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加拿大essay范文:Is Television Dead or Just Disrupted?

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Television (hereinafter called “TV”) seemed to out of the fashion. In addition, look at the effects of new technology has fundamentally changed the audience on television. As to create a new television system, such as Twitter and Facebook related role in the social network to make TV more enjoyable experienceThe research has demonstrated that the TV has played an important role in the social application. However, the latest social application has changed the life style for the audiences. Finally, TV is still used for the life.
1.0 Introduction 引言
The current study on the new television system, including social media features mainly handling of user interaction in the new environment. In addition, "an emerging new technology, support and integration of social interaction, recommendations, ratings, reviews, and the interaction between the audience participation through text chat, audio, or video conference(Segadoet.,al, 2015). In addition, social TV is considered to be an appropriate media to provide dispersed in commercial breaks and other slow part of the program, but the most important is regarded as a tool to keep in touch with family members and other relatives(DRAGANSKA, 2014).Therefore, this article would like to investigate that whether TV is dead or dispute. 
2.0 Body
The major competitors of TV, which are medias from Internet, such as network operator, we media, social networking content operators, etc. are all learning from TV. Since Internet medias majorly focus on individual users and TV is usually for groups or families. One the other hand, the user scenarios of TV and Internet medias are different. When the user is alone, he or she may likely choose Internet medias to get entertainment, news or other content the user needs. However, when family or a group gathering together, they are more likely to go to TV, since firstly, TV has trained audiences for decades that TV is an inevitable element for gathering. And on the other hand, TV usually has larger screen than computer. Though many TV screen can also be connected to Internet, the speed of broadcasting are also limited by Internet speed, content preparing, tec. Therefore, these medias have to learn what TV has achieved in traditional group audiences to beat TV and gain more audiences. In addition, it puts forward a story based on the network video system for a large community of members, editing and broadcasting, and report on his own story, similar to what major TV broadcasters.
The integration of social media and television has established new television consumption logic "viewer can use social media to publish and learn new information, and participate in discussions,"(Ranganet al, 2015). In addition, should study social media comment on how much TV to strengthen or weaken the dominant discourse of the traditional media? Combined with global tags such as "social media" or "social network", and other specific functions and services, such as "Facebook"
2.0 Methodology
The research is applied the qualitative research method. The sample is selected from the Deakin University. The sample size is 87, who are all selected from seven courses in the Deakin University. 
4.0 Results
As can be seen in the table 1, the majority of the watcher is between the age 21 to 25 Years old. In addition, the lowest number of the watchers is between 31 to 35 years old. Furthermore, the average age is 22.5 years old. 
Figure 1 has demonstrated that the course of study undertaken by participants at Deakin University. The six courses are related to the Media, PR, and Journalism, photograph, FTV and literature. In addition, the FTV course is the most participation which is 70% and PR is the second course which is 16%. 
Figure 2 has indicated that gender breakdown of focus group. The total sample size is 87, 55 are female and 32 are male, which are 63% and 37% respectively. 
In the Table 2, the mean result for each survey question requiring a quantitative response has been described. The result has proved that the most are mean of all hours spent per day using the internet. In addition, the majority group is willing to use internet rather than TV.
The Table 3 has described that most popular services reported for online activities. There are six activities: they are Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Email and Twitter. The result has shown that the Facebook is the most popular activity. In addition, the YouTube is following the Facebook. 
Table 4 has demonstrated that time spent per day watching/ catching up TV show via the Internet. The result has indicated that few hours have been spent to watch TV show on the internet between 0 to 2 hours.
Table 5 has demonstrated that mean result for each survey question requiring a quantitative response. The highest result has indicated that mean of total hours spent watching TV per week. 
5.0 Discussion 
As the result indicated above, Increase the importance of social TV in famous academic research, especially in the television content in the field of communications and computer science. Main conclusions emphasize the social aspect of how to attract the audience television because it. About methods, few studies have used the user-centric method, such as surveys or focus groups, or in-depth interviews.
With the normal view of TV, most of the students are willing to spend time on the Internet, rather than TV. However, Facebook and Twitter are the two most important social application of the audience. Social media has become a channel "may provide a BBS, some problems for public comment and symbolic resistance" is the most important social TV is regarded as a tool to keep in touch with friends and family and other loved ones hybrid televisions and computers offer new possibilities to increase the pleasure of watching, at the same time establish a greater affinity between group members based on common viewing experience.
As the consequence, the social application and TV are combined together as the social TV could be better for ever.
6.0 Conclusion
In summary, the use of the second screen strategy through the Internet increase the audience's participation and contribution to the success of the TV show.In addition, the use of the second screen strategy through the Internet increases the audience's participation and contribution to the success of the TV show. In addition, television is not out of date.As a consequence, TV is not out of date. 
DRAGANSKA, M., HARTMANN, W. R., & STANGLEIN, G. (2014). Internet Versus Television Advertising: A Brand-Building Comparison. Journal Of Marketing Research (JMR), 51(5), 578-590.
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