective to double the size of its organization, and by bringing down the environmental impact.
Unilever believe in the quality of their brand and consistently moving with the diversity and other technological changes in order to improve their business, and quality of their product.They know how to face the challenges concerning all the probablity with respect to the internal and external changes in the organization. The value what consumers want and keep in mind who they are.
联合利华的最近历史——Recent History of Unilever:

The recent history of the unilever is how they manage to be successful in recent years until now the committee has provided a proper way to collect the data and how to measure performance, but most of the management left to the country units. Recently they layoff many of their employees in order to cut the cost but this scenerio has taken place in some of the countries who are facing recessionary period which greatly affected their product cost, supply cost,and other cost as well. As a result Unilever had faced high competition in the business, and they manage successfully in the difficult time, they didn’t compromise in giving quality product in order to satisfy their consumers, and will be manage successfully in the subsiquent years.

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