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International Business Strategy课程的Case study怎么写作?

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Case study
这个作业分两个部分 A和B, A是1500字, B是1000字。阅读附件的文章后
o The word limit for the compulsory essay is 1500 words and for the second essay is 1000. You have an allowance of + or – 10% for each question.  
o Provide one collective reference list at the end of your two essays; do not provide to separate reference list re one list for each essay. The words in the reference list and the appendix are not included in the word count.    
o Please note, the structure isESSAY format and not the report structure used for coursework 1. Any figures, diagrams and tables should be placed in the appendix. 
o Ensure your essays are professionally presented re. They are neat, justified, clear paragraphs and no grammatical mistakes.  
写作中每一段都要根据essay的格式写,要包含topic sentence, evidence,explanation, 和结尾句link back to your topic sentence. 
Part A: 必答题
1. Citing examples from the case, critically discuss how an industry disruptor/ later mover like Tesla, has overcome barriers to entry and succeeded in curving a global niche in an industry characterised by strong established incumbents. From your discussion what are Tesla’s key opportunities or threats? Recommend how Tesla might address these opportunities and threats. Use relevant module theory both in your assessment of opportunities and threats and in recommending possible options.  
Part B, 只选一个问题写
2. Critically analyse Tesla Motor’s Business models and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each model. Which model is the most innovative? Support your arguments with both academic theory and relevant examples.  
3. Identify and critically analyse, the key strategic contradictions in the Tesla case study. Reflect on how you might apply what you have learnt from this analysis to your future career. Support your arguments with theory and relevant examples.
4. Drawing from industry cluster theory, suggest why the Silicon Valley is the preferred home base to several innovative multinational firms such as Tesla. Citing relevant examples from the case, critically explain how Tesla’s home base has contributed to its global competitiveness.  
5. To what extent has Tesla Motors developed new competences and capabilities to support its globalisation strategy?  Use module theory to assess the sustainability of this firm’s competencies and capabilities and recommend how the top management might improve its resource development strategy. Support your stance with examples/ academic theory.  
6. Review the evidence provided in the Tesla case about the relationships between the company and its key stakeholders. Explain how your learning from this module has helped you to understand the issues involved and suggest ways in which these relationships can be improved. 
Part A
Tesla motors is the world's first smart car company that user's driving behavior and driving data, software as the main body of the car. Tesla, the first pure electric sports car, is the world's first car powered by a lithium-ion battery. Although electric cars, but Tesla maximum power of 215000 watts of motor, the maximum speed of up to 6000 revolutions per minute, hundreds of kilometers acceleration only four seconds, safe speed can be up to 297.7 kilometers per hour, the maximum torque can be up to 400 meters per cow, maximum cruising range of 394.3 in the male, single from the perspective of the series of parameters of automobile performance. Therefore, in terms of car body design borrows lotus Elise sports car design concept, the graceful as empty gas dynamics features. In addition, the outer part of the Tesla is made of carbon fiber materials, while its chassis is made of molded aluminum, which makes the Tesla not only stylish, but also guaranteed the robustness of the body. (Zhang, 2016).
Opportunities 机会
Tesla is positioned at the top end of the electric car market, with a focus on environmentally conscious high-income and socialite. It has provided consumers by means of direct selling product, consumer can be in the offline store for experience, experience and then order online and pay the deposit, tesla arrange production, and then the car through the logistics distribution system products into consumers' hands. At present, there are three types of after-sales services that tesla offers: maintenance services, battery related services and used car maintenance services. One is maintenance services(Zhang, 2016). There are two ways for tesla's maintenance services: first, the cloud service, which allows consumers to diagnose and troubleshooting their own small failures through pre-stored service content. One is the service center, where customers can make an appointment to the service center to fix it when the cloud service doesn't solve the problem. During the failure or maintenance of the customer's vehicle, tesla provides the customer with the highest configured Model S sedan for free as a transport vehicle and delivers the vehicle to the customer gate free of charge. Tesla has set up a service center in the major markets of the world, and has set up a fixed and mobile service center in large and medium-sized cities. In addition, tesla provides customers with a free warranty of 40,000 kilometers per year. Because tesla has technical advantages in battery management system, it has cooperated with traditional automobile enterprises. Tesla is working with Daimler on battery systems to provide an electric drive system. In order to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, tesla with Panasonic signed an 18650 type lithium ion electricity pool purchase contract, purchase quantity for tesla to produce 80, 000 electric car, adding the battery supply in late stage. The parts involved include tire, software system, transmission system, transmission, parts assembly, motor, etc(Zhang, 2016).
