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1. Introduction介绍
信息技术的发展逐渐超出人们的预期,逐渐影响人们的生活,改变人们的生活习惯。例如,许多大型企业零售商已经重新构建了他们的商业模式。例如,沃尔玛和史泰博也关闭或减少了零售店和相关业务的开业。另一方面,一些电子商务公司也在蓬勃发展,他们正在寻找扩大业务运营的方法。因此,在这样的形势和环境下,企业必须真正顺应时代潮流,才能实现快速发展。互联网公司Concert Network也面临着类似的挑战,包括消费者行为的变化、网络信息的变化以及不断扩大的竞争市场。在此基础上,本文从形成商业模式的角度,分析和探讨了音乐会网络如何运用全渠道方式拓展互联网时代的市场。本文从消费者的角度分析了其全渠道下的云电话产品。
The development of information technology has gradually exceeded the expectations of people and gradually affect people's lives and change people's habits. For example, many large-scale corporate retailers have re-structured their business models. For example, Wal-Mart and Staples also have closed or reduced the opening of retail stores and related businesses. And on the other hand, some e-commerce companies are also booming that they are looking for ways to expand their business operations. Therefore, in such a situation and environment, enterprises must truly conform to the trend of the era in order to achieve rapid development. Then Concert Network, an Internet company, faces similar challenges including the changes in consumer behaviors, the alternation of network information, and the ever-expanding competitive market. Based on such a condition, this part analyzes and discusses the corresponding cases to explore how Concert Network should use Omni Channel approach to expand its market in the Internet agefrom the perspective of forming a business model. And this article analyzes its product named Cloud Telephony under Omni Channel from consumer perspective.
2. Product Available on Omni Channel—From Consumer Perspective第二步。从消费者的角度看,全渠道提供的产品
The essence of sales is to deliver the products to the end consumers, that is, the consumers how to get the goodswith how much they pay. Therefore, the starting point for Omni Channel must be the consumers. The development of the market forms is closely related to the lifestyle of consumers. In consumers’ opinions, the factors have impact on product choice, in addition to price factors, are several common factors, including convenience, timeliness and experience.
2.1 Convenience便利性
Itrefers to the efficiency of obtaininginformation and making purchasing decisionbefore the realization of the purchase. Traditional physical telephones, including public phones, landline phones and mobile phones, are very convenient, butits services are limitedand also costly. The emergence of Cloud Telephony is convenient for consumers to make network call, online video call and other diversified services, greatly improving the convenience. It can be seen that convenience refers more to the availability costs of consumers in the purchasing process. In the retail industry, it means that consumers can buy at home, go downstairs, or goover kilometers to achieve a purchase.
2.2 Timeliness及时性
It is the time cost for the consumer to obtain the goods and after-sales service after purchasing. The convenience of the traditional phone is very good, while its timeliness is also very good. Cloud Telephony's timeliness and convenience are separated from each other. Purchasing online is really convenient, but less timely. The time cost of after-sales service is more than most of the traditional telecom operators. Therefore, only if the timeliness can be improved at the same level or exceeding the level, consumers will show more acceptability. 
2.3 Experience
The experience here mainly refers to the experience of consumers before buying the product and getting additional service. Traditional telephone is easy to be operated, and its service has become a mature system. For Internet companies, most consumers are facing a uniform pattern and process. Although some consumers need after-sales service, but the online Q & A or the after-sales call without facing each other, also greatly reduces the uncertainty, that the purchasing experience can be less influenced by it.
3. Essential Elements of Omni Channel Business Model
Shopping channels of consumers have become customized, personalized with multi-channel shopping model. In the Internet age, the characteristics of consumers become more and moreapparent, so companies should take appropriate measures to adapt to this change and make innovative changes to their models, because establishing compelling rules is the key to be successful or not.
3.1 Value proposition in Omni Channel mode
Market demand and target customers can be considered as the starting point for innovating business models. Enterprises should focus on the customer's value orientation. The Omni Channel business model has brought tremendous changes to the Internet era and the life of consumers in the new era. The profit model of enterprises should be transformed into a demand-oriented Internet business model.
3.2 Critical business in Omni Channel mode 
As the key business of online and offline businesses, it mainly covers the supply and construction of digital stores. The Omni Channel model of enterprises should focus on creating a new platform and building a perfect and seamless experience for all kinds of customers. Enterprises should create aintegratedplatform for online and offline businesses and terminal platform of transaction structure, including order processing, payment and after-sales service and a series of issues, including promotion, marketing and other related online shopping issues. In addition, the intelligent platform management, big data, and other supporting business modules also have to be built and improved.
3.3 Core resources in Omni Channel mode
Technology and material and financial resources, human resources as the traditional mode of core resources, business integration platform is the core of the Internet connection, which combines all aspects of analysis and combining capabilities for every object, every corner of the enterprise, in this large Statistical analysis of information and budget can be done on the data network. It is using the Internet this way, in order to make every operation of the business will be carried out smoothly.
3.4 Channel design in Omni Channel mode
The design of channel in Omni Channel needs to consider various factors, including the market density, the ability of competitors and the breadth of channels. And according to the characteristics and quantity of goods to determine the channel can ensure the uniqueness of the business mode. Only by this way can it form a unique and intensive channel. Under the design of Omni Channel of enterprises, the channel should be designed according to the modern mode of consumer purchase and their shopping history. Through the investigation and search of information, to discuss options, and finally choose the best solution. Consumer assessment should exist in every process of the design. For example, if consumers can not afford a racing car, but he would rather spend time to enjoy the car show and evaluatethe cars, which is also a nice experience and enjoyment for them.
4. Conclusion
In the Internet age, the transformation of enterprise development mode to Omni Channel mode is an inevitable trend. The Internet combines all levels of business and core resources. In customer relations, companies have to make major changes, paying more attention to the feelings of consumers, paying attention to make interaction and sharing with consumers. Faxing the younger customer groups and network customer groups, enterprises can conduct portrait analysis to get more accurate information, to optimize and improve their business.

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