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Exercise 1: Books书籍 沃尔特惠特曼 Walter Whitman 2014年6月30日 June 30, 2014 随着计算机和手机上许多精彩应用的发展,电子游戏在这些日子里变得越来越流行。视频游戏可以分为几类。有些视频游戏很
Exercise 1: Books书籍
Walter Whitman
June 30, 2014

Video games become more and more popular among these days with the development of many wonderful applications on computer and on cellphone. The video games can be divided into several categories. Some video games are violent, while some are tender for playing. The violent shooting games are popular among males, which have been played most by them. As a college student, most of my male classmates enjoy playing the “World of Warcraft”, me included. I always play “World of Warcraft” by myself or watch my friends to play. This game is very exciting and have to keep cool mind at any time, for the danger are prevalent and may happen suddenly to lead to game over in the process. Video games can reflect the mindset of people when playing the games(Egan, 2002). Playing the video games can express some kinds of attitude to some degree from the aspect of psychology. 
The “World of Warcraft”is a kind of violent games online. It can offer the virtual social communities, which enables the game players to make decision without any hesitation on the people to trust or reject. It can also make the game players to lead a virtual group to achieve success. In the “World of Warcraft” game, the roles has been set into five different kinds of basic properties, such as strength, agility, stamina, intellect, spirit, and mastery. There are many battles in the game, which needs the patience and skills to reach the goals. The strength can influence the attacks in a short distance, which can decide the fighting strength. The stamina is also very important in affecting the life value of the roles and pets. Every aspecthas various kinds of effects. In the virtual world of this video game, it is necessary to focus the attention on the battle, or the game will end up with failure. 
The “World of Warcraft” game is popular among college students and the young workers in society. For students, the school life sometimes may be too dull, so they tend to be addicted to video games to make themselves feel passionate and happy to some extent. This kind of video games is full of challenges and intellect. The young employees sometimes may feel much pressure in their work, so they play this game to relive their feelings in violent virtual world(Fitzsimmons, 2014). This game is suitable for people to show themselves or excise the skills in fighting in the battles. Although the video games just offer a virtual community to the players, it can also be valuable in the real world to some degree, for the real world is also full of complex social relationships. In order to succeed or make profit, many people will employ any means to achieve the goal. Therefore, the video games also have some social meanings in real society. 


Egan, D., 2002, “The entertainment of video games”, International Journal of Contemporary Games, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 65-71.
Fitzsimmons, 2014, Games Development: operations, strategy, information technology, McGraw-Hill International.

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