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Part One Data Collection
Sample 1

Appendix III. Questionnaire on customer survey for Sunny Fitness Center
Dear Fitness Center Members:
Would you like to see some changes and improvements at the center?
Starting next month, I will be doing market research on all visitors to our center. In order to design the best possible questionnaire, I need your input on the kinds of information we should collect in our survey questions. Your suggestions will help me to gather valuable and informed feedback for the future development of Sunny Fitness Center.
It will take only a few minutes to answer the brief questions on this form. Please return it to the front desk as soon as you’ve completed it.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
Sincerely yours,
Xxxx Xxx

Personal Information
Department: ________________________ Name: (Optional)
Phone: (Optional) EMAIL: (Optional)
Sex: Male □ Female □
Age: 18-21 □ 22-30 □ 31-40 □ 41-50 □ 51-60 □
What is your job title, and what are your responsibilities at the Sunny Fitness Center?

How long have you worked at the Sunny Fitness Center?

Your responses to the following questions will help determine the focus of our upcoming customer survey! Please tick the options that best represent your opinions. Feel free to add information to supplement your responses.
1.The survey subjects should include:
All visitors □ Frequent visitors □ New visitors □
2.The survey should be conducted during:
Peak season □ Low season □ Year round □ Any month □
3. The best survey method is:
Questionnaires □ Individual interviews □ Group interviews □
4.The survey needs to collect visitors’ views on Sunny Fitness Center’s:
Facilities □ Services □ Instructors □
5. The survey should ask for visitors’ views on:
Fitness market □ Other fitness facilities □ Self-help fitness exercises
6.The survey should evaluate visitors’ knowledge about:
Fitness □ Body-building □ New technology □
7.Feel free to add any points you consider may benefit our market research project:
For the center:

For your department:

Sample 2

Appendix VII: Customer survey questionnaire

地 址:上海市XX路XX号XX楼
联 系 人:XXX XX


1、 您何时开始使用XX软件?

2、 您使用XX软件的哪种版本?
A、Robot 1.0 B、Robot 2.0 C、Robot 3.0

3、 您对XX软件感到满意吗?
A、非常满意 B、比较满意 C、不满意

4、 您认为XX软件能够满足贵公司目前的需求吗?
A、能 B、还可以 C、不太能够

5、 您对XX公司客户服务部门的专业技术满意吗?
A、很满意 B、比较满意 C、不太满意(请说明)

6、 您对XX公司客户服务部门的交流技能感到满意么?
A、很满意 B、比较满意 C、不太满意(请说明)

7、 您对XX公司客户服务部门的服务态度感到满意么?
A、很满意 B、比较满意 C、不太满意(请说明)

8、 您觉得XX公司的客户服务那些需要提高?请留下您的意见和建议。


联 系 人:

点 评
有些学生不清楚如何设计有效的问卷(questionnaire),这两个样文是很好的示范。正式的调查问卷往往都有一个导语(lead-in)来说明调查目的,不同于采访(interview)或座谈(如focus group research),问卷形式以多项选择题为主,而不是全部为开放式提问,不然受访者很可能会放弃作答。由于“Sunny Fitness Center”调查的目标对象为外籍人士,因此采用了英语语言。而“上海XX软件有限公司”受访者都是中国人,用中文编写问卷就比较合乎常理。


Part Two Data Presentation

1 Changes in the number of new customer recruits and sales ranking

By having a comparison of the new customer recruits before and after, it is obvious that the company has recruited much more new customers than before enriching the GWP. We could see from Table 1 below that the sales from new customers during this promotion achieved RMB320,000 holding 40% of the total sales, while before the implementation of this project the sales from new customers was only RMB30,000 with percentage of 10%, a remarkable growth of ten times in promotion sales. At the same time, the recruitment rate also drastically increased from 10% to 40%, exceeding the average rate 35% of the market. As a result, the sales in this promotion period contributed RMB800,000 with the growth rate of 266% compared with the figure of last promotion, which is a record figure for promotion.

Table 1: Results Comparison (Before Promotion and After Promotion)
Monetary Unit: RMB Yuan
1 Total sales during promotion* 300,000 800,000 266%
2 Sales from new customers 30,000 320,000 106%
3 Total new customers 38 364 957%
4 Average sales per new customer 789 879 111%
5 Percentage ( 2 vs 1 ) 10% 40% 400%
* A promotion period always lasts 7 days according to the company tradition.