Tesla currently has 43 experience stores around the world, including 23 in North America, 15 in Europe and 3 in the Asia-pacific region. The experience store of tesla is located in the high-end shopping center. Customers can make an appointment for test drive on the Internet. After satisfactory, they can book the product online, deliver the deposit, and then re-produce the product and deliver it to the door.Tesla currently has 47 service centers around the world, including 36 in North America, 8 in Europe and 3 in the Asia-pacific region(Crane, 2014). In order to make up for the shortage of fixed service centers, tesla also established some mobile service centers to meet customers' maintenance needs.In the process of development, tesla has cooperated with many traditional automobile enterprises(Zhang, 2016). Lotus car company: tesla was first established, only Britain lotus car company to support its principle, and the body design and related design for tesla, tesla's Roadster first car body by lotus contract, signing the number of the car body to 2500 vehicles(Crane, 2014). 
Most of tesla's customers are members of the tech, corporate and entertainment industries, whose actions have a greater impact on the public, and their behavior is subject to the general public's attention. Tesla's first group of consumers became seed consumers, and the word of mouth between them was an important marketing tool for tesla. Now many of the Model S buyers are tesla's investors. Tesla's consumers become a very important marketing resource for the company. Tesla invested in the solar city company, which built the supercharging station for tesla. At the supercharger station, the customer can fill half of the charge in 20 minutes, charging service is free, which improves the cost performance of tesla cars. Globally, tesla has 178 supercharging stations, including 108 North America, 57 in Europe and 13 in Asia. Supercharging stations are generally located in convenient locations with restaurants and other amenities like shopping. As consumers pay more attention to environmental protection, more and more middle class people show up to new energy vehicles. And tesla's positioning is just right for their consumer needs. And from the design in terms of style, tesla motors products as a new energy vehicle at the same time also emphasized extreme performance and avant-garde design style, it just cater to the needs of a new generation of young luxury brand consumers(Zhang, 2016).#p#分页标题#e#
Due to tesla motors in order to achieve the best performance and security, heavy use of aluminum alloy expensive production material such as carbon fiber, at the same time in order to achieve high momentum strong acceleration and use battery capacity and number of the motor is higher than competitor’s specifications. In addition, tesla cars currently import products and the high tariff also takes up a large part of the cost, which eventually makes the price of the bikes of tesla cars on the high side(Tsering, 2013).
Tesla has few options for its shorter lineup. By early 2016, Tesla motors just launched a total Tesla three models, the Model and the Model S X, and because the Tesla had already stop production, so actual only two models of service in the market(Eberhard, 2006). Although currently sold in the Model and the Model S X has covered the main D sedans and SUVs two models, but compared with the traditional car companies often platform for four or five dozen models do not enough. And since the threshold of the two models is set to be higher (the Model S starts at a comparable price to the Mercedes s-class and the Model X is higher), the average consumer is unaffordable. Battery life and charging time remain the bottleneck of electric vehicle development(Crane, 2014). Although tesla motors through research and development the large capacity battery, energy recovery system and battery management system makes its products to achieve the highest range of 528 km, it is very close to the average fuel car mileage. However, current charging facilities is not perfect circumstances, despite the tesla super charging station support, is also difficult to fully meet consumer demand for convenient and quick charge. Unless there is a breakthrough in battery technology, it is hard to dismiss the anxiety of potential consumers of electric vehicles on new energy vehicles(Eberhard, 2006).
First, build a product strategy that is both tangible and attached. On the tangible product strategy, tesla motors shall be for consumer preferences, emphasis on SUVs and entry-level luxury models, to provide customers with products that meet the demand and affordable. At the same time, the global synchronization of products is introduced to enrich the domestic product line and satisfy customers at all levels of consumption. In addition, based on the technical advantages and characteristics of electric vehicles, we provide customers with value-added services such as extended warranties, value protection and repurchase, charging facilities, and OTA upgrades(Rocco, 2013).
Second, the direct marketing strategy needs to be localized. In maintaining the website marketing channel strategy at the same time, tesla motors should actively cooperate with domestic electricity, such as electric business platform to build website sales outside the window, to cater to consumers' consumption habit and payment. At the same time, we should continue to improve the service of the city experience store, and provide the short-term rental of tesla cars for the customers in need, so as to expand the marketing channel as a part of the offline experience(Rocco, 2013).
Thirdly, tesla should adopt a transparent and pragmatic pricing strategy. Tesla motors can by the calculation process of the public product retail price (freight cost + various taxes, USA), has kept the prices of tesla motors products constitute a transparent, let the consumer easier to understand and accept the price of the product. At the same time, we should use all kinds of domestic financial instruments to provide convenient car loan service for customers, so that customers can get more choice and convenience when buying cars(Eberhard, 2006).
Fourthly, satisfying consumption psychology is the key to the success of promotion strategy. Tesla motors can encourage consumers to buy tesla's products by discounting the incentives for new cars at a discount. The replacement of the used car, if it is also a tesla product, can be re-sold at a more favorable price through the official refurbishment, and the promotion on another level can be achieved. Reality at the same time also can use to tesla motors as a form of electric vehicles to realize over the events of the long journey of publicity, which can increase awareness, and can also be to reassure potential customer concerns about new energy car battery life(Rocco, 2013). However, in order to enter the national new energy catalogue and enjoy the corresponding preferential policies, there is a fundamental condition that the model must realize domestic production. Tesla's next step to enhance their competitiveness, therefore, the breakthrough point no doubt is to realize the localization and localization as soon as possible to break the bottleneck of main models are imported, and new energy strategy is used to further improve their competitiveness(Eberhard, 2006).
