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英国本科留学生essay格式范文:advertising and the media

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Creative element used in advertisement: By analyzing the Christmas advertisement of John Lewis: Man On The Moon (2015)广告中的创意元素:通过分析约翰·刘易斯的圣诞广告:月亮上的人(2015)


1. Introduction介绍

2. The main theories of advertisement 广告学的主要理论
3. The application of creative element in Christmas advertisement of John Lewis创意元素在约翰·刘易斯圣诞广告中的应用
4. Conclusion 结论
1. Introduction介绍
广告之父大卫•奥格尔维(David Ogilvy)在《广告人的忏悔》一书中这样写道:“除非你的广告宣传活动包含了一个伟大的创意,否则它会像一艘船一样在夜间消失。”他强调创意是广告的灵魂,是广告创作过程中最难处理的元素。尤其是现在,广告已经成为商业世界的重要组成部分,企业必须掌握推广其产品的艺术(Uttara,2012年)。
‘Unless your advertising campaign contains a big idea, it will pass up like a ship in the night.’ This was said in a book-Confessions of an Advertising Man by the father of advertising: David Ogilvy. He emphasized creativity can be the soul of advertisement, and it can be regarded as the most difficult element to be handled in the process of advertisement creation. Especially now, advertising has been an essential part of the business world,  companies have to master the art of promoting their product (Uttara, 2012).
2. The main theories of advertisement 广告学的主要理论
As we all know industrialization witnessed the dramatic increase of advertisement in USA, it is because under the huge influence of industrial revolution, America became the top industrial country in the world. With fierce competition of the manufactured commodities, businessmen have to adopt efficient ways to attract more consumers and make profit (Ewen, 1976). As a result, advertising gradually became a vehicle for companies. 
Since the 20th century, there emerges a lot of important theories, like the USP theory, BI theory, Positioning theory and so on. Which still have significant influence on the creation of advertisement in today’ life. The first theory which mainly discover creativity in advertisement is the USP theory (Unique Selling Proposition)which was proposed by television advertising pioneer Rosser Reeves in 1940s, it explains that companies should make unique proposition to persuade consumers choose their brand (Levitt, 1986). As the marketing concept gradually accepted in society, BI theory by David Ogilvy, ROI(Relevance Originality Impact) by William Bernbach and Leo Burnett were popular among society because of adapting to the new market. At the same time, the three advertisers were regarded as the leaders of creatively reforming in the history of America.
3. The application of creative element in Christmas advertisement of John Lewis
However, among all the advertisement in our practical life, the Christmas adverts released by John Lewis were the most anticipate one and widely accepted by public (Telegraph, 2015), and gradually became the signal of upcoming Christmas(Stone, 2013). Among all the adverts, love and hope are the forever themes in their adverts which can touch people’s heart, drive customers’ interest and arise some thoughts of the meaning of life.  Like theMan On The Moon which is a thought- provoking advertin 2015, it tells a story that a little girl found a man with silverhair lonely on the moon, everyday she watches him by her telescope. She wants to reach him, so she makes many efforts like waving, firing messages by an arrow, but all failed(Georgina, 2015). However, at the end of this story, a gift of John Lewis represent the love from the little girl flying to the hand of the old man, reminding him he was connected with the earth which is full of love.
At the last scene, the old man sheds a tear of joy, waves his hand from the moon. And a sentence emergences on the screen: ‘Show someone they are loved this Christmas(Georgina, 2015).’  As BI theory infers that consumers’ purchasing behavior are more and more emotional, for advertiser must not only satisfy their functional need, but also emotional needs. John Lewis Christmas video, as a form of advertisement, can cater for the requirement of both.
The leader of the brand marketing, Rachel Swift revealed that the theme of this ads in recent years remains the same, calling for love and care, we’d better prepare gifts with love and sincere for people surrounded, at the same time, teach children they should give when they receive. This is what we want to delivery to our customers in this video. That is to say, in order to build their brand awareness and brand image, Christmas adverts used as a good strategy for John Lewis, it always about storytelling through music and emotion touch the most soft place in customers’ heart instead of straightforward promoting their products in the video (Harry, 2015). Even though the Advertising is a kind of marketing communication which can promote commodities and service, John Lewis can build a good brand image by waking people’s sympathy and leaving a positive and unforgettable impression, this is the success of John Lewis, whose advertisement makes contribution to brand image. So some people consider Christmas advert of John Lewis is an art film rather than commercial ads which not only seek to increase the sales of products through branding.
At the same time,  the Christmas advert of John Lewis has great influence on society, as the topic of this year is quite schmaltzy but paid little attention before, it can draw more people’s attention about the survival of old people (Georgina, 2015).
4. Conclusion 
In terms of building brand image, John Lewis can be the most successful company against all the rivals, its advertising theme keep high level on creativity. As many businessmen believed that advertisement is only part of the long-term investment in the personality of the brand, for John Lewis, it is not enough, it raised large numbers of money upon its good reputation for the charity Age UK (Georgina, 2015), which can benefit for changing the living condition of old people and appeal more attention from public to old people. Big idea effectively used in the advertise, not only improve the brand image, but also help the people in need, that is a responsible company should do.
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