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我们都知道Research proposal指的就是研究计划,在写毕业论文之前老师会要求同学们先提交一个reserch proposal通过后才可写作毕业论文。本文是一篇innovation in business专业的案列计划书,通过一下全文就可以知道案列研究的整个框架结构是怎样的,希望给在写reserch proposal的小伙伴做一个正确的指导。

1 Introduction引言
Private custom tourism is now a very popular way of travel abroad, according to the needs of tourists, tourists-oriented tourism action process design, that is, high-end travel planning agency according to customer specific needs, from the route, methods and services to customers Tailored to have a strong personal style of the trip, it provides a personalized, exclusive, "one to one" type of high-quality services. Private custom tourism business originated in Europe, Britain, France and other countries take the lead in the private personal customization as a fashion personalized way of consumption in the promotion of the middle class in the country, and then extended to the national tourism hot. At present, the domestic high-end private custom travel agencies in small quantities, but have begun to take shape. The current domestic customizable travel network can be customized themes are: luxury yacht tours, helicopter tours, photo tours, polar tours, environmental tours, island honeymoon, wedding holidays, castle meetings, golf holidays, wine tasting trip, luxury watches trip, fashion trip, etc., which is encompassing the three-dimensional integration of land, sea and air professional custom travel. So many exciting tourist theme, I believe that to meet the needs of a variety of tourists, although the same landscape, but different games are able to bring tourists to enjoy the non-general tourism.
1.1 Background背景
High-end tourism products, the initial target group is set to annual income of 100 million RMB, the minimum commitment to single tourism consumption in the 5 million to 10 million. They are often seen as high-end travelers in China. Ctrip official said, after Ctrip large data analysis, repeatedly booking high-end accommodation, hotels and travel services, nearly 3 million people. This part of the source of high-end tourism customers want to develop the target customer base, if the annual consumption of more than 50,000 RMB per person per year high-end tourism projects, can bring at least 1.5 billion in revenue. Although there are many private customized travel services are high-end high-priced, or even a very luxury trip, but it does not mean that only private rich custom-tailored travel to enjoy. The past two years, travel agencies began to introduce customized travel services, for the majority of visitors to promote. From the price point of view, more than 20 percent more than ordinary tourism products, for many tourists is not unattainable.Not private travel services as a subscription only for a very small minority of high-priced consumer goods. Each person can travel according to his or her own budget; enjoy high standards of customized travel services. Such as detailed to the European museum tour, town tours, train trips and so on. Choose the local mature transport network; live in the theme of the hotel or family hotel. These allow visitors to spend too much can also be satisfied with the custom of the journey. Private bespoke travel is not necessarily equal to high prices. Many people have to live features hotels, visit unknown characteristics attractions, and the desire to taste local specialties. These requirements do not mean high consumption, but more emphasis on individuality. Blindly piling up a variety of luxury experience, but difficult to make smart visitors to meet.
1.2 Literature background
One-to-One Marketing Initiatives Customize one or more aspects of an individual customer's enterprise marketing mix (Amaldoss& Jain, 2005). One-to-one marketing represents an extreme form of segmentation with a target segment size of one. There are two forms of one-to-one marketing: personalization and customization. Personalization is the decision of the company, usually based on previously collected customer data, and what marketing mix is appropriate for the individual. A good example is Amazon's personalized book and music recommendation. The field of e-commerce is full of other examples of personalization. Nytimes.com allows readers to obtain personalized news articles; MLS.ca filters buyers' homes in Canada according to their preferred location, size and function. Customization is when a customer voluntarily specifies one or more elements of his or her marketing mix. Dell computers allow customers to customize the computers they order. The MyYahoo feature on Yahoo.com allows users to specify the elements of their home page, such as weather forecasts, their favorite stock reports, or prioritize local sports news. Figure 1 illustrates these definitions (Coussement& Van den Poel,2007).
Figure 1 - Understanding personalization and customization
1.3 Research questions and objectives
This dissertation aims to study the feasibility of tailor made travel at present China and its current situation in China. Therefore, this dissertation will answer several questions as following. Firstly, what target customers the tailor made travel and price set are. Secondly, what its development potential and prospects of tailor made travel are. Thirdly, what the advantages and disadvantages of tailor made travel are. And eventually it will revealthe objective that why current China is both great challenge and chance for tailor made travel. In order to answer these questions, literature research and questionnaire method will be adopted. 
1.4 Brief summary of proposed research method
This dissertation will adopt questionnaire as the major research method. Questionnaire is a way to explore the current situation of the facts. Its main purpose is to collect and accumulate basic information about the attributes of science education of a certain target group. The questionnaire can be divided into descriptive research and analytical research. In determining whether to use the questionnaire method as a research tool, consideration should be given to the success of the study objectives and the attention to the consistency of the research sample on the questionnaire (Blattberg, Kim &Neslin, 2008). In addition, the survey also has its advantages and disadvantages, view its characteristics with the research theme, in order to achieve its objectives. In this case, questionnaire will be requested to fill face to face in front of major department stores of the city, including both ordinary department stores and luxury department stores in order to cover as many levels of interviewees as possible.  
2 Literature review
Perhaps the most popular example of personalization is Amazon.com. Amazon uses collaborative filtering to determine what music or books to recommend to users. In fact, the Internet offers many opportunities for personalization. At ebay.com, a website can identify users and tap the user's previous trends and his or her search. The system then imports the appropriate relevant links on the site as the user browses. Search engines such as Google and AltaVista analyze the types of searches that users have over time. When users search for similar topics on the search engine, the engine can respond more quickly and efficiently. The service industry makes full use of individuality. For example, Sprint can analyze customer usage to determine the appropriate call plan for the customer. During summer, the Portola Plaza Hotel in California relies mainly on tourism. The hotel aims to increase revenue and reduce inventory. The invitation is sent to the previous customer, directing them to a personalized URL that collects visitor preference information. After detailed analysis, the mail will be sent to these customers, provide discounts and other promotional offers to encourage them to the hotel. With this program, the hotel's revenue has increased significantly and its customers have been successfully retained. Many insurers, such as ICICI-Lombard, use customer surveys to prepare personalized insurance plans that are personalized. Harrah's Entertainment personalizes many promotions and rewards based on what you learn from your customer data.

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