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导读本科是一篇英国MA Business and Management (Accounting)essay,通过海利瘦茶营销计划,有望达到增加收入、扩大市场份额、增加销售量的目的。营销计划将采用综合营销策略下面我们来下全文。

Executive Summary摘要
Hyleys Tea Company introduces a 100% natural slimming drink which is extracted from herbs and fruits. In order to get the attention of consumers faster to win market share and profits for the enterprise, in this report, it develops a marketing plan for Hyleys slim tea (Hyleys for short). The objectives of the marketing plan are designed as follows:
Objective 1: to sell a million bottles of Hyleys slim tea in 15 weeks when new products are sold;目标1:在新产品销售15周内,销售100万瓶海利瘦茶;
Objective 2: to improve the marketing budget by 10% in 15 weeks when new products are sold, in order to better sell Hyleys slim tea;目标2:在新产品销售15周内,将销售预算提高10%,以更好地销售海利瘦茶;
Objective 3: to improve the market share to 2% in 15 weeks when new products are sold;目标3:在新产品销售的15周内,将市场份额提高到2%;
Objective 4: to reach sale of 4 million pounds in 15 weeks when new products are sold.目标4:在新产品销售15周内达到400万英镑的销售额。
To achieve the above marketing objectives, it will use the following strategies and tactics.为实现上述营销目标,将采用以下策略和策略。
1. Hyleys slim tea is a tea drink with pure, natural taste, good taste, and good health effects. In the current situation when consumers’ health awareness is improved, they prefer healthy food and beverages. Thus, SO (Strength & Opportunity) strategy is recommended in this plan.海利瘦茶是一种纯天然、口感好、保健效果好的茶饮料。在当前消费者健康意识提高的情况下,他们更喜欢健康的食品和饮料。因此,在本计划中推荐了SO(优势和机会)策略。
2. The raw material of Hyleys slim tea is high quality natural herbs and fruits, the product contains high-tech and has health efficacy, and audience of Hyleys slim tea are mainly 30-60-year-old consumers, their spending power is strong, so the product is priced at 4.4 pounds / 250 ml, which is suitable.海利纤细茶的原料是优质的天然草本和水果,产品含有高科技,具有保健功效,海利纤细茶的受众主要是30-60岁的消费者,消费力强,产品定价为4.4磅/250毫升,比较合适。
3. Based on SWOT analysis results, in this marketing plan will take SO strategy, then in terms of marketing channels, it will take Omni-channel retailing.基于SWOT分析结果,本次营销计划将采取SO策略,然后在营销渠道方面,将采取全渠道零售。
4. In this marketing plan, it will use integrated marketing strategy, marketing tools used includes TV marketing, marketing through newspaper, marketing through radio, network marketing, outdoor advertising marketing and so on.本营销计划将采用整合营销策略,所使用的营销工具包括电视营销、报纸营销、广播营销、网络营销、户外广告营销等。
Time arrangement, budget for the marketing, as well as the analysis on the problems met possibly have been proposed to ensure that the marketing plan can be proceed smoothly to achieve the desired objectives.提出了时间安排、营销预算以及对可能遇到的问题的分析,以确保营销计划能够顺利进行,达到预期的目标。
Table of Contents
1. Introduction 1
1.1 Product Brief 1
1.2 Target Market 1
2. Marketing Audit 3
2.1 SWOT Analysis 3
2.2 Competitor Analysis 4
3. Marketing Objective 5
3.1 Hyleys Slim Tea’ Mission Statement 5
3.2 Objectives 5
4. Marketing Strategy and Tactics 6
4.1 Pricing Strategy 6
4.2 Marketing Channel 6
4.3 Marketing Materials 6
4.4 Marketing Tactics 8
4.5 Network Marketing 10
5. Measurement Plans and Reviewing 12
6. Contingency/Risk factors 13
7. Conclusion 14
8. Reference 15
9. Appendices 17
Appendix A 17
1. Introduction
This report introduces a marketing plan for Hyleys slim tea. First of all, it introduces the basic situation of Hyleys slim tea and based on STP analysis to present its target customers, followed by SWOT analysis on Hyleys slim tea to understand the competitive the product's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to propose marketing strategy. Then it shows the objectives of this marketing plan, and finally, it introduces a series of marketing strategies to meet the identified marketing objectives.
