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留学生Research Proposal怎么写?

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导读:本文是一篇标准的美国留学生Research Proposal,不会写留学生Research Proposal的同学可以借鉴下此文,为自己的Research Proposal做一个参考。在我的小说“世界的新的一天”中,我主要描述了我的梦想和现实中不同的场景来展示我的想法。在我的梦想中,我住在W市,道路干净整洁;我能感到快乐和充实,看到人们脸上的笑容。作为一名教师,我可以获得尊重并赚到足够的钱来支持我的家人。然而,现实中发生的事情与我的梦想完全不同。我意识到我住在纽约市,街道上人满为患,人们为生存而苦苦挣扎。               In my fiction, The New Day of the World, I mainly describe the different scenes in my dream and reality to show my ideas. In my dream, I live in W city where road are clean and quite; I can feel happy and full, see the smiles on the faces of people. As a teacher, I can receive respects and make enough money to support my family. However, what is going on in reality is completely different from that of my dream. I realize that I am living in New York City where streets are crowed and people are struggling for survival.
故事发生在1929年大萧条时期,当时经济衰退是最深刻和最持久的。这次经济衰退是由于农产品价格下跌的起点:首先是木材价格(1928年),主要是由于苏联的木材竞争;但更大的灾难发生在1929年。加拿大小麦的过剩生产迫使美国降低所有农产品的基本谷物价格。(Cochrane&Willard,1958)无论是欧洲,美国还是澳大利亚,农业衰退进一步导致金融恶化的崩溃;特别是在美国,一股投机热潮导致大量资金从欧洲撤出,然后在1929年10月华尔街出现恐慌,股市暴跌。 1931年,法国银行家支持奥地利银行贷款,但这还不足以偿还债务(Swanson,Joseph,Williamson和Samuel,1972)。     The story set to happen during the period of The Great Depression starting in 1929 when the economic downturn was the deepest and longest-lasting. This recession is due to the fell of agricultural prices as a starting point: firstly it occurred in the price of lumber (1928), mainly due to the Soviet Union's timber competition; but the bigger disaster was coming in 1929. The excess production of wheat of Canada forced the United States to push down prices of all agricultural products of area basic grains.(Cochrane & Willard, 1958) No matter Europe, America or Australia, agricultural decline further led to the collapse of the financial deterioration; especially in the United States, a stream of speculative fever led to a large number of capital withdraw from Europe, and then in October 1929 had a panic on Wall Street, stocks tumbled. In 1931 the French banker backed Austria bank loans, but this is not enough to repay the debt(Swanson, Joseph, Williamson & Samuel, 1972).
Poor families came up with the tip in order to save money to live. It’s really something. The shaving blade of men grand again and again; in order to save electricity, a 25 watt light bulb was switched. Children picked up the bottle for money back to the store; Lining up to buy every night at the bread in the bakery. Women cut up some old quilt sew on both sides together again to put the middle wear points to both sides.
The life of farmers in rural areas, especially in the Midwest, is very bleak. Due to the bankruptcy, a large number of farmers lived like animals to avoid death. Pennsylvania villagers eat grass root, dandelion; People eat violet leaf in Kentucky. The mothers in the city waited on the dock where there was a rotten fruit vegetables thrown out and went up with the dragons. Vegetables from the pier on truck, they are running behind, pick up what you fall down. A chef at a hotel in the Midwest put a bucket of residual vegetable soup left in the alley outside the kitchen, have a dozen people immediately rushed out from the dark. People also saw that someone family into the garbage pick up bones and watermelon skin to chew. 
All the things above happened in reality. That is the reason why I do not want to wake up from my dream. The people in my dream lived a happy life. They are happy and enjoy themselves. People do not need to worry about their lives. Anyway, that is only my dream. 
In terms of the recent situation of America, the Great Recession has a negative on America in many respects, which started on August 9, 2007. Since the subprime credit crisis, investors began to lose faith in the value of mortgage-backed securities, causing a liquidity crisis. Even if the multinational central bank repeatedly injects billions of dollars into the financial market, it is also unable to prevent the outbreak of the financial crisis. Until September 9, 2008, the financial crisis began to spread out of control, which leads to more fairly large financial institutions collapse or by the government to take over.
The short-term of the depression appeared more urgently. exactly it said to be a financial crisis;, some financial institutions are insatiably greedy of luck, but to its government behind the general public to pay, and through the Treasury market, the us government will issue bonds to increase debt, produce fluctuations in exchange rate and the yield, finally its influence will have different degree and form, spreading to all over the world
Mainstream economists agree that, if not remove liquidity crisis, a global recession will be a foregone conclusion; otherwise many media believe that the best conditions have five years of economic downturn. On April 13, 2009, krugman economics authority in the speech, said if governments currently remain the same or even think that the financial tsunami is coming to an end so the worst in the history of the great depression will soon come. Because whether the stock market rebound, banking, data drop narrowing or reassure condition is good or bad, the whole world economy fall and work in the fact that the falling number cannot be reversed; the great depression also is to have a seemingly better period following the second wave of the tsunami having suddenly strikes, even in the best condition of hypothesis.
Many movements have put forward more demands for governments. In the past few years, citizens are not satisfied withes the performance of government. The movement of Occupy Wall Street can directly prove my argument. As a matter of fact, we are worried about the scene happening in 1929 will take place nowadays. That will change the pattern of the world completely.(Charles &Duhiggm,2008)  
In today's literary field, science fiction is an increasingly important role. Science fiction with rich imagination about the universe and the nature pays close attention to human’s situation, which draws widespread interest in the literary filed. Rich creation theme is the important reason for concerns. As for my science fiction, I mainly combine the politic issue with the story to describe my ideas.  
Charles Duhigg, "Depression, You Say? Check Those Safety Nets", New York Times, March 23, 2008
Cochrane, Willard W. (1958). "Farm Prices, Myth and Reality". p. 15.
Swanson, Joseph; Williamson, Samuel (1972). "Estimates of national product and income for the United States economy, 1919–1941". Explorations in Economic History 10: 53–73.

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