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Case Study格式范文:Case study of PPS in China 中国PPS的案例研究

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Case Study格式有没有模板?本文是一篇留学生作业Case Study格式范文,主要内容是针对国内前几年较为流行的ppstream进行的Case Study 案例研究,通过对ppstream的背景介绍,以及相关特征,管理组织和市场形象等方面进行分析研究。是一篇符合国外大学Case Study Report:格式要求的作业,供参考。
case study格式有没有模板
Case Study格式有没有模板

Summary 摘要
The study investigates into the PPS industry in China with respect to efficient management, value creation, strength, marketing, existing problems and positioning strategy. Through the overall analysis of PPS in China, it turned out that the competition industry is so fierce and it is time for them to take effective measures to survive. The choice is the international patent PPS VOD streaming technology, which can improve quality, speed up video initialization and reduce video.
Introduction 简介
PPS(全称ppstream)是世界上第一款集成P2P直播的互联网电视软件。它可以观看电影、电视剧、体育直播、游戏体育、动漫、综艺节目、新闻、财经信息等。PPS网络电视完全免费,无需注册,播放流畅。P2P传输完全免费,受到用户的广泛好评(Kevin Anthony,2008,P.1)。
PPS (full name PP Stream) is the world's first Internet TV software that integrates P2P live broadcasts. It can watch movies, TV dramas, sports live broadcasts, game sports, animation, variety shows, news, financial information, etc. PPS network TV is completely free, no need to register, play smoothly.P2P transmission is completely free and widely praised by users(Kevin Anthony, 2008, P.1).
Background 背景
China’s online video market was greatly influenced by Google’s behavior in 2006. It has attained great success in China’s online video arena at the end of 2007. It is expected to surpass the United States in 2008 Online video revenue in 2006, China’s total business volume was approximately $64.7 million, which is expected to increase to $500 million. This booming market has poured in a lot of investment in 2010.Later,the PPS industry attained a considerable number of capitals from venture capital for 3 times, especially In 2006, the figure of video sharing websites in China reached up to 300(Zeng Qi, Zhang Bin, Fan Mingxian, 2018, P.1).
An overall discussion on PPS 综述
Features 特征
PPS is a platform dedicated to providing professional video publishing and advertising operations for e-commerce customers. Bring together the video resources of Love Channel, give full play to the advantages of video advertising management, and present the characteristics of products more comprehensively through video, guide consumption, and realize new user growth and income generation for e-commerce enterprises.
a. It's completely free, you can download it to watch.
b. With flexible on-demand function, you can watch it at any time, freely master the time, and automatically record the last play time.
c. Simple operation, simple and clear interface.
d. Master the world's most advanced P2P transmission technology, with rich program content, to meet the needs of users on demand.
e. Different connection strategies are implemented for different users to help users better save resources. The more people look at the more smoothly: traditional on-demand services are not only geographically limited, but once the service scale grows, they face embarrassment. There is no need for PPS streaming media servers. This worry.
f. Support a variety of file formats to fully support video, music, animation! Smooth playback, the more people look smoother.
Value creation 价值创造
PPS clearly realize the significance of the online advertising market after people in China gradually get used to such kind of free thing accessible to online music and films freely. At the same time, they do know how the market operates driven by two following purposes:
• Brand awareness: Have its own trademark.
•Better service and products: The major income of PPS is advertising. It has received many kinds of investment from many kinds of sponsors or advertisers in China, including big famous companies, small firms and others between them. These companies found it beneficial to put ads online for their products or servicesat the beginning of a video, or on the main page. As a consequence, advertising has brought a lot of value to PPS.
Successful online media in China can provide advertising in a variety of formats so that selecting users in some way is trivial to the end user(Zeng et al., 2018). Although users have become accustomed to the means of online advertising in six primary schools, two promising hybrid approaches have emerged recently:
• Context overlay ads. It can be said to be the most promising form of online advertising, in which the marketer inserts only his brand or product/service times in the relevant content. 
• Product placement ads. Merchants paying for their products appear in the video content being viewed by the user on the screen. 
Value Delivery 价值传递
While these strategies seem attractive, there are risks that may have negative effects on the development of PPS. If PPS publicly discloses its technology patent application, other competitors in China will definitely follow up by replicating its technology, which may make PPS lose its advantages in terms of cost and qualityin the domestic market. On the other hand, it will have limited legal recourse(Wan& Yang, 2015, P.1). As a result, it is very important for PPS to measure the interests and the risk of that kind of behavior, they must clearly get the point that they may even lose the domestic market if they fail, which should be taken into consideration. They will get a lot if they win, including profit, market and reputation. So clear mind and full preparation is necessary. One thing needs to be noticed that the patent application takes a lot of time and money to prepare. And the entire application process may become a major distraction for the management team. In addition, PPS faces a double and sometimes conflicting challenge, which are also the bottle neck for it. The first one is to increase its user base. A user base is to betas their opponents in this market, but above all is to meet the demand of user, competes with advertising revenue, and achieves advertising to groups that are still sufficient to attract advertisers. PPS users are preferable to watch professionally produced, domestic and international content without paying any fees. PPS cannot afford these shortcomings. In order to make a remedy, it may be helpful for PPS to increase the promotion and attract more investment that can be used to keep the current advantages. The second challenge is to build revelation. PPS strives to attract advertiser advertising in the difficult and relatively immature Chinese network. They think these portals and search engines are less financial risk if it is not possible to advertise, PPS will have to develop an alternative income model such as start VIP privilege. In this business model, people have to buy a VIP if they want to watch the newest videos, otherwise, only normal videos are available to them.
