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Dear sir/madam:尊敬的先生/女士:
As a professor of operations management from University of XX, I am writing the recommendation letter with great sincerity to furnish you with what I have known about XX to support of his admission to your university to continue his research on statistics. I will be much delighted if this letter plays the role of assistance of your processing of his application.
XXXX is now studying at our university, and I taught him the courses of quantitative method 3 -- operation management in his third academic year. Now he is involved with one of my NBA revenue management-related research, he is responsible for the work relating to statistics in this project. He is such a student with a strong logical thinking and is sensitive about figures. He is a student with much interest in mathematical and statistical work. In the process of being involved in the study, he demonstrates a diligent, hard, serious work attitude, as well as rigorous, responsible and objective scientific spirit. He has a solid knowledge of statistical theory, strong statistical computing skills, computer skills, and is able to skillfully use Excel, Minitab, SAS, SPSS and other statistical analysis software. He also has capabilities in collecting data, designing questionnaire and survey data processing. Meanwhile, he masters basic methods in data search, document retrieval and having access to use of modern information technology. His good communication skills help him to maintain a good working relationship with other members of my research team, his scientific research and practical work capabilities enable him to be adequate to the research work. It is what he contributes to this project that makes him a co-author of research paper which will be published in this project. During studies at university, XX is enthusiastic for every specialized course. He adopts a diligent and surefooted attitude and strives for excellence, he answers questions actively in class and brings forward his own ideas, cultivating his own ways of study. With strong abilities in perception and creation, he is especially good at analyzing, thinking and solving difficult problems. He completes each specialized exercise excellently, and in particular, exercises relating to statistics. In the finals, he has obtained excellent scores, and he gained good records and praises of professors in other courses. With strong abilities in writing, reading and communicating, he pays great attention to the improvement of his comprehensive qualities and energetically takes part in social practices. I fully support his idea of graduate study which will certainly facilitate his further development. He has detailed plans and accumulated certain social experience for your program. XX university is world-renowned for high academic level and favorable learning environment. Especially, your higher education institution boasts the wonderful program he applies for, which is rather suitable for him. I believe that he will make brilliant records in future studies.
I will appreciate if you take his application into serious consideration.如果你认真考虑他的申请,我将不胜感激。
Respectfully yours,尊敬的您,
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