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Case Study怎么写?(附上case study范文1篇)

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学习商科,CS和医化学科的同学们应该对Case Study,即案例研究,并不陌生。Case Study是一种研究方法(Research Method)。一篇有深度和角度鲜明的Case Study,可以帮助我们对某个企业,市场或项目有更系统的了解,并且学会如何科学地分析和解决问题的方法。
Case Study并不难写,它主要要求我们针对一个商业现象或技术问题进行分析,找出最有效的解决方法并提供佐证,或是分析其优势,劣势和形成原因,提出观点和看法。对于英语能力一般的同学来说,前期的准备工作需要的就是阅读大量的案例涉及到的背景材料,可能是比较耗费时间和精力挑战之一。同时,如果我们要想拿高分,就需要更加结合实际情况分析,给出最为可行的解决方案。

1.将要做的 Case Study 彻底读透,仔细检查阅读材料 Read and Examine the Case Thoroughly
Take notes, highlight relevant facts, underline key problems.
2.将重心集中到你的分析上 Focus Your Analysis
Identify two to five key problems.
Why do they exist?
How do they impact the organization?
Who is responsible for them?
3. 发现可能的解决方案和需要的变化 Uncover Possible Solutions/Changes Needed
Review course readings, discussions, outside research, your experience.
4. 找出最好的解决方案 Select the Best Solution
Consider strong supporting evidence, pros, and cons. Is this solution realistic?

1. 引言部分 Introduction
Identify the key problems and issues in the case study.
Formulate and include a thesis statement, summarizing the outcome of your analysis in 1–2 sentences.
2.背景部分 Background
Set the scene: background information, relevant facts, and the most important issues.
Demonstrate that you have researched the problems in this case study.
3. 对 Case Study 进行评估 Evaluation of the Case
Outline the various pieces of the case study that you are focusing on.
Evaluate these pieces by discussing what is working and what is not working.
State why these parts of the case study are or are not working well.
4. 假设的解决方案和变化 Proposed Solution/Changes
Provide specific and realistic solution(s) or changes needed.
Explain why this solution was chosen.
Support this solution with solid evidence, such as:
  • Concepts from class (text readings, discussions, lectures)
  • Outside research
  • Personal experience (anecdotes)

5. 建议 Recommendations
Determine and discuss specific strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution.
If applicable, recommend further action to resolve some of the issues.
What should be done and who should do it?

Case Study


下面附上一 Case Study 篇范例供同学参考:

Netflix, Inc is the world’s largest subscription service company that caters to more than 12 million subscribers. It offers online flat rate DVD and Blu-ray Disc rental-by-mail and video streaming in the United States and Canada (streaming only). Reed Hastings started the company in 1997 locating its head quarters in Los Gatos, California. 1999 marks the commencement of Netflix subscription service. We offer merchandising services and proprietary recommendations that help our subscribers select from our vast digital library of titles. In 2009 we surpassed a collection of 100,000 titles on DVD. We offer our subscribers to watch instant movies and television episodes tuned to their TVs and laptops or get a DVD delivered to their homes in the minimum possible time.

Besides being a market leader of DVD rentals Netflix faces a number of pressures due to an increase in its marketing expense, increase in digital downloading, increasing competition from different media alternatives, increase in the potential postage price, increased number of spending on new acquisitions and low pricing power. On the other hand, continuous technological changes demand Netflix to move into new line of business to maximize their market share and profits. The consumer behavior has changed over the years where consumers are now less willing to buy a physical media (DVD) and trends are shifting from DVD-to-VOD.