1.1 Product Brief
Hyleys Tea Company (UK tea beverage brand) launches a 100% natural tea beverage extracted from herbs and fruits. Hyleys slim tea introduced newly has two flavors: mint and chamomile flavors. The product can help people to fall asleep faster, as it is caffeine-free, so it enables people to have a fast, soft and healthy sleep pattern after drinking, while have a good spirit after waking up. This series of tea beverage is rich in antioxidants, it can reduce skin damage caused by free radicals, it has good anti-aging properties. Regular consumption of this product can reduce wrinkles and make skin look younger and more supple (Hyleys Tea, 2016).
1.2 Target Market
STP refers to that in accordance with certain criteria on the overall market segmentation, an enterprise selects one or more segments as its own target market, aiming at target market to carry out product positioning (Gad nd Dacko, 2013).
1.2.1 Market segmentation (S)
The report is in accordance with ages to divide consumers into three segments: first is consumers who are less than 30 years old, consumers of this age generally have a good physical health, their awareness and demand to keep health by tea drinks is not strong (Wang, Su, Liang and Sun, 2016).
Second is 30-60-year-old consumers, eating habits, stress and other problems will cause obesity, insomnia and other health problems, and consumers, especially female consumers of this age group pay more attention to maintenance, they are more concerned about anti-aging products (Wang, Su, Liang and Sun, 2016). Third are consumers who are more than 60 years old, due to the deterioration of bodily functions, this part of the consumers treat their own health very seriously. However, they have more emphasis on maintaining a healthy condition through traditional medical means such as surgery, medication, physical therapy, exercise, etc., for the elderly, there is relatively low degree to accept slimming tea drinks (Wang, Su, Liang and Sun, 2016).
1.2.2 Targeted market (T)
According to the characteristics of different market segments, the target market for this marketing plan is the 30-60 year-old consumers, because this part of consumers have a relatively strong demand for Hyleys slim tea, and this part of consumers have less leisure time, they need a product which can help them to keep a good health condition, at the same time, they do not need to spend too much, Hyleys slim tea just meets this requirement (Wang, Su, Liang and Sun, 2016).
1.2.3 Market positioning (P)
By catering to the mainstream health, weight loss concept, coupled with Hyleys’ own advantages, together with recommendation by weight loss experts, well-known stars, Hyleys slimming tea will be developed as a high-quality, safe, healthy, natural and reliable weight loss tea brand image.
2. Marketing Audit
SWOT analysis is a scientific analysis method used to determine its own competitive strengths, competitive weaknesses, opportunities and threats, so as to organically combine a company's strategy with its internal resources, external environment (Valentin, 2005).
2.1 SWOT Analysis 
• Compared with traditional health tea, Hyleys takes natural herbs and fruits as raw materials, it is more secure.
• Traditional health tea is bitter and many consumers do not like it, but Hyleys has a fresh taste, consumers can enjoy the fun of tea in health care.
• Compared to other dieted foods and exercise to lose weight, Hyleys is very simple to use, and it can be absorb faster and the effect is faster (Hyleys Tea, 2016). 
2.1.2 Weakness
• As a new product, influence of Hyleys slim tea in the market is limited.
• Consumers do not well understand and recognize the effect of Hyleys slim tea.
2.1.3 Opportunity
• Currently, there are a small number of health tea manufacturers and the pressure of competition is relatively small.
• Improvement of standard of living and unscientific eating habits lead to the obesity problem in the UK is also more prominent, therefore, the needs for drinks for weight loss continue to increase.
• Health awareness of modern consumer has been increased, they prefer natural products (Wang, Su, Liang and Sun, 2016).
2.1.4 Threat
• More and more beverage companies will introduce similar slimming tea drinks.
• Consumers do not understand and are concerned about the quality of drink tea, which may affect consumers’ acceptance of this kind of drinks. 
• Awareness and culture of losing weight through exercise is very popular in the UK, which is likely to affect consumers’ willingness of drinking slimming tea to lose weight (Wang, Su, Liang and Sun, 2016).
Through the above analysis, this marketing plan will use SO strategy, namely, making use of the own strengths of Hyleys slim tea and its good external growth opportunities as to promote Hyleys. The market has relatively large demands for Hyleys slim tea, and therefore it should increase marketing investment while maintain and publicize the characteristics and advantages in terms of products to improve visibility and market share of Hyleys slim tea.
