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英国MBA Essay:Business plan – APP for doctor online

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In the context of the Internet age, the application (APP) has been widely developed and applied and has penetrated into all aspects of People's Daily work and life. Therefore, the medical establishment has also emerged as the APP industry chain but has its unique development characteristics.在互联网时代,应用程序得到了广泛的发展和应用,已经渗透到人们日常工作和生活的各个方面。因此,医疗机构也作为应用产业链出现,但有其独特的发展特点。
To interrogation, registered online, diagnosis and treatment for the primary business functions such as medical APP is developing continuously, such as the spring rain, liquor ice doctor, registered web and Baidu doctors, as well as a variety of medical education website (such as a good doctor, ding sweet garden), are more influential and development prospect of network medical representative. Medical APP's actual operating system is based on the Internet, and remote operation of related equipment operation can be carried out on the patient's vital signs close observation and real-time information transmission, to better deal with patients. The medical operation system includes the needs of the patient, such as remote appointment registration, diagnosis, and consultation, treatment and guidance, preventive care, etc. Medical needs are such as remote consultation, continuing medical education, etc. The mobile medical APP has received widespread attention since to promote its convenience significantly changed the traditional medical model of operation effect, not only can decrease the cost of medical management in the practical work, and improve the quality of the conventional patterns of medical far process management and efficiency. As a result, there has been an increasing amount of investment in this area around the world. From 2010 to 2014, there were 61 investment events in the mobile medical industry, with more than $100 million in disclosure, according to statistics.对问诊、网上注册、诊疗等主要业务功能如医疗应用不断发展,如春雨、酒冰医生、注册网站、百度医生等,以及各种医学教育网站(如良医、丁甜园等),都更有影响力和发展。网络医疗代表的前景。医疗应用的实际操作系统是基于互联网的,可以对患者生命体征进行远程操作相关设备操作,密切观察和实时信息传输,更好地应对患者。医疗操作系统包括病人的远程预约挂号、诊断、会诊、治疗指导、预防护理等需求,医疗需求包括远程会诊、继续医学教育等,自年以来,移动医疗应用得到了广泛关注,以提高其便利性。CE显著改变了传统医疗模式的运作效果,不仅可以降低医疗管理在实际工作中的成本,提高传统医疗模式的质量和远过程管理的效率。因此,世界各地在这一领域的投资不断增加。据统计,2010年至2014年,移动医疗行业共发生61起投资事件,披露金额超过1亿美元。
The fund is funded by the founders and the hospital. It is used for software development and testing. It is also used in patients to improve the software. When the products are mature and stable, the operating system test, introduce risk investment and bank lending, nurses day as an opportunity to increase the propaganda dynamics, the software user's scale, seizes the market.基金由创办人和医院资助。它用于软件开发和测试。它也用于患者,以改进软件。当产品成熟稳定后,操作系统测试,引入风险投资和银行贷款,护士日作为一个增加宣传力度的机会,软件用户的规模,抢占市场。
Project Budgets
Smartphone APP software user interface design should be "user-centric" interface function, reasonable interaction and visual design, and through continuous optimization and innovation to improve smartphones at the user experience, she comes to computer technology, man-machine engineering, art, and many other areas of knowledge. User experience here mainly refers to the user mobile scenario using smartphone software process and after the use of subjective psychological feeling of interface interaction established, namely user acceptance and subjective satisfaction, contains the content and function, information architecture, visual representation, user environment and the influence factors such as the subjective expectation.
In the current mobile Internet market, smart terminals provide the suitable soil for mobile apps, while mobile apps will gradually replace the "hegemonic" status of intelligent terminal calls. At present, the explosion of mobile application usage mainly reflects in: communications and social networking applications, mobile phone assistant and antivirus software system and the efficiency of application, such as music and entertainment applications such as multimedia, and hd gaming applications. In the future, the development direction of smartphone apps will cloud services, Internet of things, cross-border fusion, and entertainment, the development of 3 g, 4 g network, will greatly accelerate the development of mobile Internet, makes the "mobile Internet +" cross-border integration trend further revealed. Whether it is the personal cloud services that mainly meet the needs of customers' data backup storage, or cloud computing, big data and other advanced technologies, the commercial cloud services are applied. No matter
It is a fitness tracking device with voice recognition and image recognition, and a special ring with the bluetooth communication function. Whether it is a low threshold, high-income Internet finance, or easy to handle, more technical content of high definition original game Play, following the arrival of the era of 4 g will gradually into people's horizons. It requires us reasonable use vast amounts of user data, quickly establish the application distribution platform, aggregate outstanding research, and development personnel, to launch their APP products.
Qualification on the APP 
It is necessary to mention is that do the APP more common two functions implemented include Native Native and Web-view way, the pros and cons of these two approaches are not in the scope of this article, the general to ensure that experience, mainly in the form of Native, auxiliary Web-view. It is particularly important to develop natively. First, APP development is completed, need to put the shelf to the APPstore (assuming only on iOS and android), the iOS APP Store have weeks long application review period,  have to get back in advance a few small version of the function planning well not only in the mixed up in this section; Second, when APP is installed on a user's phone, you want to make sure that most of the time he runs is the latest version, and if your version is updated too often, users will get annoyed.
