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导读:本文是一篇英国留学生的assignment,需要同学从营销角度来谈论一个公司的市场营销方案。本文就是从长远来看,绿色汽车是未来的重点推广。 可以在时间线中证明任务的设计,销售和推广。 此外,从生产的汽车的财务指标来看,公司可以长期获利,因此去年可以在生产过程中获得合理的利润。 除此之外,该公司还长期提升市场份额。我们来看下全文是如何阐述的。
1. Performance Review绩效考核
本部分将通过介绍整体公司定位和目标细分,战略制定,总体战略,安索夫增长矩阵,产品生命周期和财务指标,简要回顾Panther Car Companyof的表现。
This part will give a brief review of the performance of the Panther Car Companyof by introducing the overall company positioning and targeted segments, strategy development, overall strategy, Ansoff Growth Matrix, product life cycle and financial indicators.
1.1 Overall Company Positioning整体公司定位
Panther,Cub,Cub L和Cub XL有三种型号。由于过去的性能,Cub L的输出量大于Cub XL。然而,他们的库存水平相似,这表明Cub L比XL更受欢迎。与此同时,另一款型号Cub虽然产量最少,但它的库存为零,这意味着该型号的潜力更大。根据消费者心理要求所采用的定价策略,每个品牌汽车都能满足一个汽车消费者的需求;汽车价值与消费者的心理感受有很大关系。这是为汽车心理定价策略的使用提供依据,使得汽车企业可以利用汽车消费者的心理因素进行定价,自觉地将车价提高或降低,以满足汽车消费者的心理,身体和精神需求,通过汽车消费者对汽车产品或忠诚度的偏好,诱导消费者增加购买,扩大市场,最大的好处。因此,Panther公司将根据市场和公司业绩调整价格,新车型发布,产量等来征服更多的市场份额和利润,同时实现更少的库存。
There are three models of Panther, Cub, Cub L and Cub XL. Due to the performance of the past, the output quantity of Cub L is more than Cub XL. However, their stock levels are similar, which indicates that Cub L is more popular than XL. Meanwhile, the other model, Cub, though its output is the least, it has zero stock, which means there is more potential for this model. According to the pricing strategy adopted by the consumer psychological requirements, every brand cars can meet the needs of one-carconsumer; auto value and the psychological feelings of consumers have a great relationship. This is for the use of car psychological pricing strategy provides the basis, makes the car companies can take advantage of the automobile consumer psychological factors in pricing, consciously car price higher or lower, in order to meet the automotive consumer psychological, physical and spiritual needs, through auto consumer preference for the automotive product or loyalty, inducing consumers to increase purchase, expand the market, the biggest benefit. Therefore, the Panther company will adjust price, new models release, output, etc. to conquer more market share and profit, meanwhile to achieve less stock, according to the market and company performance. 
1.2 Strategy Development战略发展
首先,在市场数据方面,最昂贵的型号Cub XL在三种型号中占有最高的市场份额,即2.72%。而Cub的市场份额最低。然而,最便宜的Cub产量最低,库存为零,这意味着它具有更大的市场潜力。 Cub L贡献了最高的销售数量,与Cub XL有相似的库存量。它的市场份额也很中等。其次,在利润的手上,模型Cub是最高的。因此,考虑到应急发展,该战略侧重于市场份额的平衡;库存水平,并为Panther Car Company开发毛利率。
Firstly, on the hand of market data, the model Cub XL, the most expensive model, has the highest market share among the three models, which is 2.72%. And Cub’s market share is lowest. However, the produced quantity of Cub, the cheapest, is lowest, and it has zero stock, which means it has more market potential. The Cub L contributed the highest sold quantity and has similar stock quantity with Cub XL. Its market share is also medium. Secondly, on the hand of profit, the model Cub is highest. Therefore, considering the contingency development, the strategy focuses on the balance of market share; stock level, and gross margin is developed for the Panther Car Company. 
1.3 Overall Strategy
The green energy cars are welcome in the four years. As a surge in car ownership, while bring people comfortable, convenient, also brought energy consumption, environmental pollution and other public problem. In the case of guarantee strength, hardness, an material such as plastic, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy get more and more widely used, to reduce the quality of the vehicle, reduce driving energy consumption; Use of electronic, information and network technology to control the engine work, reduce the fuel consumption and emissions. Europe "3 l car plan" put forward in the 90 s, the general condition of Volkswagen company first launched hundreds of kilometers in 1998 2.99 LLupo gas-guzzling cars, it adopts the advanced 3 cylinder TDI diesel engine. In 2002, U.S. President George Bush launched Freedom CAR plan. Focuses on the study of fuel cell vehicles, its purpose is on the premise of not use fuel, the acceptable price, no exhaust emissions, and does not affect the security, flexibility and autonomy of choose and buy the whole function of cars and trucks.
1.4 Ansoff Growth Matrix
Ansoff Growth Matrix is a framework which has defined the four respective: they are namely, market development, diversification, market penetration and product development. 
Firstly, market development is implemented in the Year 6, the company has decided that the latest SUV has promoted to the market, so that the company has entered into the SUV market. At the same time, the company has also reduced the price to the market. That means the company has the competitive price in the car market for the price strategy. Besides that, the market share could also be lifted to the 30% for the Club L. 
Secondly, diversification is described the status of the future, which is both linked to the market and price. For the strategy of the company, if company could not develop well in the year 8, the company has decided that to sell out the spare part of the company. 
Thirdly, market penetration could be stand for the present status of the company in the flied of the market. In the Year 6, the company has made decision on selling all stock based on the market status for the car market. However, the company has not made any change on the direction of the market strategy and products. 
Finally, product development is demonstrated the direction of the car products. In the decision of the target group of the users, the company has targeted for the younger generation- 25 to 40 years old. 
1.5 Product Life Cycle
The product life cycle has indicated the market share for the different model of the cars, so that  the figure has described the 0.94%, 2.5% and 2.72% respectively for the cub, CubL and Cub XL.
1.6 Financial Indicators
In the Year 8, the outstanding debt is zero that means the company has no liability. Besides that, the current assets have outlined the relationship between the current assets and current liabilities, the results are 1.98 that means that the assets could cover the risks of the current liability. In the other words, the company has the higher quality assets in the term of the cooperation. On the contract, the liquidity ratio is only 0.33, this ratio has told that the company has the lower level liability. In addition, each employee could earn the £80856.79, so that the profit could be contributed to the each employee on the certain level. At the same time, the return for the shareholder as higher as 15.53%, so that the investors are willing to invest in the company for the long term benefits. Also, gross Margin has defined the profit earning ability in the market that gross margin is up to 27.37%.
1.7 Conclusion
In the performance plan, the strategy plan has decided from Year5 to Year 8. Besides that, the company has also described the market and products within these four years. Also, the company has decided on the development on the green cars, they are the green consumption is the premise to carry out green marketing. Consumer demand from low level to high level development, it is the irreversible objective, green consumption is the consumption idea of higher level. After basic satisfy the physiological need of food and clothing of people, will produce improving comprehensive quality of life requirements, produce for clean environment and the needs of the product. Meet the demand of green, green marketing is the starting point.    

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