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澳大利亚阿德雷德大学 Adelaide University:学生论文写作指导中学术总监所起的作用

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5. The Role of the Academic Supervisor

Once  you  have  decided  on  a  research  topic,  a  member  of  academic  staff  is
allocated to you as a supervisor. Your supervisor will be familiar with your topic of research  but  may  or  may  not  be  an  expert  in  the  particular  aspects  you  have chosen to study; academic staff are specialists after all.

Your supervisor can be regarded as a technical resource.  It is his or her job to advise  you  on  methodology  and  to  help  you  avoid  routine  research  errors.  It is therefore  essential  that  you  make  effective  use  of  the  time  allocated  for supervision.  The  supervisor  will  be  able  to  offer  advice  and  critically  discuss  your ideas, evidence and methodology. However, you should not expect supervisors to read drafts in detail or to act as proof editors.

It is up to you to make use of your supervisor. It is not his or her job to chase you on your progress.

It is particularly important to make contact and discuss your ideas with your supervisor at an early stage. Contact with your supervisor is likely to be greatest at the beginning and end of your project.

Please  bear  in  mind  that  over  the  summer  your  supervisor  may  be  away  on holiday, undertaking research or attending conferences. A typical pattern of contact is described below.

An  initial  discussion  between  the  supervisor  and  supervisee  is  held  in  the  Spring Term,  soon  after  the  supervisor  has  been  allocated.  Items which might be discussed and agreed at this meeting include

a) your proposal and terms of reference methodology;
b) the project timetable;
c) means of keeping in touch;
d) a review taking place midway through the project (to monitor progress); and
e)  the final review held when a first draft of the report has been written.

The supervisor and supervisee will need to keep in contact by phone, e-mail, fax or letter  (do  not  forget  that  it  is  your  responsibility  to  check  your  College  e-mail regularly). Students will need to initiate the contact/meetings with the supervisor in order  to  receive  advice;  supervisors  are  always  willing  to  help  but  do  not  have unlimited  time  to  place  at  students’  disposal.  In particular, as noted above, your supervisor is likely to be away over at least parts of the summer.
You  can  make  best  use  of  your  supervisor’s  time  by paying  attention  to  the
following points:

a) Prepare for your discussions.

• Just like any other meeting, a meeting with your supervisor requires preparation. He or she will have points to raise with you; make sure you have in turn thought through the points you want to raise with him or her.
•  Send  written  material  in  advance.  Do not expect the supervisor to read your drafts at the meeting.  If he or she is not ready, rearrange the  meeting  to  give  him/her  more  time  to  read  the  drafts.  This is particularly important if the context of the discussion is a videoconference link or an extended telephone discussion.
•  Do your own proof reading. It is a total waste of a supervisor’s time to proofread your work, and supervisors will refuse to do so.
b) Manage your project. Supervisors may be able to advise you on how to handle difficult  situations  which  you  encounter,  but  good  project management dramatically reduces the number of these.
c) Inform.  As  the  meetings  are  infrequent,  it  is  important  to  keep  your supervisor  informed  of  progress  on  your  project  and  any  changes  that  you may make to the agreed subject matter.
Whilst  the  project  must  provide  a  measure  of  your  individual  effort,  that  does  not mean that you have no resources other than yourself. Gathering data, for example, may  involve  the  assistance  of  others,  including  internal  staff  and  external specialists. Please acknowledge any such assistance in the dissertation.

Note that the dissertation will be assessed firstly by a member of staff who is not your supervisor; nonetheless, the supervisor will act as the second marker.


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