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I was lucky in the fact that I picked chemical engineering and it turned out to be the right choice for me. However, my first semester at college was a rude shock - being away from home for the first time, being in a relatively male-dominated field
I started in a test lab for airplanes, where I got to break things. That is called static and fatigue testing. Then I went into design for airplanes. I worked on all areas of commercial planes including the floors and windows. I am most proud of my testing projects
When asked how to manage to mask remarkable statues, the French sculptor Auguste Rodin answered, “I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don''t need.” For me, life is just a block of marble---whether the marble can be turned into a remarkable statue depends on your natural talents, diligence and a sense of duty. During over four years’ my college life, I have been dreaming of being a perfect female researcher so that I can enhance more young girls’ confidence in scientific research and encourage them to promote the development of science as men do.
“Life is just like the ocean----whatever choice you make as a steersman, you must be well aware of your favorite, namely, which is worthy of pursuing in your whole lifetime!”
Since I was admitted into ××× university three years ago, these words, just like a bright lamp, have been lightening my future and leading the way to my favorite career--- the studies of educational technology.
1、 美国留学个人陈述开头引入家庭背景
My father is a chartered accountant and my mother is a banker. During my days at Engineering College I used to go to my father’s office and help him manage his portfolio of equities and other financial instruments. This was the time I learnt the first lesson of finance from my father i.e. risk and return are proportionate. In 1998 when I was in the second year the China stock market crashed. But fortunately, my father had a well-diversified portfolio because of which our returns were protected from the downside risk. This was when I learnt the second principle of finance from my father i.e. diversification reduces risk. While I understood these two principles intuitively, it produced in me a strong urge to learn and understand the complex theory behind the working of Finance. This, I believe, was a turning point in my career. I made up my mind to pursue a career in Finance and hence decided to do a Masters program in Business Administration.
2、 引入特殊事件,阐述兴趣的起源
As I was finishing college, my mother had both of her hips replaced with artificial ones because all of the cartilage in her hip joints had worn away and it was very painful for her to walk. I found it fascinating that engineers, orthopedic surgeons, and biologists had all worked together to design these artificial joints that completely transform people''s lives by giving them back pain-free mobility, and I knew at that moment that this was an area about which I wanted to learn more.
4. 救世主型--例如:开头表明自己拯救世界的抱负。
5. 犹抱琵琶型--例如:问题切入之前,说很多对自己很有意义的重大影响,浪费字数。
6. 幼稚型--例如:说明自己的好奇心,用很多小事来证明。


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