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The proposal of Cultural participation in Europe- Trends in culture visitor behavior in both respective of voracious consumer, cultural omnivore
导读:这是一篇Master essay格式范文,主要讨论了研究文化旅游者行为在贪婪消费和文化杂食两个方面的发展趋势。
1.0 Introduction 引言
People travel between different culture environment, such as the international travelers, immigration and other tourist groups. They are experiencing a different number of disorientation, the consumer's life style and symbol systems, although understanding these differences which are not simple.
Some aspects of social life and the market regulation seems to vary widely between different cultural spaces, while others are reassuring, which is a recognized international tourists. Different eating habits, dress code, language and social expectations sit together, at the same time, with the ordinary brand, is equal to the market to trade agreement (such as payment method) and general media and entertainment products. In addition, some space differentiations are low in any specific cultural environment(Burli, Kotturshettar, &Dalmia, 2012). International airport shopping centers, and one of the most popular tourist destinations and the capital city of central business district, are in most developed countries represent the most international, even the world, and the culture consumption settings. However in these areas and market space cultural differences tend to become more obvious. Furthermore, the contemporary consumer society while maintaining international, national and regional cultural characteristics, their consumers. Few people cross cultural boundaries, leaving a homogeneous space and culture into another cultural homogeneity. Visitors encounter cultural environment, select or tend to enter into a new culture of cross cultural space also determine their experience (Lopes, 2010). In addition, the response to the new culture background values and social constraints. In a globalized world where information on goods, capital and the developed countries are more able to move between the cultural space, understand cross-cultural (or "crossing - culture") consumption experience more and more necessary. 
Therefore, this article is intended to research the trends in culture visitor behavior in both respective of voracious consumer, cultural omnivore.
2.0 Literature review
Grotte has stated (2013) that long tradition from social science research can be informedcrossing - culture experience, the study is potential to check one way to adapt to the new cultural environment often referred to as "cultural adaptation" process. Although there are many reasons and motives "cross-cultural", such as travel, work, education, happiness and permanent residence, the vast majority of research only deals with such environment, the immigrants. Most studies also focus on the individual (usually a "minority group") in Europe. Between a large number of people of different cultural environment, and North America immigration research is still in exploring the negotiability of other border crossings
Cultural adaptation reaction is "bi - culturalism", tourists at home and the host's cultural values into their personal and social identity(Hughes & Allen, 2009). Other terms have been developed, including "cultural negotiation", "cultural identity" and "cultural marginalization", trying to represent the existing and New Deal with the complex mix of cultural values. The challenges of culture (s) are as a discrete, stable or static and beyond the understanding of a one-way acculturation. They show visitors management comfort and contradiction of national culture and new culture, may be in a unique way to integrate the two create a "new" (sub) culture.
Acculturation think immigration of consumer behavior including more than a simple assimilation of the establishment of consumption patterns showed that consumer’s acculturation describes a compromise the process of learning and skills and behavior of selective display culture definition(Eugenio-Martin&Campos-Soria, 2011). Proper ability and master certain types of cultural knowledge are identified as the key in different consumption patterns and consumption behavior of tourists. A problem is the premise of this concept, it denied "immigrants" consumption and consumer behavior may constitute a kind of important cultural study, especially the consumers feel particularly competent in the use of the material wealth and the symbolism of the reading material culture.
3.0 Hypotheses
This article is dedicated to research the trends in culture visitor behavior in both respective of voracious consumer and cultural omnivore, as the consequence, the following two hypotheses could summarize: 
H1: Culture visitor behaviors could be positive through voracious consumers
H2: Culture visitor behaviors could be positive through cultural omnivore
4.0 Data and method
In the form of the research method, the survey could be conducted across the students and customers from the university who has different cultural backgrounds. Randomly sample size could be 100 international students and also 100 customers for the Festivals. In addition, in the survey, 10 questions could be designed for the research purpose. 
In the data analysis, the SPSS could be applied for the result of the survey. In the first stage, finding Cronbach’s alpha checked reliability of the data, which measures internal consistency or average correlation of items in a survey instrument to gauge its reliability. In second stage bi-variate correlation analysis was used to assess the strength of relationship between dependent and independent variables. In third stage multiple regression analysis was applied to check the contribution individual constructs on performance measures. Coefficient of determination (R-square) was used to check the model adequacy. Finally Z-test was used to test the significance of two groups. 
5.0 Research paper timeframe
Week 1: design the questionnaires and allocated the questionnaires to each international student and customers in the purposed locations; 
Week 2&3: Collection of the data and analysis of the data; 
Week 4: Prepared to write the research paper; 
Week 5: Proof reading and correction
6.0 Limitation for the research
Time is limited for the research paper, so that sample size is limited for the research purpose. Also, the research paper is based on the questionnaires result analysis from SPSS, the result could be the opinion by the surveyors. 
Reference lists
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