2.2 Competitor Analysis 
Health medicine has relatively clear efficacy, which is more in line with the majority of consumers’ spending habits. Health medicine has more or less side effects on human body and it is not healthy for long-term use, while Hyleys slimming tea does not have side effects and it is good for long-term use, there is no harm to human body, moreover, it has multiple health effects (Wang, Su, Liang and Sun, 2016).
Functional drink can provide vitamin supplements, energy, electrolytes, minerals, water, which is suitable for young people who like sports. Functional drink has much more harm to odonthyalus than Coke, compared with Coke Cola, functional beverage contains additive of a good variety of organic acids, which can break down odonthyalus, in turn erode tooth enamel. While functional drinks are more suitable for specific populations with physical loss, it is not suitable for general consumers (Wang, Soyama and Luo, 2016).
Carbonated drinks generally have a good taste, and because of long-term advertising, carbonated drinks are influential. Long-term consumption of carbonated beverages such as: Coke very easily leads to obesity and diabetes; phosphate in carbonated beverages will slowly affect human bones, leading to osteoporosis (Flynn and Okuonzi, 2016).
Traditional slimming tea has a certain effect of weight loss, it is made of natural materials with less side effects, but it has bitter taste, many consumers are not able to accept its taste (Wang, Su, Liang and Sun, 2016).
Hyleys slimming tea is made of natural raw materials, it does not contain caffeine, which can not only lose weight, but also help to promote sleep and have an anti-aging effect. While it has two flavors: mint and chamomile, consumers more easily accept it. However, as a new product, Hyleys slimming tea has limited influence in the market, consumers do not understand and recognize Hyleys slimming tea too much (Hyleys Tea, 2016).
3. Marketing Objective
3.1 Hyleys Slim Tea’ Mission Statement
Below is the business’ mission statement which has been made visible to the public on the company's home page. 
Hyleys Tea Company has become a true embodiment of premium English tea traditions. Superior taste of Hyleys tea distinguishes it on the background of other competitors. The fact has been verified by professional tea-tasters. Only the two uppermost tender leaves and the bud are used for the production of high quality Hyleys tea. These two-leaves-&-buds are plucked manually with much care. The plucked raw leaf is then taken to the factory, where it undergoes several stages of processing (Hyleys Tea, 2016).
The statement shows that Hyleys Tea Company has a long history in tea beverage production, and its products in terms of taste and quality are proven.
3.2 Objectives
Objective 1: to sell a million bottles of Hyleys slim tea in 15 weeks when new products are s old;
Objective 2: to improve the marketing budget by 10% in 15 weeks when new products are sold, in order to better sell Hyleys slim tea;
Objective 3: to improve the market share to 2% in 15 weeks when new products are sold;
Objective 4: to reach sale of 4 million pounds in 15 weeks when new products are sold.
4. Marketing Strategy and Tactics
4.1 Pricing Strategy
Pricing strategy is a very critical component in marketing mix. Price is usually an important factor affecting the success of transaction, and it is also the most difficult to be determined in marketing mix (Kotler and Armstrong, 2011). Enterprises’ pricing goal is to promote sales to profit. This requires that enterprises should not only consider the cost of compensation, but also consider consumers’ acceptance of price (Kotler and Keller, 2015). The raw material of Hyleys is high quality natural herbs and fruits with high technology and a health effect, so the price for Hyleys should be higher than the prices of cola, energy drinks and traditional weight-loss drinks, while the Hyleys’ other similar products are priced at 4.4 pounds / 250 ml, although the price is more expensive, considering that Hyleys’ target consumers are mainly 30-60 year-old consumers, their spending power is stronger, so it is priced at 4.4 pounds / 250 ml, which is suitable.
4.2 Marketing Channel
According to results of SWOT analysis, the marketing plan this time will use SO strategy. Considering marketing channels, this marketing will take Omni-channel retailing, namely, in order to meet consumers’ purchase needs anytime, anywhere, enterprises will take approach of integrating physical channels, e-commerce channels with mobile e-commerce channels to sell goods. In terms of physical channels, Hyleys products will be sold in large supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, for example, COSCO, TESCO, Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, as well as small supermarket chains and convenience stores, such as SPAR, Iceland, the Co-operative Food and so on. Hyleys will be sold at major online sales platforms such as Ebay, Amazon. It will also be sold through major mobile network platforms such as Ocado App, Ebay App, Amazon App. Through E-commerce and mobile network sales platform, Hyleys is sold through wholesale, consumers need to purchase a minimum of 7 boxes a time.
