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澳大利亚 Proposal:Project Proposal and Benchmarking

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Selected option: Tinkercad (create a gallery of 3D models) - https://www.tinkercad.com/
1.0 Introduction 引言
Do It Yourself (hereinafter called “DIY”) platform is getting popular in the content of the social media. In the new form of the media such as DIY platform which is required by the new target audience.To explain the DIY platform, it should include the Tinkercard and Thingiverse and other platform. In these platforms, the audiences could create the models by themselves and print them using their own image on the brain. Therefore, this proposal would like to focus on recording the experience on the Tinkercard.com to make the objects which could be used for global and local community.  
2.0.      Theme of the TinkercadTinkercad的主题
In the platform Tinkercard.com, it is free for everyone. The statement on the website has stated that “Tinkercad is a simple, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone”(Tinkercad, 2016). That means that Tinkercard is used for the design and print for the 3D models. In addition, the website helps audiences to print their thought in their brains and images. Furthermore, the targets of the audiences could contain the designers, hobbyists, teachers and kids. Also, the products could mainly be made toys, home décor and jeweler and others. The key feature of this website, the products could be made themselves.
3.0    Explaining the conceptual relevance of the kinds of 3D objects解释三维物体种类的概念相关性
In the case of the 3D objects, the author would like to create the international financial center building which was attacked on 11th of the September; a lot of people were died in the Terrorist attacksespecially the teenagers lost their families and parents. Besides that, the attack could be the serious attack in the history of the world. Its design would like to require the reduced proportion.
To build this model for this building, the author would like to research some useful picture from the website related to its picture and height and weight in the real size. Besides that, the size of the building could be put inside of the community to educate the teenagers to far from the terrorist. 
Subject twin towers are square shape, look exactly the same. Tower, 63.5 meters wide on each side, 411 meters high. Each building construction area of about more than 40 square meters. The world trade center can hold 50000 people, including work. The building's exterior wall is arranged very thick steel column, appearance package with silver aluminum plate. Buildings are a lot of wind load, under the normal wind, the top of the swing is 2.5 meters. The maximal displacements of the measured are up to 28 cm. The world trade center was built at the time of breaking the Empire State Building in New York to keep record of 42 years the world's tallest building, but its height was quickly the sears tower in Chicago.
4.0    A benchmarking list
The material of the making the building is selected of the recycle material which are suitable for children to watch and education for them for the special purpose. Costs, appearance, details, mechanical properties, mechanical properties, chemical stability, areas well as the special application environment and other factors. Although there are a variety of factors, but production purpose, based on the models can be roughly divided into two categories: appearance model and structure model of verification.
Besides that, the material could also contribute to the model of the building which the author decided to build for the students for the education purpose. 
5.0 How the objects you are creating will be useful for global and local communities 
The responsibility of the global and local communities should pay attention to emotional health regarding to the terroirs in the process of the education. Through the story and consequence of the terrorists, they could be achieved from the history, so that they could be good groups of the teenagers.
The meaning of the object, it is always the alarm of the risks around us. Besides that, it also educated the students that they are leaving away from the terrorist groups. Also, the object is short cut of the terrorist. A lot of younger generation lost their family and income in the terrorist.
Perspective "terrorist culture", also has a temptation to teenagers. One is the reality. Teenage years popular "terrorist culture", is that people often discuss topics and ridicule, especially when their children are naughty, parents often used to scare some monsters, etc, so virtually formed shadow allows the terror in the heart of children. Although may get to know this is a myth, but in some special situation, they are unconsciously believe it exists. The current "terrorist" culture will be many more haunted the plot and the school People around or a student or something together, let teenagers have on its borders. 2 it is absurd logic. "Terrorist" culture content often is time and space confusion, and reverse, and ghost symbiosis, lack of thought and literature value, positive cultural content is extremely low, but it is precisely this rough, far-fetched story structure and the logic of absurd and slightly, fit the post-modern teenagers. Three is the expression of hyperbole. "Some terrorists culture" tactic is usually based on the "graveyard", "ghost", "ghost", "body" and so on some of the description in "extreme cold, amusement, zero scream, horror tales, bone minefield however..." Form of stimulus to exaggerated performance, deliberately create mysterious scene and plot tension, through the "people", to let people place fourth, some almost morbid "terrorist".
6.0 Conclusion
In summary, the 3D media would like to help the dream which they come true especially in the 3D platform such as Tinkercad.com. Besides that, the platform could also educate students well as the teacher for the local and global communities for the purpose of the 3D printing. Furthermore, the education purpose of students requires them far from the terrorist attack when they are young in the history. In addition, potential risks are around us, so that they could protect themselves. 

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