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Case Study怎么写?Marketing Plan Case Study写作范文

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Case Study怎么写?营销计划案例研究写作范文。本文是一篇留学生Case Study写作范文,以下内容是这篇Case Study作者的运动衫品牌Ballantynes的营销计划。市场细分是指将一个市场划分为具有相似需求或愿望的客户细分或群体的过程,这些客户可能表现出相似的购买行为。经过市场细分,我们可以了解不同类型的客户,他们有不同类型的需求和欲望。作者的业务目标人群将是年轻一代和成熟人士。作者在基督城开运动衫店。下面就以来看一下这篇Marketing Plan Case Study写作范文的具体内容。

Case Study范文


The following is the marketing plan for Ballantynes my brand of sweatshirts. Marketing segmentation refers to the process of dividing a market into segments or groups of customers with similar needs or wants who are likely to show similar purchase behavior. After market segmentation we get to know the different types of customers with different types of needs and desires. The target segments for my business would be young generation and mature people. I am opening sweatshirts business in Christchurch city.

Two bases selected for market segmentation in my sweatshirt business are 在作者的运动衫业务中,为市场细分选择的两个基础是

Demographic ( Gender, Income, lifestyle) 人口统计学(性别、收入、生活方式)

Behavioral (Attitude and Benefits looking for) 行为(寻求的态度和利益)


Youngsters: – The target audience would be between the age group of 16-25. I would like to open the shop in near the Christchurch university area as it a busy area and youngsters normally hangout in that area. I would target both male and females as both of them wear it. I would target youngsters who are from middle -higher class, because students would normally prefer reasonable and trendy clothes. I would have clothes from medium to higher range.

年轻人:目标受众年龄在16-25岁之间。本篇Case Study作者想在克赖斯特彻奇大学区附近开店,因为这是一个繁忙的地区,年轻人通常会在那里闲逛。作者会针对男性和女性,因为他们都穿。作者会针对中高级的年轻人,因为学生通常更喜欢合理时尚的衣服。作者想要中等到高档的衣服。

Professionals and Mature People: – The target audience would be both male and females between the age group of 26-40, I would like open it in CBD area, as there are many corporate and tourist in that area and they can buy in during their break time, or while doing window shopping, Similarly tourist can buy products as CBD is a famous tourist place. I would target customers from middle class to higher class. Corporate people would prefer trendy sweatshirts which is easily feasible for them.


Old People:-The target audience would be males and females between the age group of 50-75, I would like to open it in North shore as there are many retirement villages and the crowd is posh and they prefer trendy clothes, I would target income group from middle to higher class, Old people love to have comfortable and feasible clothing. So I will make it easily accessible to them.


I am going to focus on Youngsters and Professionals as two potential target markets for my business.Case Study作者将把重点放在年轻人和专业人士这两个潜在的目标市场。

Case Study写作

Company objectives and resources 公司目标和资源

Company objectives and resources: Company’s objective will be maintaining loyalty with existing customers and by making good profit attracting new customers too. Company will focus to reach its break even as soon as possible by setting some targets and achieving them on time. Company will use various resources to meet their targets like advertisement resources. 


Definability of segments:分段的可定义性

Competitive rivalry – Will be high for the product as there are many clothing shops in Christchurch and everyone is competing.竞争性竞争——由于克赖斯特彻奇有很多服装店,每个人都在竞争,因此产品的竞争性很高。

Bargaining power of suppliers: The bargaining power of suppliers would be low as there are many suppliers in the market 供应商的议价能力:由于市场上有很多供应商,供应商的议价力会很低

Bargaining power of customers:  The bargaining power of customers would be high as there are many clothing companies’ joints in the market and they can bargain.顾客的议价能力:市场上有很多服装公司,他们可以讨价还价,所以顾客的议价力会很高。

Threat of new entrants: The threat of new entrants is high.新进入者的威胁:新进入者威胁很大。

Threat of substitute products or services: sweatshirts can be replaced by coat, jackets T-shirts etc.替代产品或服务的威胁:运动衫可以换成外套、夹克、T恤等。

Current Size of the Market 当前市场规模

Population of youngsters: – 300,000 青年人口:30万

Population of Professionals: – 465,000 专业人员人数:465000

Industrial growth: – 15% of total population 工业增长:占总人口的15%

The above statistics gives me assurance about my product and segment attractiveness in the market. And my business is having growth potential in long run due to the necessity of it as per climatic conditions in New Zealand.


A differentiated marketing strategy is when a company creates campaigns that appeal to at least two market segments or target groups.  I am targeting youngsters through styles, design, varied price range, stuff like cotton, woollen, synthetic and pictures of personalities, wording they do like to see on cloths, glowing colours, hoodies attached and promoting through social media.

