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The outdoor game is a special mode of behavior that humans and certain animals have, and it is closely related to the real life. Both adults and children like games. Games play a different role in the life of adults and young children, giving different meanings and playing different roles (Dahlberg,2006,p.16). In the case of adults, playing games must abide by the so-called "rules of the game", and adult games have a corresponding system as a constraint. For young children, the game has no system, no rules and no restrictions, as long as the game feels happy to achieve the purpose of the game.
"Kindergarten education should respect children's personality and rights, and respect Heavy law and learning characteristics of children's physical and mental development, in the game as the basic activity, wang pay equal attention to, pay attention to individual difference, promote the development of each child rich character." So-called basic activities, have the meaning of the following two aspects: one is in one day in the life to meet basic survival needs of the activity, the second is about the main body of life activity or growth development has an important impact. In the life of children, games are the activities that meet these two conditions (Katz, 1996, p.78)..
在老师的位置上,我相信户外活动可以接近蛇形动物,这是经验学习的一部分(Siraj Blatchford等人,2012年,第26页)。此外,游戏是儿童的一系列感官和身体的运动功能,利用儿童生理器官和身体系统在游戏中处于有意识活动状态的过程,获得协调和自然发展(Siraj Blatchford等人,2012年,第26页)。例如,可以增强心脏、肺和循环系统的功能,增强肌肉力量和弹性,发展大脑结构,发挥功能。特别是脑科学研究表明,幼儿是大脑发育的关键时期,在此期间,大脑的结构和功能在具有较强的适应能力和重组能力,容易受到环境、关键时期、适当的刺激和经验的影响。NCE是运动、感觉、语言等大脑功能正常发育的重要前提,也就是说,大脑可以通过环境和经验的改变,在外部环境中经历并在不断的作用下塑造其结构和功能。因此,无论环境刺激与经验的刺激与经验是否丰富,建立正常的脑功能对建立正常的脑功能具有重要意义。丰富多彩的游戏可以为大脑提供足够的刺激和体验,是儿童最容易接受的方式。行动的发展是儿童的主要任务,是儿童认知发展的重要基础。运动的发展与儿童的空间认知、概念形成、社会互动和权力下放密切相关。动作的发展主要包括大动作的发展和基本位移、动作、平衡等小动作的发展。行动能力不是单纯来自个人的成熟,而是通过教学和实践来培养的。
In the position of the teacher, I have believed that outdoor activities could get close to the animal like snake, which is a part of the experienced learning(Siraj-Blatchford et.,al, 2012,p.26).  In addition, games are children's series of senses and the body of motor function and using the process of children's physiology organs and systems of the body in a state of conscious activity in the game, to obtain the coordination and natural development (Siraj-Blatchford et.,al, 2012,p.26). For example, the function of the heart, lungs and circulatory system can be enhanced, the muscle strength and elasticity can be increased, the structure of the brain can be developed, and the function can be played. In particular, brain science research has shown that early childhood is the critical period of brain development, during this period, brain structure and function in has a strong ability to adapt and restructuring, easily affected by environment, the key period, the suitable stimulation and experience is movement, feeling, language, and other brain function normal development important premise, that is to say, the brain can be modified by environment and experience, experience in the external environment and under the action of constantly to shape its structure and function. Therefore, it is of great significance for the establishment of normal brain function to establish normal brain function, whether the stimulation and experience of environmental stimulation and experience are rich or not. Rich and colorful games can provide enough stimulation and experience for the brain, and it is the easiest and easiest way to be accepted by children. The development of action is the main task of children, and it is an important foundation for children's cognitive development. The development of the movement is closely related to children's spatial cognition, concept formation, social interaction and decentralization. The development of action mainly includes the development of big movements and the development of fine movements, such as basic displacement, operation and balance. The action ability is not purely from the maturity of the individual, but is to be developed through teaching and practice. 
In these games, the children's vision is broadened, the thinking is broader, and can learn more knowledge. However, they also have a large defect, which is lack of physical movement, lack of cooperation and practice. Before children to play with scratch gravel, for example, do your own small toys, finger is very smart, now a lot of children's ability to grasp it more and more weak, write too slowly, investigate its reason, it is because the small game doing too little, fine muscle caused by underdeveloped.  
Fun is the most important for the children’s habit in the view of the teacher, so that game is a way to make children happy, fun, fun, and make young children for this purpose, active investment, actively engaged in the activity, is the child will have learned the knowledge, skills, and emotion through fun activities. Teaching is the teaching of the external knowledge and skills to the young children, the purpose is to make the children from unknown to the knowledge, never to the meeting. Different from teaching, the game has its own basic characteristics and education value, which determines that education must play the game as its basic activity form.
The basic features of the game.
1. Autonomy. Games are the active and voluntary activities of children. Children always choose to play games and how to play games. The autonomy of the game ADAPTS to the internal needs of children, which is the most fundamental attribute of game essence. 2. Fiction. The game reflects the life around it in an imaginary situation, which is a kind of imaginary and imaginary activity. Young children want to finish their reflection on real life by taking a vacation. 3. Non-utility. Games have no social utility, no compulsory social obligations, and no direct wealth creation. Children are satisfied and happy in the game. From the analysis of game purpose, children pay more attention to the process of the game rather than the final result of the game, so the game is super utilitarian and surreal.
Although the essence of the game emphasizes intrinsic motivation and free choice, the physical environment, social environment and adult participation also play an important role. Only by providing safe, comfortable environment and supportive agents can children be more happy in the game world. Due to the development of the society and people life style changes, today's children, lack of game partners, time and venue of the game, which directly affects the quality of the children's game. This requires parents to create as many games and opportunities as possible for their children, especially to create conditions for their children to find suitable game partners. For example, take extra children to outdoor activities, go to relatives with children, or choose a family in the community to play with each other's children. In addition, parents should give children enough time to play games. Children can only find partners, choose characters and design game plots in sufficient time. If the time is too short, children will not only play a high-quality game, but will gradually give up the content of the game.
The impact of games on cognitive development, the playmate is influenced the learning outcome from the view of the teacher. In terms of cognitive development, general is refers to the individual in perception, memory, imagination, learning and thinking, judgment, reasoning and problem solving) aspects of development, its meaning and the meaning of intellectual development. "Playing and hearing stories are the two cornerstones of children's cognitive development," said Pierce, a prominent American psychologist. The children in the game have the operation of the object, have the communication with the person, in the direct experience that accumulates continuously, the child to the environment and the self knowledge and the understanding, the experience and the perception has expanded and deepened. Rich games can not only cultivate children's curiosity, improve children's memory, observation and judgment, but also increase children's imagination, creativity and problem solving ability. For example, games are not a simple version of real life. It can be a unique combination of imagination and real life. Children can fully expand their imaginary wings in the game, imagine toys as other objects, and imagine themselves or their peers as others or objects. In the game, free to make symbolic transformation, make its association, logic, abstract thinking ability to get exercise and strengthen. Children in the game is not restricted by the conditions in the real life and customs, to try different sports game, and the game can increase children's choice of behavior, which can help you deal with the problems in the reality, to promote its ability to solve the problem in the future.

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