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Market understanding小组assignment作业:Segmentation

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导读:小组作业怎么合作完成?本文提供的部分是Segmentation, target group identification and positioning recommendation以及organization analysis,想要知道小组作业怎么做的同学可以参考一下全文,具体看下写作要求和完成部分。

Consumer psychology factor消费者心理因素
消费者心理因素有助于健康生活方式的保持。丹麦人口占总人口的38%,慢性病的主要原因是吸烟、饮酒、饮食不健康、缺乏体育锻炼、肥胖等危险因素普遍存在,人口老龄化现象严重。根据2011年在丹麦公布的调查数据,世界癌症研究基金会是世界上癌症发病率最高的国家,每10万人中就有326人被诊断患有癌症,它还与许多人吸烟、饮酒和其他生活方式密切相关(Thorup Larsen&Stone,2015年)。因此,丹麦政府出台了一系列有利于在维护公共卫生中形成健康行为的政策,并积极创造支持环境,促进政策的实施。
Consumer psychology factor could contribute to the healthy lifestyle to keep healthy. Danish population accounted for 38% of the total population, chronic illnesses main reason is that smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet, lack of physical exercise, obesity and other risk factors are widespread, and population ageing phenomenon is serious. The world cancer research fund, according to data from the survey, published in 2011 in Denmark is the highest cancer rates in the world, in every 100000 people there are 326 people are diagnosed with cancer, it also with a lot of people closely related to smoking and drinking alcohol and other lifestyle (Thorup Larsen & Stone, 2015). Therefore, the Danish government has introduced a series of policies conducive to the formation of healthy behaviors in the maintenance of public health, and actively creates supportive environment to promote the implementation of policies. 
At present, chronic diseases have become the main factors affecting the health of residents. Chronic risk factors are mainly smoking, drinking, obesity, poor diet and lack of physical exercise. Under the condition of the current shortage of health resources, we should focus on excessive smoking, drinking, and focus on the lack of physical exercise and poor diet, strengthen the epidemiological investigation and monitoring, from policy advocacy; environmental support and services provide residents tried to change the unhealthy life style.
To avoid the cancer, the healthy life style could be enhanced to reduce the unhealthy condition for the cancer. 
Consumption benefit factor
Consumption benefit factor is related to the government support from the national program.
Denmark has launched three rounds of national health programmes to further improve the health of all residents through health promotion and extend the average life expectancy of the population. In the national health plan, focus on creating a smoke-free living environment, reduce the number of alcohol and delay young people drinking alcohol for the first time, to reduce the proportion of obese people, let more people take part in physical exercise every day, and so on. Effective work has been done in policy-making, environmental support, community, personal capacity improvement and health service adjustment in five key areas. After nearly 20 years of efforts, the Danish behavior had greatly improved the health of the residents, residents smoking, excessive drinking rate from 50% to 50% down to 20% men and women, residents sports activities ratio rose from 14% to 36%, unhealthy diet proportion fell to 8% (Cort et.,al, 2015). The government support for the healthy food could be good for the external environment. 
Target group identification and position recommendation 
Target group could be located at the people who want to keep healthy and lose weight, and the customers are always are willing to eat in the morning. 
Porridge is related to the health and low energy as the food. The function of the products can be summarized as follow:It is rich in dietary fiber, mainly beta-glucan. Beta-glucan has a high viscosity, and the viscosity increases with the increase of beta-glucan concentration. High intake of dietary fiber, especially soluble dietary fiber, can significantly delay gastric emptying and promote gastric swelling(Thorup Larsen & Stone, 2015).
Additionally, food intake is an important factor in weight control, and the intake is usually controlled by appetite, which can result in an increase in food intake and energy intake over the need, resulting in an imbalance of energy. Satiety is the main factor that affects appetite and intake, usually after eating, the body is hungry and the feeling of fullness increases. Satiety has been shown to be able to predict the energy intake of the body well, and the increase of satiety will lead to decreased appetite and decreased intake. So eating foods that increase satiety in your diet is an easy way to get accepted and implemented.
Position recommendation
The strategy of the organization could be focus on the healthy lifestyle. Porridge is easy to make how products could be different and attracts the attentions from the other products in the selling. It should be from the demand from the customers. 
Numerous studies have shown that oat shows a good improvement in the dietary behavior of overweight and overweight patients with type 2 diabetes. This effect is attributed to the large amount of beta-glucan in oats, which is enhanced when the content of beta-glucan, molecular weight and the radius of cyclotron increase. When food processing has changed the content and physical and chemical properties of beta-glucan in food, the texture and viscosity of food have been changed, and its effects have been affected.
It could be linked to the government support program and also it is related to the healthy lifestyle.
Organization analysis 
The product is quite simple; the other competitors are easy to copy.  What makes products different?  Also, the founder and organization are both young in the competition. 
The founder of the organization is only 27 years old; he could be not having real experience in the food intake industry. Through he is young, but he has a clear and achievable plan to expand the business to aboard. 
At the present, the government program is the best fit for the purpose of the organization to achieve the healthy. Also, the eating habit is not easy to change over the time, so that the organization could sell in the certain situation. Denmark's obesity epidemic is on the rise, with 13 percent of its population obese. To cooperate with other organizations such as the fitness room, the choice could be good. 
Thorup Larsen, L., & Stone, D. (2015). Governing Health Care through Free Choice: Neoliberal Reforms in Denmark and the United States. Journal Of Health Politics, Policy & Law, 40(5), 941-970. doi:10.1215/03616878-3161162
Cort, P., Thomsen, R., & Mariager-Anderson, K. (2015). ‘Left to your own devices’ – the missed potential of adult career guidance in Denmark. British Journal Of Guidance & Counselling, 43(3), 292-305. doi:10.1080/03069885.2015.1017802

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