Part B
Analysis of new competences and capabilities to support its globalization strategy
Tesla motors as a new brand, in the face of these often has one hundred years of glorious history of rival IT chose a different approach, by giving themselves on "science and technology", "environmental protection", and "fashion" and so on the label, use of its legendary CEO and the IT the bosses, the owner of the image of science and technology for its own brand mark a is different from the traditional luxury high-end social acceptance and taste, has opened up a belongs to own high-end acme(Stonehouse, 2004). The company also uses its technology in battery production and management advantages, introduced such as household electricity reserve system and rapid charging equipment such as technology products, let the tesla motors concept penetration of science and technology to automobile products. In order to promote and popularize new energy automobile market, but also almost unconditionally openly in battery technology and energy management technology patents, which is unprecedented in traditional commercial operation. All of this is a distinctive technological innovation enterprise label for tesla motors(Rocco, 2013).
Porter’s Five Force
Bargaining power of suppliers: in recent years it has started to develop the electric car motor control system, converter and spare parts, but on the important parts include power battery, motor, controller, zero parts die, etc are still dependent on the purchase. With the investment and development of the zero parts of the electric motor vehicle, the capital source of the zero parts will be more and more abundant, because of this, the ability of the supplier to ask for the price can be renewed and weakened (Klayman, 2013). 
Buyers bargaining power: buyer for the electric stronger bargaining power, manufacturing enterprises in the product, cost control, sales area selection, etc, they must fully consider the spending power of the buyer, and buyer has caused greater competition for enterprise (Klayman, 2013).
The threat of new entrants: the entry of the fuel oil industry, which is larger than the current one. Current fuel car market has been facing a turning capacity, the market tends to saturation, exhaust emission limits, increased competition, such as difficult, each enterprise all electric vehicles as a new development space n because of the large high speed electric vehicles relative to the very mature burning gasoline without any potential, and the electric vehicles have entered the line of sight of the car companies (Zhang, 2016). 
The threat of substitution: It does not have a big threat to use natural gas, sleeve-electric hybrid electric cars that might be a substitute for micro-electric cars (Errity, 2016).
Competition between companies: excess industrial capacity presents the overall situation, market demand is not prosperous, caused the domestic capital investment fields to reduce, the large amount of capital between people invest to the limited in several industries(Bartlett, 2011), type of the electric car is than a set of this led to the tiny electric car fierce competition among the enterprises. According to the US automotive technology and relevant personnel in the study of the rough statistics, dynamic car manufacturers have more than 1, 8-100. Because this is from the number of the factory home has exceeded the bounds of the reasonable bounds, send the situation of the situation will be able to pass through the competition to achieve the mutual integration of the board (Errity, 2016).
Five Megatrends that shape the world
Demographic and climate change
Accompanied by the whole ball of the unbroken exhibition, people in the enjoyment of the same time, also paid a heavy price. As a result, people never like today also changes in the environment, directly or indirectly from above, more and more depend on fossil energy in the energy in US(De, 2014).
The second is the large scale model depends on the stone energy source, will hinder the new energy source technology to open and push forward; Once again, fossil fuels will pay a heavy price for the huge pollution from the natural environment. Therefore, the development, promotion and use of new energy is the inevitable requirement of development(Frynas, 2011).
digital transformation
Framework, new energy vehicle as the carrier, at the same time around the nuclear power system, the system is set into technology and its key parts such as to obtain important breakthroughs in battery and motor, steam for the new energy car represents a big framework and the basic train of thought(Freeman, 2010).
Because of the new energy car in the day to get to very fast growth. Compared with the model, it has created a miracle of 8 million cars worldwide. European countries have also come up with new energy vehicles, such as the state of France to direct the purchase of the purchase of subsidies, so that the consumer has to the real in the profits. Governments place has launched the supporting policies, illustrates the new energy vehicles will become a new direction of the development of the steam car in the future(Freeman, 2010).#p#分页标题#e#
Tesla's business model difficult to replicate, its investment in people, in the Internet, space exploration and new energy industry of entrepreneurial experience, he has created a powerful resource integration ability, tesla's customer resources of other enterprises difficult to obtain. Tesla combines automobile and IT to bring enlightenment to traditional automobile enterprises and provides reference for the development of new energy vehicles. Tesla fully opened its patent, aiming to make itself a standard-bearer for the industry by pushing the development of electric vehicles. In addition, with the technical development of the Internet of things, the car by the rapid development of network will become the domain, in large Numbers according to the background, the auto companies need to continuously explore how to use data mining to provide more high quality service for consumers.
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