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Business Report
1. Introduction介绍
This paper analyzes the general situation of the beverage, beverage marketing present situation of the Company and the existing problems were analyzed, based on the analysis of the beverage store marketing strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats and the use of 4P theory proposes the beverage shop marketing strategy, in order to have some reference value to improve in the marketing level of beverage.
Having conducted a successful trial of fruit juice products throughout regions in Australia, Colin wishes to further expand into the non-alcoholic beverage market and has conducted a four month trial of ‘mixer’ drinks. These drinks will be advertised as ‘adult’ mixers and sold with cocktail recipes printed directly onto the can. He envisages that these drinks will be sold alongside alcoholic beverages and thus also further improve sales of the alcoholic beverages. 
“混合”饮料的新试验于2015年9月至12月进行。Hammer Wines的营销总监Margaret Brand在Hammer Wines四个销售区域的零售店进行了试验。混合饮料已经试过了,有酸橙软饮料,杏仁激情,芒果甜,覆盆子苏打,三杯浓缩咖啡和蔓越莓威兹。所有果汁只能装在300毫升的铝罐中。每个罐头的批发价是1.45美元。
The new trial of the ‘mixer’ drinks was conducted in September to December 2015. Margaret Brand, the Director of Marketing at Hammer Wines, conducted the trial from retail liquor stores in each of Hammer Wines four sales regions. The ‘mixer’ drinks that have been trialled are LIME SOFT DRINK, ALMOND PASSION, MANGO DELIGHT, RASPBERRY SODA, 杏仁激情的销售在所有饮料中都是最好的。昆士兰州地区的销售情况最好。所以我们应该产生更多的杏仁激情。在昆士兰州销售更多的产品。TRIPLE SHOT ESPRESSO and CRANBERRY WIZZ. All of the juices will only be available in 300 ml aluminium cans. The wholesale price for each can is $1.45.
The sales of ALMOND PASSION is in the best in all the beverages. And sales in the district in QLD & NOT is the best. So we should produce more ALMOND PASSION. And sale more products in QLD & NOT.
(2)价格对消费者来说更为敏感,他们强烈的购买欲望对现有购买能力的制约和负担得起。负担得起是许多消费者消费的基本标准。因此,相对于其他饮料市场,饮料价格较低,辅以会员卡、现金折扣、优惠券等促销活动来吸引更多的顾客。(1) The production process is simple and quick, and can immediately enjoy the consumers. We shall make the environment clean, use of manufactured goods disposable plastic cups and Straw, and sealed with the sealing film. Drink made of a variety of flavors prepared, delicious, hot and cold safe.
(2) Prices for consumers are more sensitive, their strong desire to purchase the purchase of existing capacity constraints and affordable. Affordable is the basic criteria for the consumption of many consumers. Therefore, the beverage price relative to other drinks market is low, supplemented by membership cards, cash discounts, coupons and other promotions to attract more customers.
(3) The market is a special market, and other markets in comparison with the relative concentration of the enterprise in the marketing channel design, should try to reduce the intermediate link of circulation channel, in order to reduce the price of goods and directly and easily grasp the market dynamics. There are two types of marketing channels in the beverage store, that is, the retail terminal and the merchant alliance.
(4) The traditional promotion methods of market include posters, leaflets, discount cards, the development of company agents, as well as sponsoring company activities, etc.. There are four main ways: personnel promotion, the main form of membership system. Consumption quota can become a member of the beverage store, get a membership card. Advertising promotion, the main form of soft advertising and company radio. Business promotion, mainly in the form of free tasting. Public relations, the main form of company sponsorship.
3. Discussion
 (1) Although there is no big beverage food profits, but the product is also a way to attract customers drink shop. With the improvement of life. The taste of consumers is becoming more and more differentiation and the diversification trend. We should produce ALMOND PASSION to stimulate their desire to buy it.
(2) As a fast-moving consumer goods, beverage consumption is easy to form consumers repeat purchase, and even the habit of buying, plus more sensitive to the price, so long as there is a business price, competitors will react immediately to follow the strategy, and even some businesses in order to increase market share, the use of improper means to participate in the competition thus, the influence of the orderly development of the market. 
4.Identification/discussion regarding other factors that may be affecting the results
The sales in WA&SA is best. The customer purchasing power in VIC&TAS is the lowest in all the districts. It can make full use of company resources to develop sales channels, and carry out promotional activities in WA&SA. The investment risk and opportunity cost are lower, and the economic return is higher in WA&SA.
  Beverage market is far from saturated, there is a large profit space and a large number of beverage consumption groups, strong market demand growth. Consumers' consumption ability is increasing, consumer behavior and consumer psychology plasticity space, can induce strong. The supermarket sales of drinks that are added preservatives, product homogeneity serious, lack of diversity.
The soft advertising store drinks including flyers and posters, usually using the plane design technique on the network picture drinks a little modification, produce attractive effect, coupled with the beverage store brand name, and with a large section of the text. The lack of authenticity and simplicity of such advertisements on the whole, the product display and advertising pictures to the consumers to buy on the effect of far; dense text that hurried past the consumers in a relatively short period of time the information is very limited. In addition, consumers are common to the advertising design, it is difficult to generate interest. Drinks shop members have a membership card, points can be exchanged for complimentary drink. However, many liquor stores ignore the establishment of key members of the file, which leads to the membership system there are a lot of problems in the implementation process, such as the membership card is lost, the previous integral without backup, members can not be timely to enjoy the preferential promotion information can only be learned to guard the door. Because the beverage shop did not establish a complete membership system, thus losing the establishment of permanent membership.
6. Recommendations
The direct sales channel of the beverage store in the company is relatively simple, only through the form of the retail store. The sales personnel take the individual based face-to-face sales method to sell to the customer. The number of customers in the business alliance to promote the beverage store growth in a certain degree, but a lot of consumers with the coupon to receive complimentary drink shops, and no intention of spending again, repeated consumption rate is low.
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