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英国building surveying专业作业:Sustainable and Innovative Construc

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Sustainable and Innovative Construction可持续创新建设 
This edition of the paper is solved two issues related to the sustainable materials in the construction: they are what the impact of the external and internal climate (e.g. the weather and humidity) is and what are the maintenance issues.
Environmental materials science research in the process of material processing and use of how to reduce the damage to the environment; Establish a quantitative evaluating materials environmental burden of ecological cycle assessment method, the assessment of the environment load as a material of the new index, used to guide the development with environmental consciousness of green materials and products. The ecological environment material should have the following features: first is to be advanced, to explore the wider range for human and environment; second, have good environmental ethics, namely external environment coordination as far as possible; third is comfort, make people more beautiful and comfortable living environment (Kamali & Hewage, 2017).
Building materials as a kind of industry, resource conservation, energy is also in order to itself to the need of sustainable development. For example, the use of coal gangue brick and cement; Use of fly ash and coal cinder produced steam have baked brick and tile, production ceramist silicate blocks, the admixture of concrete and cement mortar; Using blast furnace slag cement and wet grinding slag concrete; The use of steel slag making bricks and cement, etc (O'Connor, Torres, & Jeyoung, 2016). In general, the use of traditional materials mainly the pursuit of material performance. And pursuit of sustainable development of the material is not only the use of good performance, and material from the manufacture, use, waste and recycling of the whole life cycle, must possess and the ecological environment of harmonious co-existence, comfort, and, less energy consumption of resources, ecological environmental impact is small, renewable resources utilization rate is high, or the use of biodegradable excellent performance of new materials.
生态材料本身不仅可以实现环境意识,而且它也将成为材料发展的趋势,材料将为未来的生态理念付诸实践,无论是在材料生命周期评价和具体设计上,生态材料的研究和开发都将成为人们对环境意识的认识。生态环境越来越受到重视和进步,各种与新材料、绿色产品相适应的环境,各种新技术、新技术、新方法的低环境负荷也将不断出现,这也有助于人力资源短缺、环境恶化和一系列对社会有一定的帮助。Ecological material itself can not only realize environmental consciousness, and it also will become the trend of the development of the material, material for future ecological ideas into practice, both in terms of material life periodic evaluation and the specific design, research and development of ecological materials will be as people on the ecological environment is becoming more and more attention and make greater progress, all kinds of environmental compatible with new material, green products, low environmental load of various new techniques, new technologies and new methods will also continue to come out, this also helps human resource shortage, environment worsening and a series of problems, has the certain help to the society.
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