本篇Case Study解释差异化营销策略是指一家公司创建的活动至少吸引两个细分市场或目标群体。作者的目标人群是年轻人,包括款式、设计、不同的价格范围、棉花、羊毛、合成纤维和个性图片、他们喜欢在衣服上看到的措辞、鲜艳的颜色、连帽衫,以及通过社交媒体进行宣传。

I will attract my second target market of professionals and mature people with casual look, brand logo, simple designs in sweatshirts, dual colour and quality stuff to protect from cold and have hoodies which can be removed too. I will provide unique designs to give a feeling of personality symbol to them and approach through social media, T.V advertisement and  promotion through magazines. (ballantynes, n.d)

Case Study作者将以休闲的外观、品牌标志、运动衫的简单设计、双重颜色和优质的御寒材料以及可以脱下的连帽衫来吸引作者的第二个目标市场,其中包括专业人士和成熟人士。作者将通过社交媒体、电视广告和杂志宣传,为他们提供独特的设计,给他们一种个性象征的感觉和方法。

Case Study怎么写

The above diagram demonstrates my positioning of my product in the market.. Ballantynes is moderately priced with reasonable price and quality. Nike, Adidas, Puma are high in quality and even the price is higher. Cotton On is below me though it is low in price but the quality is not good. So I feel I can compete and sustain on the, market with giving reasonable pricing and good quality sweatshirts.

上图展示了Case Study作者对产品在市场上的定位。。Ballantynes价格适中,价格和质量合理。耐克、阿迪达斯、彪马的质量都很高,甚至价格也更高。棉虽然价格低,但质量不好,价格比作者低。所以作者觉得作者可以通过合理的价格和优质的运动衫在市场上竞争和维持。

Product: 1. PRODUCT: 产品:1.产品

What does the customer want from the product / service?客户希望从产品/服务中获得什么?

What needs does it satisfy?它能满足什么需求?

I have a wide range of products such as sweatshirts for women, men sweat shirts, Kids wear, and fashion accessories. My product strategy will be latest design, fashionable, stylish, varied size with hoodies and Chain, pockets inside and outside, replacement or return facility in limited period to attract youngsters. I will provide specific logo on the sweatshirts front and back side. I will provide different fabric style sweatshirts it may be design with cotton stuff and woolen as well. I will give products in varied colors like plain, combination and quality stuff to attract my mature and professionals target market. I will provide different sizes for sweatshirts for example small, medium, large and extra large size.

本篇Case Study的作者有各种各样的产品,如女式运动衫、男式运动衫、童装和时尚配饰。作者的产品策略将是最新的设计,时尚,时尚,各种尺寸的连帽衫和链条,内外口袋,在有限的时间内更换或退货设施,以吸引年轻人。作者会在运动衫的正面和背面提供特定的标志。作者将提供不同面料风格的运动衫,可能是棉质和羊毛的设计。作者会提供各种颜色的产品,如素色、组合色和优质的东西,以吸引作者成熟和专业的目标市场。作者会提供不同尺寸的运动衫,例如小、中、大和特大号。


What is the value of the product or service to the buyer?产品或服务对买方的价值是多少?

Are there established price points for products or services in this area?该地区的产品或服务是否有既定的价格点?

Price is the factor which attracts the customers that’s why company’s product is from low medium price range. Its service and stuff is very fine so people like to wear this brand and its price is also very reasonable. The competitors of sweatshirts are selling their product at comparatively high price, so that is great advantage because target segments are attracting towards sweatshirts product as it provides affordable and good quality products.The price range for my sweatshirts would be between $12-$150


Promotion: What is the value of the product or service to the buyer?促销:产品或服务对买家的价值是多少?

Are there established price points for products or services in this area?该地区的产品或服务是否有既定的价格点?

For advertising we will advertise in magazines that mostly attracts customers. Billboards are good tool for advertising, they are attractive and everywhere could see them. Advertisements have to be written in simple language and easy to understand. We would promote them on social media as it is cost effective and can reach the mass market.



Where do buyers look for your product or service?买家在哪里寻找您的产品或服务?

If they look in a store, what kind? A specialist boutique or in a supermarket, or both? Or online? Or direct, through catalogue?如果他们在商店里看,是什么类型的?专业精品店还是超市,或者两者兼而有之?还是在线?还是直接,通过目录?

Will open the  store Ballantynes  at  23/  Cashel Street Christchurch besides, that I will also make the product available online = in about nine languages in order to reach all its target segments from different nationalities. Through the website, customers can book their orders, check the latest offers.


Plan of monitoring and mechanisms:监测计划和机制

Feedback through Questionnaires: The feedback of customers is so important because feedback decided the sales or popularity of the product. So, I will do survey about our product in open market and will collect feedback from existing customers. This will have few questions which they will answer and it will help me to know what they think about our product, what are their future expectations and why they give priority to it in the market? We can send questionnaires to our customers through email also. Their positive feedback will be success of our marketing plan.


Sale Trend through financial Information: I will also keep check on my financial information whether the business is in profit or loss. If my sale is going up it means my marketing plan is working and I can achieve my objectives. I will check all the reports once in the month to be updated.


Market Research eye on my competitors will help me to understand what is market trend or demand in the market and availability of respective products. If my product is fulfilling the need and is having advantage on competitors it means my marketing plan will work and I can attract more customers.

对竞争对手的市场调查将帮助作者了解市场趋势或市场需求以及各自产品的可用性。如果产品满足了需求,并且在竞争对手中具有优势,这意味着作者的营销计划会奏效,作者可以吸引更多的客户。本站提供各国各专业Case Study范文以及Case Study写作辅导,如有需要可咨询本平台。


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