  • The market leader of online rentals with 2.6 million subscribers
  • Iconic brand because of high level of customer satisfaction
  • Have very low fixed costs
  • Provide the world’s largest selection of DVDs to its consumers with more than 50,000 titles
  • Personalized merchandising which results in convenience, selection and fast delivery.
  • excellent service, as more than 90% of our customers receive their DVD copies within one day of the order placement
  • Strong websites in terms of reviews, navigation, buying decisions and interaction
  • 37 distribution centers to ensure accuracy and timeliness of fulfillment to customers
  • Partnerships with HP and Sony is a significant internal strength in the company’s ability to increase subscribers
  • Strong ability to partner outside the company with manufacturers including Toshiba and Pioneer and building mutually beneficial relationships with entertainment video providers like Warner Home Video and Columbia Tri-Star.
  • Offers free DVD shipping and postage
  • Increasing shipping expenses which cant be controlled
  • Catering only to a limited portion of the market as older demographics still find it hard to understand the relatively new concept
  • Only a small limited number of DVDs can be watched instantly
  • We only cater to DVD market
  • Pornography selection eliminated by U.S. Copyright law
  • The power of suppliers is very strong
  • Volatility in performance
  • Dependence on studios and distributors
  • Delayed availability of new releases
  • Heavy reliance on US mail service
  • Implement pricing segmentation
  • Digital delivery focusing on online distribution
  • Introduce new other types of rentals such as video game rentals or educational rentals such as books over internet
  • Internationalization by catering to global markets
  • Video game rental has a high potential of growth
  • Deterioration in the economy
  • Constant increase in stamp costs
  • increasing competition as other larger retailers such as Wal-Mart launching into similar market space
  • Other competitive online distributors such as iTunes and Napster which also offer their consumer to rent games
  • Studios can always form alliance with bigger players
  • Competition from VHS
  • Loss of reputation
  • Risk of malware
  • Continuous new advancements in technology
  • Fluctuation in growth rates
  • Changes in security laws and regulation


Case Study Template


Netflix business model has made it a market leader of DVD rental market but the development of technologies complementary to Video on Demand services is an indication that DVDs are now outdated for the distinct future. We views VOD as nothing more than another way to extend our core business model, in fact Netflix have some conceivable advantages in VOD market space.

  • Netflix websites already attract a large number of eye balls
  • Netflix already have a large distribution network
  • Have a competitive advantage of being the market leader of DVD rentals
  • We can tie up with different online players such as MP3
Our target market will be composed of three segments:
1) Professional Youngsters
  • Individuals or couples between the ages of 20 – 34
  • Constitute to 26.36% of the population in Los Angeles
  • Earn around $50,000
2) Upper-Medium Income Household
  • Individual in the age range of 35 – 54
  • Constitutes to 27.42% of the population in Los Angeles
  • Per annum income greater than $80,000
3) Baby Boomers
  • Persons ranging from 55 – 64
  • Constitutes to 7.03% of the population in Los Angeles
  • mostly retired
Netflix can emerge as reputable providers maintaining its brand identity to differentiate itself from its competitors. Meanwhile, our streaming service will act as a complement to our DVD rentals for several years to come. These new bundle of services combined with Netflix’s reputation of providing user friendly interfaces over the years, will provide distinctive advantage to Netflix from its competitors and an opportunity to evolve as the major player of VOD market in the last days of physical media. Survival and growth opportunities make it essential for us to enter the VOD market.#p#分页标题#e#

Carry out partnerships with leading electronics retailers to give out free VOD coupon

VOD movie passes for free to regular subscribers
VOD pass for free every month with a bundle signup
Offer a free VOD movie on buying five VOD movies

Organize bi-monthly VOD sessions for customers to attend

Incentive Programs to frequent consumers
offer price breaks to students or other young professionals

Our test market will be young professionals of USA and Canada who could easily adapt to the relatively new concept of VOD. We will me targeting specifically the mobile users as cellular industry can greatly assist the delivery model for VOD; this would not only attract the consumers but will also seek the attention of advertisers. New mobile networks can ensure Netflix a potential mobile audience for entertainment, videos and other rich media. Netflix all content will be copy protected so that no other can move or share it with other portable devices. Consumers will make their payments with a credit card through Netflix’s account, as they do with the DVD rentals. The content providers will get more than half the amount from each transaction. Specials methods and models would be developed to prevent piracy and copyright. (This essay is provided by www.ukassignment.org ) Anti virus software’s shall be installed. There will also be a Netflix pack for free downloading, easy to install and maintain, that would automatically update the consumers on Netflix new offerings.

While using Netflix current DVD subscribers can be informed about our strategic marketing strategies. Of our current DVD subscribers, 50% are considered to be the regular consumers of Netflix. More than 96% of our consumers who tried DVD rentals stayed with the service and are most likely to try on our upcoming VOD service.
VOD subscribers are estimated to grow 15 million by 2011 and 30 million by 2014.VOD is predicted to collect a gross profit of $2.5 billion. Forecasting the current technological trends and keeping in view the strategic marketing plans VOD buy rates should grow by 75% in 2011. Hence, VOD has a huge growth potential for Netflix.


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