4.3 Marketing Materials
4.3.1 Marketing Material Schedule
Jitâreanu, Gîndu and Chiran (2015) point out that a suitable schedule is one of the key factors for successful implementation of a marketing plan. The specific arrangements for the marketing plan are designed as follows:
4.3.2 Marketing costs
The marketing costs are shown as follows:                                                                    
4.4 Marketing Tactics 
4.4.1Television advertisement
Television advertising is a visual and auditive mode of transmission, it is through word and image to show product features, which is better able to convince consumers (Kavanaugh and Ninemeier, 1996). TV has been popular, watching television has become an important part of people's cultural life, television advertising can influence more people (Anderson and Coate, 2000). In this marketing plan, it will design a 20-second television ad for publicizing Hyleys, it will invest a health expert and a star to tell about advantages of the product for television audience. The television advertising will be broadcasted during 8:00-11:00 PM, which is the prime-time of each evening, it will be played a time / hour during 12 weeks, the advertising will be broadcasted through ITV channel, because it is one of the television channels with the highest ratings in the United Kingdom today.
3: ITV1
4: Channel4
5: Channel5
4.4.2 Newspaper advertisement
Britain is the birthplace of newspapers, the public has a tradition of reading newspapers, and newspapers cover widely in UK. The readers are throughout the various sectors of the society. Newspaper ads, enable readers to be free from limit time and space, they can read anywhere, anytime. Readers have time to think about advertisement content and it is easier for them to understand (Becker and Murphy, 1993). In this marketing plan, it designs the newspaper ads composed of a product picture and 10 words. This image is a famous star who is smiling and holding the product in his hands, the 10 words are descriptions of features of the product in natural, healthy aspects. The advertising will be published in one of the UK's largest-circulation newspaper-Daily Mail for 12 weeks.#p#分页标题#e#
4.4.3 Radio advertisement
Advantages of radio advertising lie in its influence on relatively large amounts of people, and costs for radio advertising are relatively low (Ekelund, Ford and Jackson, 1999). In the marketing plan, it will produce a 20-second radio ads, the content is to ask a health expert to introduce the advantages of Hyleys to audience. The advertising will be broadcasted at the prime-time of 8:00-11:00 PM, the frequency is 3 times per hour for a total of 12 weeks, the channel for broadcasting the advertising is BBC Radio 2, because it has large influence throughout most areas in the UK, it is also one of the channels with most audience in the UK.
1: BBC Radio 2 (UK)
2: BBC Radio 1 (UK) 
3: BBC Radio 4 (UK)
4: Classic FM (UK) 
4.4.4 Outdoor advertisement
Advantages of outdoor advertising lie in that it can be set in population concentration areas and it is more likely to be noticed by target population, while outdoor advertising is existing 24-hour and there is a long period of time for propaganda. Additionally, outdoor advertising is easier to be updated and it costs less, it can be adjusted according to what a manufacturer needs at any time. In the marketing plan, it will produce 10 pieces of outdoor ads to publicize Hyleys slim tea (Anderson and Coate, 2000). It will include specific three-step. First is design of the ads of three versions, there will be 10 ad posts for each version. Contents of the ad should be able to vividly display the brand image of Hyleys slim tea, and coupled with advertisement words of introduction of its natural, healthy characteristics. Second, the ad posts will be set in proper places, such as around a large shopping plaza, in which there are crowd people. Third, the outdoor advertising campaign will last for a total of 12 weeks, it will be updated once every four weeks, it will update 10 ad posts each time. 
4.5 Network Marketing
With the rapid development of information industry, network marketing based on the Internet as an intermediary has become the most popular marketing approach. Compared with traditional ways, network marketing is mainly characterized by the following features and benefits. First is wide spread, free from constraints of time. Second is interaction of marketing network, via a link, as long as users simply click a chained address, they can get more and more detailed information from related sites of manufacturers, and manufacturers can always get valuable user feedback. Third is lower cost of time and money spent on Internet marketing, and marketing effectiveness is easy to be monitored and evaluated (Meyerson and Scarborough, 2007). The network marketing plan this time will make use of banners and social media for promoting Hyleys.
