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Proposal建议:proposal讲Kazimir Malevich 和他的两个作品(艺术分析为主)并且要联系到俄国革命里 + 一张annotated bibliography MLA格式 要四个资料和6-10句的概括
1 Provisionary title: two artworks of Kazimir Malevich and the October Revolution临时标题:两件卡齐米尔·马列维奇和十月革命的作品
2 The October Revolution, Kazimir Malevich and his two artworks十月革命,卡齐米尔·马列维奇和他的两件艺术品
十月革命是俄国工人阶级和农民在布尔什维克党领导下的联盟所完成的伟大的社会主义革命。1917年,布尔什维克武装部队在圣彼得堡发动了对冬宫的袭击,目的是推翻临时政府,建立苏维埃政权。在此期间,卡齐米尔·马列维奇是一位几何抽象派艺术家,同时也是霸权主义的创始人。此外,他还参与起草了《俄罗斯未来主义艺术家宣言》。可以说,克兹米尔·马列维奇与十月革命紧密相连。《白衣公主》和《田里女孩》都是卡齐米尔·马列维奇创作的著名艺术品,他装备了霸权。本文将着重研究这两件艺术品与十月革命的关系。具体而言,本文旨在说明这两件艺术品深受革命的影响。The October Revolution is a great socialist revolution completed by the alliance between Russian working class and peasants under the leadership of Bolshevik Party. In 1917, the armed forces of Bolshevik led off an attack against the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, in order to topple the interim government and establish the Soviet regime. During this period, Kazimir Malevich was an artist of Geometrical abstraction who was also the founder of suprematism. Besides, he ever participated in drafting the declaration of Russian futuristic artist. S it can be said that Kazimir Malevich was bound up with the October Revolution. White on White and Girls in a field are both both famous artworks created by Kazimir Malevich, which are equipped with suprematism. In this paper, it will focus on researching the relationship between the two artworks and the October Revolution. To be specific, the paper is aimed at stating that the two artworks are deeply influenced by the revolution. 
3 Annotated bibliography注释书目
德鲁特、马修和K.S.马列维奇。克兹米尔·马列维奇:至上主义。纽约:古根海姆博物馆(2003):95Drutt, Matthew, and K. S. Malevich. "Kazimir Malevich : Suprematism. New York : Guggenheim Museum " (2003):95
马修·德鲁特(Matthew Drutt)是美国著名的美尼尔藏品编辑、作家、独立馆长,马列维奇(Malevich)是俄罗斯著名的艺术家。根据消息来源,马列维奇在革命后开始探索风俗和人物。源秀在一部未来主义歌剧《太阳上的胜利》中,马列维奇负责歌剧的舞台和定制设计,风格激进而反现实,歌剧的习俗是几何图形的拼接。色彩搭配大胆前卫,马列维奇的服装设计也是超人的追求。借助于这一来源,我对某一领域女孩艺术作品中的风俗和人物概念有了更多的了解。
As the author of the source, Matthew Drutt is a famous editor, writer, independent curator of Menil Collection in the U.S. and Malevich is a famous artist in Russia. According to the source, Malevich began to exploration of costume and figure after revolution. The source show in a futuristic opera, Victory on the Sun, Malevich is in charge of the stage and costume design of the opera, the style is radical and counter realistic, and the costume of the opera is a splicing of geometric shapes. Color matching is bold and avant-garde, the clothing design of Malevich is also the pursuit of supermatism. With the help of the source, I can know more about the concept of costume and figure in the art work of Girls in a Field.
Long, Jim. “Kazimir Malevich: Suprematism.” The Brooklyn Rail.August 1st.2003.April 1.2018.
As the author of the source, Jim Long is a famous art curator. This source provides a general overview of the influence and transformation of artists during the revolution. Malevich, his change happened after the fall of Lenin, whose work was focused on portrait after Stalin took over. His art works were deeply influenced by the political changes after revolution. Malevich began explore and get in touch with his inner self in his works. After reading the source, I have some understanding of the change about Malevich’s art style and content.
Milner, John,ed. “Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932.” Artbook. November 2,2017.April 1,2018.< http://www.artbook.com/9781910350430.html>
John Miller is a famous writer of U.K. According to the source, the October revolution also had an inextricable relationship with Russian Art. Russian art become an inspiration and example of contemporary art, to surpass the boundary of the original art and give it more political significance. for artists, revolution seems to be a two-edged sword, it developed contemporary art mostly ,but meanwhile, it hindered the development of other art form, such as the supermatism of Malevich. From the source I found that the October revolution declared the whole world a new social system from ideal to reality, which is a turning point for Malevich’s art creation.
Thomas, Alello  "Head-First Through the Hole in the Zero: Malevich’s Suprematism, Khlebnikov’s Futurism, and the Development of a Deconstructive Aesthetic, 1908-1919." (2005): 3-1.
Thomas Aiello is an associate professor of history and African American studies. In accordance with the source, suprematism can be considered as an attempt of going beyond zero. As the founder of suprematism, it was necessary for Kazimir Malevich to realize a development from the Futurism in Russia, as well as work within the avant-garde. In fact, Kazimir Malevich only established cooperation with some futurists like Khlebnikov. Influenced by the futurism of Khlebnikov, Kazimir Malevich could make a significant progress on suprematism. Through the source, I can know something about suprematism expressed in the two artworks of Kazimir Malevich. 

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