Marketing and sales 市场营销
It occurred that in 2008 things changed, advertisers began to see the stream and gradually appealed to online adds. To better attract more users and service them so that they can compete in this market and stand out, PPS found that it is time to make a change, especially when they found their four times higher running costs comparing to US companies(Zou & Liu, 2014, P1). These kinds of aspects such as video uploading and downloading systems and bandwidth, data storage, server support must invest more. Only in that way can the users have better viewing experience and be happier to use it. Consequently, there will be more users, more advertisers and more revenue. PPS clearly know that they must hold the point so that they can better develop, survive and stand out in this industry. There are three recommendations for PPS to attract more customers and persuade them to advertise:
1. Speed. It is the core factor of a platform. Theoretically, many factors may affect the upload and download speed.Suspending at the top lists are the type of network provider and the places. As a result, the improvement of that kind of situation needs the development of telecommunications, which means these related companies should work extensively with them to better service the advertisers and users.
2. The watching experience. The feeling of customers is an important thing to consider after using that, which means their products must fits in them, such as film quality, the kinds of products, the speed of updating them, kinds of formats. Whether a company can stand out in the market, it mostly relies on whether it meet the demands of clients and improve their life. 
3. User community. community is an important part of Chinese culture, which means that they should be provided as an easy way to express and communicate so that they can be connected with others. For example, Tudou.com offers a social networking service forum for wikis and networks for a lot of users, and most of them are young adults ranging from 16 to25 age group.
case study格式模板
case study格式模板
Managing the Organisation& Marketing 管理组织和营销
During the development of PPS, it is facing a choice that whether the domestic and international operations of the business should be joint as one company or managed as two separate entities. As far as I can see, it is better for PPS to set two separate entities in both China and overseas areas. 
1. Focus on attracting Chinese advertisers. It is known that China is a big market with a lot of users. And what PPS should focus is to think how to attract more advertisers, ranging from big famous company, medium-sized and small ones, even foreign film, all kinds. It is not an easy thing because most of them are intended to put ads on TV, newspapers and so on of these traditional ways. There are various kinds of reasons for that, yet suspended at the top of the lists, is that they advertisers do not trust them. PPS should show them the potential of the online markets and how much can they advertisers get if they put their ads online. That is the main point.PPS can start this from small companies, step by step.
2. Willing to pay for content through a more developed online advertising industry and/or expanding into the international market. PPS can be extended to other countries. PPS headquartered in China is not familiar with the foreign countries. There are no related employees, experience and more importantly, no co-related license for US and Europe. It is an unwise way to explore that market and an expensive start for a small firm. For instance, in US, the PPS company can get a lot of contract with many big company advertisers who knows the benefit of that market, and attain a lot of revenue, with that finance, those firm can improve their service and better develop. But for PPS in China who is intended to enter into foreign countries without full preparation may not survive. International expansion may also become a major distraction market for Chinese people with limited management concerns.
3. Patent PPS' excellent technology in the US and worldwide, and as a profitable international technology platform. Another operating cost. Then, PPS can be licensed in the United States, Japan and the United States to obtain technology platforms in Europe, with higher paying video content and online willingness to develop the advertising market more. This strategy allows PPS to survive and stand out. It is known that how important the patent to a company, which is the pill for a company to go farther and stay longer. That ideas can help PPS earn more money and with that, they can improve their service better for users and stand out the market, in China even the world. These kinds of aspects such as video uploading and downloading systems and bandwidth, data storage, server support must invest more. Only in that way can the users have better viewing experience and be happier to use it, consequently, there would be more users more advertisers and more revenue. They clearly know they must hold the point and only in that way can they better develop, survive and stand out in this industry.
As shown in the figure, the domestic brunch is responsible for Chinese customers which is a huge market for PPS to expand and compete with other video platforms, while the international brunch can help PPS expand its influence overseas. This organisational structure is able to make PPS create more value.
Conclusion 结论
PPS companies must decide which strategy or combination of strategies to use to makes the most sense for PPS. Should PPS try to sell its services internationally, or change its business model to become a technology provider? PPS needs to raise its next round of financing in the coming months, and potential investors will ask these questions. PPS needs an answer. The choice is the international patent PPS VOD streaming technology, which can improve quality, speed up video initialization and reduce video.
Reference 参考文献
Kevin Anthony, R. E. C., Aaron Rackoff, Wai Yan Wong. (2008). PPS.tv and China's Online Video Distribution Market. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 08(047), 12. 
Zeng Qi, Zhang Bin, & Fan Mingxian. (2018). 2017 China Video Website Self-made Network Variety Program Development Review and Trend Analysis. Sound Screen World (04), 16-18.
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