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Paper Assignment论文作业
You’ve written about how science fiction is formed from events and the public consciousness, gained some understanding of the eras of American culture and history, and begun to make connections.  
Your task now is to put those skills to the test: you will create an original work of science fiction.  You will place it firmly in a period of your choosing, and emulate the period style.  You might create a Lovecraftian ghost story set in a gloomy, Depression-era shantytown, or a rip-roaring, over the top adventure tale in the spirit of the 1950s space opera, or a modern young adult tale of a bleak dystopia.  Due to time constraints and the nature of the course, I am not expecting a complete novel or short story; rather, you will create a sample, a “lost work” of science fiction that reflects the culture of its period in some capacity, and exists within a larger canon.  I expect you to be able to relate stylistic elements from the period with this original work; I'm not expecting perfection, but I do expect effort and hard work.  I will not assign any minimums to this component, though I would suggest you don't get too carried away.
In addition to the creative component, you will also write a short research paper in the vein of your response paper.  This will be a "response" to the above work; you will discuss the period it is drawn from, and cite key influences upon the work (generally speaking, it will be other science fiction authors, though you could draw from any aspect of the period).  The same rules as the response paper apply here; three sources, fully cited in the proper fashion, a length of roughly 1,000 plus words.  You should include an introduction of the text and period, and how they relate, as well as a conclusion covering your points once more; I should be able to understand where you are going before you go there.  If you are uncertain about the form of the essay, go to the Writing Center, or contact me.
最后,因为我认识到不是每个人都有创造性的倾向,所以我允许这是一个团队项目。你可以组成一个四人小组;如果有任何错过的最后期限,请尽快告诉我谁在你的小组中。你也可以选择单独工作,如果你觉得这样更适合你的风格;选择权属于你。从小组角度看,你可以一起完成创意部分,你将获得适用于每个小组成员的单一等级。然而,每个人都应该完成自己的研究论文,我强烈建议为你的个人作品寻找不同的来源,即使他们可能是同一个作者。Finally, because I recognize that not everyone is creatively inclined, I'm allowing this to be a group project.  You can form a group of up to four; let me know who is in your group soon, in case there are any missed deadlines.  You can also choose to work alone, if you find that suits your style better; the choice is yours.  Group-wise, you can complete the creative portion together, and you will receive a single grade that applies to each group member.  However, each person is expected to complete their own research paper, and I would strongly suggest finding different sources for your individual work, even if they might be by the same author.
Reflection paper
Nowadays, science fictionshave attracted increasing attentions and are playing akey role in the field of literature. Creative science fictionsthat are rich in imagination yetpay close attention to the realityhave drawn widespread interest worldwide. Therefore,in this fiction, the political issueswere integrated with the story for a better description of the main idea behind.
In thiswork, the author describedseveral different scenes in ‘his’ dream,as well as the reality. In the dream, the author lives in a peaceful city,the W city, where the roads are clean and residents are friendly.The author is a teacherwho ishighly respected and fairly paid; his family, like every other family, lives happily without fear for the future. In the reality, however, thecase is completely different.The authorstays in theNew York City where every single streetis crowed and all residents here are forced to adapt to an extremely fast pace of life.
In this work, the main idea behind is to show the readers the situation of American people during the Great Depression, which could have been avoided if appropriate policies and regulation systems were released earlier.Additionally, this work about the Great Depression is expected to serve as a reminder to the federal government, as well as governments in other countries that a tiny mistake by them may bring misery and sadness to the people.
The story occurred in the period of The Great Depression,a period in which the economic recession was so severe that it significantly affected the history of the U.S., as well as the history of Europe(Robbins, 2011). Briefly, the recession started in the market of agricultural productssuch as lumber in 1928and soon spread to other markets in the next few months. Agriculture in the Europe, Asiaand Australia were also involved. As a result of the globalagricultural decline, the functioningof the financial market was severely affected, leading to the longest, deepest and most widespread depression of the 20th century.In the United States, the unemployment rate increased by 607% and the domestic industrial production shrank by half in 1932, compared to 1929(Temin, 1994).Not surprisingly, a panic hit Wall Street and the stock marketcollapsed. In the Europe, the situation was even worse as loan repayment was brought forward as the U.S. needed capital for the economic stimulation plans. As a result, the German chose Adolf Hitler as their leader. As is known, Hitler started the World War II which cost over 200 million lives worldwide, not mentioning the economic losses suffered by Europe and Asia.
The New York Citywas chosen as the ‘place of reality’as the NYC was a good representative of the situation U.S.was facing in this period. The shock on the stock market led to devastating consequences on the financial situations of most residents in this city.As a result, the city ‘he’ lived in reality was a city full of moan and despair: miserable refugees and residents (including a considerable amount of children) who lost their source of income had to live on the streets(Elder Jr, 1999). In the dream, the author described American lifestylepromised by the politicians.In this case, all residents are living a peaceful life and do not have to worry about theirfinancialsituations. Ironically, the great depression was not possible without the ‘contributions’ of the federal government.
Lessons Learned from the Great Depression
Since the Great Depression, the economy has been fluctuating up and down; several financial crises have been observed. In 2008, the U.S. experienced another severe financial crisis, known as the ‘Great Recession’. Fortunately, in virtue of the lessons learned from the Great Depression, the loss was minimized. In the following sections, the lessons that can be learned from theGreat Depression are summarized.
Firstly, the central bank (the Federal Reserve) should act as a guide to the financial system. Indeed, the Federal Reserveshall foresee the risk and prevent any potential crisis. On the other hand, for inevitable financial crises (due to economic period or change in the domestic political situation), the Federal Reserve should monitor the situation closely and apply measures whenever necessary to minimize the consequences.
Secondly, the federal government, as well as state and local governments in the U.S., should balance the economic growth and the wealth gap. It is definitely true that one of the main responsibilities of the governments at all levels is to achieve rapid economic growth. Nevertheless, the increasing wealth gap is often ignored, especially after the election. This can be attributed to the cost of decreasing wealth gap. In order to narrow the gap, welfare has to be increased, at the cost of increased tax. In simple words, the government is taking some money from the wealthy class and using it on the lower classes. This would naturally be discouraging in terms of economic growth.#p#分页标题#e#
Thirdly, the citizens themselves shall reduce the debt. It has been proved that debt can be a useful and effective tool in the financial market. With debts, people can make purchasing using their future income. Nevertheless, most people are not aware of the existence of an economic cycle, which means purchasing based on their current income level can be very dangerous as the income level can fluctuate to a large extent. Upon unemployment, bankruptcy may come very shortly due to the presence of the debts.
In conclusion, the fiction described a situation where the dream and the reality are completely different. The reality is set in the period of the Great Depression, a period of great economic recession suffered by the U.S. in the 20th century.The main idea behind the story is to show the readers the situation of American people during the Great Depression. More importantly, it serves as a reminder to the federal government, as well as governments in other countries that a tiny mistake by them may bring misery and despair to the people.
ELDER JR, G. H. 1999. Children of the Great Depression: Social change in life experience, Westview Press.
ROBBINS, L. 2011. The great depression, Transaction Publishers.
TEMIN, P. 1994. The Great Depression. National Bureau of Economic Research Cambridge, Mass., USA.

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