4.5.1 Banner
Banner is one of a commonly used network marketing method. Its advantage is that a banner is image file established by GIF, JPG, Flash and other formats to show the perfect image of a product. Banner can also use Java, Javascript and other languages to achieve interaction between manufacturers and consumers, when consumers click on a banner, you can also browse the website linked for further product information (Meyerson and Scarborough, 2007). 
The banner this time will be published on some British favourite browse websites, such as: YouTube, Google, Yahoo and so on. The banner will be formed by product image and slogan. At the same time, when consumers click on the banner linked directly to the homepage of Hydles, consumers can have a direct access to product information, it also facilitates consumers’ comments and Hydles’ timely response to consumers.
4.5.2 Social media marketing
Social media refers to websites and technologies allowing people to write, share, evaluate, discuss, and communicate with each other (Wang, 2007). Using social media marketing is easier to achieve precision marketing, oral spreading and more easy interaction between manufacturers and consumers to increase consumer loyalty (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2016). The marketing plan this time will choose facebook and instagram as social media marketing channels, the advertising content composes product pictures and slogans. The advertisement will be uploaded to Hyleys’ official website and the advertising protagonist’s personal online networking account. At the same time, a topic will be raised each week to arise online discussion on healthy lifestyle among young people, and consumers’ questions about Hyleys will be answered in time.
5. Measurement Plans and Reviewing
The effect of this marketing plan will be measured and evaluated through the following four methods.
First, the marketing plan will use Google AdWords to investigate IP of users accessing to advertisement and website, sources of visitors, visitors’ time of spending on browsing webpage, how many customers are concerned about Hyleys, what kind of customers focus on Hyleys, how about the degree of concern (Vorhies and Morgan, 2003).
Second, it should also pay attention to the statistics of information retrieved in the search engine of the website. The keywords that users use to enter the website will be a good reference for the enterprise to optimize its search engine to attract more people to visit the corporate website (Vorhies and Morgan, 2003).
Third, this marketing plan will use SAP to monitor customer conversion rates, by collecting customer IP, amount of user registration, online sales quantities, order management and other data to calculate amount of visits and the volume of orders to obtain exact customer conversion rates (Aghazadeh, 2015).
Finally, it investigates TV ads, radio ads, and audience of newspaper advertising, the number of people affected by advertising.
6. Contingency/Risk factors
In the implementation of the marketing plan, it will face many risks, how to properly deal with these risks has a very important significance for the final success of the marketing plan. The following table illustrates the risks may be encountered in this marketing process and measures to dealing with the risks.
Department Risk Severity Probability Mitigation Measures
Product Quality problems of few products H L Enhance product quality management and supervision
Human Resources Employee turnover M L Strengthen echelon building of talents to ensure that the marketing plan can ensure sustainability
Lack of marketing skills of staff’s M L Pay attention to personnel training to improve staff marketing techniques
Market Consumers’ lukewarm response to marketing activities H L Strengthen communication with consumers, according to consumer opinion to adjust marketing material
Low consumer conversion rate H M Strengthen  communication with consumers, according to consumer opinion to adjust marketing material
Raw Materials Shortage in supply arising from shortage of raw materials M L Search for alternative supplier
Finance Sales fail to achieve the desired objectives M L Take promotional modes such as reduced price
Increased marketing expenses fail to meet budget M M Begin to advertise on social media and website where costs are less
7. Conclusion
In sum, Hyleys slim tea is a tea drink with pure natural taste, good taste, and good health effects. Under the circumstance when current consumer health awareness has been improved and consumers prefer healthy food and beverages, thus, SO marketing strategy is recommended in this plan. Through this marketing plan, it is expected to achieve the purpose of increasing revenue, expanding market share and increasing sales volume. The marketing plan will use integrated marketing strategy. Marketing tools used include TV marketing, marketing through newspaper, radio marketing, network marketing and outdoor advertising marketing. The time, budget for marketing, as well as possible problems will be dealt with targeted arrangements to ensure that the marketing plan can proceed smoothly to achieve the desired objectives.#p#分页标题#e#
8. Reference
Aghazadeh, H. (2015) ‘Strategic Marketing Management: Achieving Superior Business Performance through Intelligent Marketing Strategy’. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 207: 125-134. 
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Wang, T., Soyama, S. and Luo, Y. (2016) ‘Development of a Novel Functional Drink from All Natural Ingredients Using Nanotechnology’. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 73(11): 458-466.
9. Appendices
Appendix A
Hyleys Tea (2016)

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