The structure of the team has been developed by Android 1, iOS development 1, product manager 1, product manager 1, and designer 1. The team may also find this personnel is the single point, a denier or someone is sick leave, some jobs will be missing, the project schedule Will drag, so we are equipped with two floating about, that is, the initial group team about eight.
After determining the demand of the product positioning and early, need to think of a product's name, demand research, analysis of competing goods research, domain name registration, servers and peripheral essential ability (such as CDN storage, short message service, news feeds, etc.).  Trademark, registered the domain name, Logo design, here in the middle of the boss doesn't change idea, change is the premise of product requirements and positioning, pull a week at least, at this time the archetype of the product, the technical architecture prototype also out, basic can enter the knife work.
Financial respective
Earning ability estimation
1. Membership model
In the user after a search for information about the hospital, according to whether for membership is divided into two parts, non-members hospitals only to provide basic information services, features such as location, hospital name, department, etc. Information is the main source of information in the post bar; Hospital by registering as a member, in addition to the basic information module and increase the power of the "hospital recommended" function, information for hospital self-editor, you can add information such as features. The two modules in parallel ensure that the hospital information is fully authentic and provide a self-promotion platform for hospitals. The team makes a profit by collecting membership dues.
2. In addition to the search box and function option, the advertising mode APP homepage will set the advertising location and advertise the advertising space to the merchants, and the merchants will be able to receive the advertising push through the advertising fee. The team made a profit through advertising.
3. The sustained release updated whistles mode Here refers to in addition to the main program, continuous release can be downloaded extra pay bells and whistles like a game of new scenarios or camera software filter effects, etc., can make income continues to grow. The same can be said for the cost of the main program (with AD mode) or the psychological effect of using income combination mode.
4. Taking into account the long-term development needs of the ancillary product model of online promotion and offline operation, it is only limited by App. Can pick up by the team in the App design original cartoon image, when software usage and use frequency increases, the cartoon image gradually thorough popular feeling, can be used as a representative of the copy of the software or the image of the whole hospital. It can be used to generate revenue from the model as the prototype of the public, T-shirt, and other peripheral products.#p#分页标题#e#
Estimated income:
1. Membership Dues
In the initial stage of product promotion, membership dues are priced at a low price of 10 yuan per month for the market. As the market share of the products increases, new functions can be added to increase the fee.  
2. Advertising fee
Each day, 20 stores will be allowed to advertise, and the advertising cycle will be broadcast. The advertising fee will be 20 yuan per day, and 20*20*30= $12,000 per month will be guaranteed for 30 days per month. 
3. New function fee
Based on the type and effect of the product, and the cost of developing the function, the revenue will be considered when the number of users is formed. It is expected that a new feature will be introduced every half term, with a charge of 1 yuan, assuming that 1 percent of users choose to install this function, and the monthly income will increase by 400 yuan.  
4. Promotion of offline products
The salary of this part depends on the promotion effect and type of product.
Cost estimation
The investment budget of APP client is mainly composed of pre-construction expenses, daily maintenance, and operation of clients, human cost and marketing and promotion expenses.
Cost: the early stage of the construction and design the preparation are including APP, layout design, system data entry and the current market. To create a simple APP development costs need 1-30000, a little bit complicated to 50000, some difficult or Taiwan before and after the high degree of the complex system, the price also will be higher. According to the estimation of the technical personnel of this team, the initial investment is RMB 80,000, combined with the actual content of the company's products, and the budget of the layout design and art design is 51,000 yuan.
Marketing promotion: the promotion fee of the APP mainly focuses on publicity activities and publicity materials printing. The expenses incurred after operation primarily include maintenance and update of the server, marketing and promotion costs, and payroll expenses. As more and more users understand and know our products, the promotion fee will gradually decrease.
1. The development of App development App is responsible for the technical personnel of the team and invites professional technicians to guide and improve the App. The total expected cost is 51,000 yuan.
2. The online test of the App looks for professional test companies, conducts comprehensive checks on the security stability of the App, guarantees the product safety and reliability, and gets the product qualification certificate. The total cost is expected to be 10,000 yuan.
3. The product promotion Products are mainly for first-year students, offline promotion part only concentrated in September, the propaganda of the rest of the month to online advertising such as WeChat, web manner. So part of the overhead at a year to remember, budget early propaganda part costs $5000 a year, the late propaganda cost 1% of the total profit per month, can be accumulated.
4. The App maintains 80% of the total liquidity of the company, which is used in maintenance and development of the new functions to ensure the operation of the App.
5. Public access as software platform and the platform of charges and promotion, necessarily with significant public service platform, such as into the app store, for micro letter pay public support payment platform, Alipay, etc, etc., this part of the costs in the early of 2000, the late to pay 5% of total revenue as a development fund.
We will be profitable about five months later, and the profit will be about 140,000 a year and a half. Also shows that the member rate, advertising and new functional usage and the function of the new pricing will be a larger impact on our profit amount, and through certain strategy has made several parameters to improve this will effectively increase the profits, capital accumulation lay a solid foundation for future expansion line products.

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