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Many students learn to write essay only after they go abroad, and then there are various more difficult thesis assignments, such as report and paper. Many students are not very clear about the specific form of report writing and how to write. Compared with the paper, report pays more attention to data interpretation. In order to solve your doubts, I have compiled a set of standardized report writing structure to help you master the writing methods as soon as possible
Report: the most important thing for readers is information. Through investigation, research and application of relevant theoretical knowledge to solve a practical problem, a large number of practical information about a subject is transmitted to the readers. And readers can browse it quickly. Creating a report can be a challenge for many people. How to create an excellent report has become a problem.


1、 Report formats 1 -- text format

1. Font: Times New Roman, line spacing: 1.5 times. Also, please adjust these formats before writing to avoid unexpected situations.
2. There is a blank line between each paragraph. Write each paragraph directly. Insert the number of pages in the bottom right corner of each page without spaces. The title font can be bold.

2、 Report format 2 - overall structure:

Essay's writing method is basically similar to essay's, but the requirements are stricter.

First: title page: including title and executive summary. In executive summary is the summary of the article, which is the summary of the whole report, mainly writing your research content, research object, research purpose, research significance, etc. These two things usually occupy a single page.

Second: the main part. The first three parts of the report are similar to essay, but there is a part of recommendations after the conclusion.
Recommendation is the defect of writing the title of an article. Generally, it only needs to write an argument, propose solutions, and how to eliminate this weakness. The format is the same as the requirements of the body paragraph: introduction, explanation, example and a conclusion in one sentence.

Generally, recommendation is not written, except for special requirements.

3、 Report format 3 -- the most important part of the writing requirements:

Abstract (sequence)

The purpose of abstract is to let readers know what you have written in your article.
At the beginning of abstract, summarize and explain the title of the article in 1-2 own language. In short, write the title of the article in your own words

Abstract detail is to summarize what you have written in your article, and summarize each argument in 2-3 sentences
The end of abstract is to summarize and extend all your arguments and the whole headline.
The number of words in 1-2 paragraphs is 10-15% of that in an article. For example, if an article has 2000 words, then abstract generally writes 200-300 words, unless otherwise required.

Report is not required to write abstract for every article, except for special requirements.
Introduction (beginning of article)

Only one paragraph can be used. It can't be written in two paragraphs. In this easy, first, I will discuss , and then I will… , thirdly, I will…
Generally speaking, the topics given by the professor are very wide and can be written in many aspects, but the partners should choose one of them to write, so that the article can be discussed in depth. If the article is written in a very general way, it is likely to be unqualified.
The first two sentences of introduction are to explain the title of the article. In short, they are to write the title of the article once in their own words.

Next, I will introduce the background of the title of the article in two sentences.
At the end of introduction, there is no need to summarize.
Body (the discussion part and the main body of the article)

The body generally has 3-6 arguments, so the body generally has 2-6 paragraphs, and each paragraph is better to be related and in-depth layer by layer. Each argument must be written in one paragraph. In other words, only one argument can appear in each paragraph. If two arguments appear, the score will be deducted.

Introduction, explanation, examples are required for each paragraph. Next, I will focus on how to write these four parts:

Introduction: write your main argument or idea in 1-2 sentences

Explanation: explain your argument in 1-2 sentences

Examples: to support your argument, this part should focus on writing. Examples are very important in the article. For example, you can use the words of famous people, examples in professional articles, or your own personal experience.

I, he, she and other people cannot appear in the body part, except in the example.
Conclusion (end of article)
A conclusion can only be written in one paragraph, and cannot be written in two paragraphs.
The first two sentences of the conclusion are to explain the title of the article, which means to write the title of the article in your own words
Conclusion is mainly to summarize the arguments in your article. Each argument should use one sentence.
The last sentence of the conclusion needs to be extended, but no new argument can appear in the conclusion.
The number of words is 10% of the total number of articles. For example, if an article has 2000 words, then the conclusion usually writes 200-250 words.

4、 Report format 4 - briefly speaking, there are some differences in report:

Difference between introduction and conclusion:

Introduction is about what you want to write in the article, so just use a few words to summarize your argument.

Conclusion is to summarize each argument in one sentence, which is more detailed than introduction.

Introduction needs to introduce the background of the topic, while conclusion does not. It only needs to summarize the topic.

Report Sample

Nowadays, more importance is attached to formal educational qulificaions than life experience and personal qualities when a company is recruting new employees. The reasons behind this phenomenon are multiple, and I believe it is a positive development in the long-run.
First of all, university qualifications provide direct proofs of candidates' competencies. Employers can have a clear picture of what universities and course the candidates have attended, and what scores they have achieved. Unlike life experiences and personalities, qualifications are quantifiable data that can measured easily and quickly.
In addition, people holding qualifications could adapt to the new job much more smoothly. They normally need less on-job training when starting a job, and unlike those without higher education, they have better ability in terms of critical thinking, problem-solving and expertise acquired in university education.
To my knowledge,giving priority to higher qualifications results in more advantages than disadvantages. The most obvious benefit is that it encourages young people to pursue higher academic education, which broadens their career prospects. From a social perspective, it will create a highly educated and developed society if everyone chooses to receive higher education. (第4段给出个人观点的影响--有利的一面多与不利因素:从个人和社会两个方面来具体说明有利的观点)
In conclusion, university qualifications are needed in this knowledge-based society and I believe this trend brings more benefits than drawbacks. If governments allocate more money to tertiary education, it will surely bring about long-term benefits to both individuals and society as a whole

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