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The research problem statement怎么写?

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The research problem statement想必有的同学还不是很清楚怎么写作,一下就针对Organizational Cultural Intelligence and its Impact on Firm Performance这个为题展开,让不知道如何下笔的同学看下一篇完成的research problem结构是怎么样的。
1 The Research problem (or dilemma)1研究问题(或困境)
1.1 What is the research problem you want to work on?你想研究什么样的研究问题?
The article would like to explore the relationship between cultural intelligence (hereinafter called 'CQ') and marketing performance of the Multinational Corporations (hereinafter called 'MNCs') under the intercultural environment. Especially, the research problem would like to discuss practical implications issue of the CQ in the process decision making of the international marketing operation of the MNCs.
Besides that, the research samples of this study focus on the MNCs of the France. In the operation of France, they should face the marketing issues which could be different from their own countries operations, such as cultural background difference and consuming habits and etc.  Foreign enterprises could imply the different strategies in France to overcome the issues. The article could explore the practise implication of the CQ in the process of the marking operation for MNCs.  
1.2 Why is it a relevant problem?为什么是相关问题?
The market-based CQ is quite important to the MNCs, because MNC is running business under the cross-culture environment due to market-base CQ could provide the proper solutions to the international business operation for MNCs. However, implication of the market-base CQ could have different marketing performance for the MNCs; the article is willing to define the potential reasons. 

2 The Research objective研究目标
2.1 What is the specific purpose of your investigation?你方调查的具体目的是什么?
本文借鉴了CQ的概念,从元认知、认知、动机和行为四个方面探讨了CQ对市场化跨国公司市场运作的影响。本研究将以Ang及其同事所建立之架构为基础,建立衡量组织CQ之量表,并以实证调查方式测试其对企业绩效之影响。然而,先前的研究主要集中在员工方面,而不是公司方面进行研究。本文想从公司方面进行研究。There are four dimensions they are (metacognitive, cognitive, motivational and behavioural) (Ang et al.2007).This article draws on the concept of CQ and discusses its impact on the market operations of market-based multinational companies. This study will develop a scale for measuring organizational CQ based on the framework developed by Ang and colleagues and test its impact on firm performance in an empirical survey. However, the prior research is focus on the employee’s sides rather than the companies side to research. The article would like to research from the company side. 
2.2 Why is this research important? Specify the expected contribution of your work (methodological, managerial…)为什么这项研究很重要?指定你工作的预期贡献(方法学、管理学…)
The "globalization strategy" is a shortened period covering three areas: global, multinational and international strategies. Essentially, these three areas are strategies aimed at enabling an organization to achieve its goals of international expansion. There are three levels of globalization strategy. First, international strategy is mainly related to the domestic market. However, we still have some targets in cross-border transactions, so MNCs need an international strategy and the domestic market is the main competitive advantage. Second: multi-country strategy, participation in a large number of markets outside the country. But each market needs a unique strategy, because each country's customer needs and competition may be different, and each country has a different competitive advantage. Third: the global strategy, which sees the whole world as the main market and source of supply, has few local differences, and competitive advantage is largely developed on a global basis.
In formulating the "globalization strategy", MNCs should distinguish the company's resources, capabilities and pre-international status. If the company remains focused primarily on the domestic market, its strategy outside the domestic market can be seen as international. For example, a dairy company might sell some extra milk and cheese outside the country. But its main strategic focus remains on the domestic market. Therefore, enterprises should clearly recognize their own characteristics, adapt to the market and determine their own development direction. In addition , market segmentation needs to be meaningful in identifying different consumer groups, and in this process needs to be clear about the different types of consumers in the market and their needs. Consumers come in different forms, some of them require performance, speed, roomy, safety, uniqueness, and some of them require creativity. Coke's segmentation options include segmentation based on demographic and behavioural changes, and segmentation based on the pursuit of benefits.
One factor that can be used to evaluate segmentation in market segmentation is "how well other competitors are serving in existing segmentation". Of course, MNCs can easily cater to market segments where its competitors currently do not have a service, rather than to market segments where competitors producing similar or alternative products have already served well. Another MNCs that can be used to assess segmentation methods is the size of the market segment. In this case, the company needs to identify the growth potential of the company in this segment. Size does not necessarily refer to size, but refers to the potential of rapid growth in the case of limited competition.
2.3 What are the research scope and boundaries?
The research scope could be located at MNCs in France. In order to discuss the practise implication issue involved to the market-based CQ. For example, the localization of marketing concept has gone through some twists and turns compared with the other aspects mentioned above. In addition to the localization on the marketing side, the localization has also carried on a large number of localization on the product packaging.

3 The Research questions 
3.1 What is the main research question?
Main question: what is the relationship between the market-based CQ and firm performance of the MNCs  under the cross-cultural environment.
3.2 What are the underlying questions (maximum three)?
Underlying research question 1: How can market-based CQ be measured?
Underlying research question 2: What are antecedents of market-based CQ ?
Underlying research question 3: What are consequences of market-based CQ ?
Ang et al. (2007). Cultural Intelligence: Its Measurement and Effects on Cultural Judgment and Decision Making, Cultural Adaptation and Task Performance.Management and Organization Review, 3(3): 335-371.
Johnson, J.P, Lenartowicz, T. and Apud, S. (2006). Cross-Cultural Competence in International Business: Toward a Definition and a Model. Journal of International Business Studies, 37(4): 525-543
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