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To whom it may concern, 致有关人士,
I am honored to recommend XX for your graduate program in statistics. I came to know XX in October of 2012 when he enrolled in my class on statistics in Business Departments and Schools at TULSA University. 我很荣幸地为你们的统计研究生课程推荐XX。我是在2012年10月认识XX的,当时他在塔尔萨大学(Tulsa University)商学院和商学院的统计课上注册的。
With his tough, tenacious spirit of learning and effort, XX impressed me deeply for the first time. I remember at the beginning when he attended my class as a freshman, because of his poor English, he was unable to successfully communicate with me, but he did not lose heart and give up, he still maintained a high level of enthusiasm for learning. Only after almost two weeks, his performed better in my class, I was impressed by his effort. I think that XX is a gifted student in mathematical area, he has a higher, more solid basic knowledge of mathematics, as well as a strong interest and curiosity for statistics. With an enchanting demeanor, inquisitive nature, and solid academic performance, XX quickly became one of my most outstanding students. He usually stayed after class to discuss with me about complex topics I had brought up during lecture. Though I tried to challenge all my students to go beyond the scope of the class, he was one of the few students who displayed a genuine dedication to enhancing his own knowledge of statistics and other related topics. Because of his outstanding achievements in statistical subjects, I recommended him to serve as a statistics tutor, and he also did a competent job. In the past few years of spending with him, I felt that he has made progress in statistics: he has mastered the basic theory, basic statistical methods and computer skills; he has theories of applied statistics and the preliminary capabilities to analyze and solve practical problems economic, marketing, business management and other aspects; he also has its own unique understanding for the development dynamic of statistical theory and methods. XX is also a student who respects teachers and has cheerful enthusiasm, communication skills in cooperation with other students, he usually can be used as a team leader to lead my team members to successfully complete tasks, and I also know that he is an active student who participates in school activities, he is interested in sports, music, and reading, which makes him an excellent student with a comprehensive quality. During our discussions, XX expressed his desire to attend a graduate program in statistics and how he planed to use that intense educational experience to advance in a professional, statistics -oriented career. He earned a final grade of 85%, one of the highest scores in the entire class. Having witnessed such a strong classroom performance, as well as a love for statistics, I know that XX is well prepared to study at your prestigious university. 凭借他坚韧的学习和努力精神,XX第一次给我留下了深刻的印象。我记得刚开始他大一的时候,因为英语不好,他不能和我成功沟通,但他没有灰心放弃,他仍然保持着很高的学习热情。就在将近两周后,他的表现在我班上有所提高,他的努力给我留下了深刻的印象。我认为XX是数学领域的天才学生,他有更高、更扎实的数学基础知识,对统计学有浓厚的兴趣和好奇心。XX的风度迷人,求知欲强,学习成绩扎实,很快成为我最优秀的学生之一。他通常下课后留下来和我讨论我在讲座中提出的复杂话题。尽管我试图挑战我所有的学生去超越课堂的范围,但他是为数不多的几个真正致力于提高自己的统计知识和其他相关主题的学生之一。由于他在统计学科上的突出成就,我推荐他担任统计导师,他也做得很好。在与他共度的这几年里,我觉得他在统计学方面取得了进步:他掌握了统计学的基本理论、基本统计方法和计算机技能;他有应用统计学的理论和初步的分析和解决经济、市场营销、企业管理等方面实际问题的能力;他因此对统计理论和方法的发展动态有自己独特的认识。XX也是一个尊重老师、热情开朗、与其他学生合作交流的学生,他通常可以作为团队领导带领我的团队成员成功完成任务,我也知道他是一个积极参与学校活动的学生,他对体育、音乐和R感兴趣。这使他成为一个综合素质优秀的学生。在我们的讨论中,XX表达了他参加统计学研究生项目的愿望,以及他打算如何利用这段紧张的教育经历,在一个专业的、以统计学为导向的职业生涯中取得进展。他最后的成绩是85%,是全班最高分之一。在目睹了如此强劲的课堂表现以及对统计学的热爱之后,我知道XX已经做好了在贵校学习的准备。
Because of her impressive academic work and honorable character, I am please to give XX my highest recommendation for your esteemed graduate program in a statistics major. 由于她令人印象深刻的学术工作和可敬的品格,我谨向XX推荐我在统计学专业受人尊敬的研究生课程。