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加拿大政治方面课程论文范文:Article review of Politics and policy in Brad

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加拿大政治方面课程论文范文:Article review of Politics and policy in Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan
Politics and policy in Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan concerns about the reasons why Brad Wall was so successful and the possible policy challenges the next premier of Saskatchewan would face. The paper is well organized. In the first part, the author gives a introduction to Brad Wall’s success. Then factors leading to his political success are listed. At the last part, the author gives a partial list of the possible policy challenges the next premier of Saskatchewan would face. But the paper is not well written enough which will be mentioned later in this essay.
Brad Wall was entitled as premier of Saskatchewan since November 2007. 63 percent of the Saskatchewan respondents approved of the premier’s handling of the province’s business in a Vision Critical & Angus Reid online poll in 2011. Wall’s Saskatchewan Party had a 37-point lead over the provincial NDP and it seemed it’s very reassuring numbers for 
Wall and his party to win the provincial election in November, 2011. 
According to the author, although it would be easy to cite Lingenfelter’s apparent lack of charisma to explain Wall’s political success, there are other factors lead to Wall’s success. The first factor is the current strength of Saskatchewan’s economy. the province’s economic and fiscal situation is favorable at the moment. In the paper, the author cited that in June 2011 the unemployment rate in Saskatchewan was the lowest in the country, at a mere 4.9 percent. Moreover, he cited that the province’s public finances remain favorable compared to those in other provinces to support his view. However, for this point, what the author cited is not enough to prove the premier Brad Wall’s political success. the unemployment rate in Saskatchewan was the lowest in the country and public finances remain favorable compared to those in other provinces is the success of the Saskatchewan, not the success of Brad Wall. If the author wanted to prove the success of Brad Wall, materials about the situation of the province when it was taken over by other premier should be included. 
Also, what his opponents raised that Wall benefited from the work that was done by the NPD during its years in office maybe possible right. The author argued that it would be unfair to reduce his political success to these two factors although Wall inherited sound public finances from the NDP era while benefiting from comparatively favorable economic conditions. this may not refute opponents’ view. It is just not enough and even may be contradictory with what was said before. Further more, Wall did well in the comprehensive tax-cut agenda a in a way that the provincial NDP could not argue with may not fully explain Wall’s great success. 同时,他的反对者提出的墙的受益是由NPD在其任期内可能正确的工作。作者认为,这会降低他的政治上的成功,这两个因素虽然壁继承了健全的公共财政,从新时代而受益于相对有利的经济条件不公平。这可能不是驳斥对手的观点。这是不足够的,甚至可能是相矛盾的是什么之前说的。此外,墙在全面减税计划的一种方式,省NDP不能说不可能完全解释和路雪巨大的成功
But the way he handled the Potash Corp proved Wall truly successful. According to the author, The Saskatchewan premier is a shrewd politician who has typically avoided bold ideological gestures to adopt a seemingly moderate, center right agenda that seems largely in tune with the majority of the electorate on most issues. The author used the example of the way he handled the Potash Corp. File to explain Wall’s centrist approach. Wall’s decision to push the Harper government to block the sale of Potash Corp. to “foreign interests” was a political master-stroke that increased the premier’s national profile and strengthened his position in the province. And this had generally silenced the NDP opposition.
In the mid part of the paper, the author seemed have deviated from the theme. The author cared about the his chances of reelection and though it would remain high because its the political culture and historically, Saskatchewan voters have been patient with first-term governments, seeking stability rather than frequent political reversals. In another part, the NDP has a lot to do to rebuild itself, to find a younger and more charismatic leader, to distinguish itself from the Saskatchewan Party while staying relatively close to the political center. the NDP cannot count on outside economic forces to find its way back to power or, at least, electoral competitive-ness. Moreover, the NDP can hardly make a case that it is in a better position than the Saskatchewan Party to create a strong economy while making sure that all of the province’s 1 million inhabitants benefit from current growth. For the author, Brad Wall would definitely win another election. However, these all seems have nothing to do with Wall’s success.
In the last part is the major policy challenges faced by the next Saskatchewan government formed after the November 7 election. The author concerns about partial challenges, such as poverty issues, health care issues, environmental issues and massive investment . First, poverty remains a key issue although unemployment is comparatively low in Saskatchewan. According to the author, a key challenge for all levels of government is to work together in order to improve the educational opportunities and the living conditions of Aboriginal peoples in Saskatchewan. Second, controlling health care spending while improving access to care is also a challenge for Saskatchewan. 
Also, environmental issues is a major substantive and public relations challenge for the province. To explain this, the author gives an example of a widely debated issue of electricity supply.Premier Wall did during his first mandate, would be well-advised to accelerate the talks with Manitoba over the possibility of buying hydro power from that province. This would be the best way to reduce Saskatchewan’s heavy reliance on coal while responding to its growing electricity needs. However, the choice of buying hydro power is a policy of electricity supply, and it may not take the environment into consideration.
Besides that, massive investments in infrastructure are needed because Saskatchewan’s population is now growing fast (by more than 1.5 percent last year) according to the author. But the author don’t give a full vision of the problem or that the reason is out of his expectation. He said that the government should invest more to build more rental properties in Saskatoon and Regina, a city that has now the low-est vacancy rate in Canada. But the aim to do this to attract more immigrants as well as workers from other provinces in order to avoid labor short-ages in key industries. None of this has anything to do with the Saskatchewan’s fast growing population.
In the last paragraph, conclusions the author made is contradictory.in the beginning of the paragraph, the author thought that this partial list of challenges might not be a problem for Brad Wall, who has shown more pragmatism than some had anticipated in his role of premier. However, the author doubted whether he would he be able to address these challenges if he was re-elected on November 7. 
If I were the author, paragraphs concerting Brad Wall’s chances of reelection in the middle would be deleted. Also, I would give more detail about what Brad Wall do differently and the province’s situation of his previous premiers to prove his political success.
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