Externally, by analyzing the data of the competitor, we had the following findings: 1) the sales from new customers: compared with competitors, the sales from new customers rank the fifth place, which is miraculous by holding 40% of total promotion sales; 2) total promotion sales: compared with the same period of last year (2003), the performance of Clarins grows with the quickest speed, increasing by 167% with the growth rate ranking the first place. Table 2 implies that Clarins’ market share is going up from 5% to 9%, the ranking rising from previously top 8 to currently top 5. This is remarkable as in this industry a single brand’s 1% growth of market share means much greater efforts and more rapid progress as the whole market is on an increase.
(Table 2)
To sum up, the facts prove that the project has successfully achieved the target and goal both from internal comparison and from external comparison.

2 Data Analysis
2.1 The previous problem analysis

From the questionnaire got from the potential customers, the author found why the previous problem occurred was mainly because that much more valuable GWP was not offered during the promotion. So only 10% sales was from new customers during the previous promotion, which was alarming for the brand development as this would be in an unfavorable position because the new customers are the focus group during the increasing stage of brand development based on the brand strategy. To provide much more GWP for the new customers will be best solution to the existing problem.

2.2 Records of the implementation of project

Records of the implementation of the project as shown above, i.e. the questionnaires, the Competitor’s Gifts Presentation Plan in Scitech during Christmas (Appendix II), the gift plan (Appendix III) and meeting records, which showed the activities the author had taken from the beginning to the end of project. Besides, member’s comments and feedback towards each activity are provided as well.

2.3 Customers’ feedback

During the promotion, the author arranged to send out 800 pieces of Customer Registration Form (a form is designed for customer who wants to be the member of CCB, see Appendix V), in the end 516 pieces with 134 loyal customers and 382 new customers were collected back. From the information from the customers, it is clear that the author successfully designed and planned the GWP as nearly 85% of both loyal and new customers valued the GWP provided “good” and “excellent” according to the Question Four in the Customer Registration Form-How do you think of the GWP during this promotion?; on the other hand, 82% loyal customers and 89% new customers bought products because of the valuable GWP provided during the promotion according to the Question Three in the Form-You bought products mainly because of…#p#分页标题#e#

Customers’ comments on the GWP:
From Chart 3 here below, we can see that 85% of new customers and 82% of loyal customers appraised the GWP “good” and “excellent”. Among new customers, only five thought the GWP disgusting and only two loyal customers, this shows the GWP won high praise from customers and the gift presentation and assortment is successful and satisfying.

Customers’ Comments on the GWP during This Promotion

New Customers % Loyal Customers %
Excellent 127 33% 35 26%
Good 198 52% 75 56%
Moderate 40 10% 17 13%
Bad 12 3% 5 4%
Disgusting 5 1% 2 1%
This information is got form the Question 4-How do you think of the GWP during this promotion? in the Customer Registration Form?
(Chart 3)
Customers Buying Motives:
In the Customer Registration Form, the author listed six reasons for why customers bought products. From Question Three in the Form-You bought products mainly because of…(see Appendix V), we found that nearly 90% of new customers bought products during the promotion BECAUSE OF MORE VALUABLE GWPS (Chart 4). For loyal customers, their buying motives for more valuable GWPs shares 82% (Chart 5). For both new customers and loyal customers, it is a relatively high rate in buying motives in the cosmetics field. Charts 4 and 5 illustrate the share and the percentage of the six reasons why customers bought our products.
For new customers:
For loyal customers:
The red parts in the above diagrams are self-evident to illustrate the recruitment of both new customers and loyal customers successfully because of GWP provided in this promotion. A link analysis of the Question Four and Question Three in the Registration Form shows that both new and loyal customers commenting GWP as “good” and “excellent” all bought products, which demonstrates from another respect that “Treat them well, and they will reward you with more business.”.

It is very clear that the buying motives of both loyal and new customers are ranking the first place if you see here below the internal comparisons of last four promotions, which shows that more valuable GWPs accelerate the purchase of customers.

(Chart 6)
点 评

Part Three Discussion and Conclusion
1 Research Summary
One of the important lessons in sales communication is that there is no single correct communication style, but rather a range of styles that can be effective if applied correctly. According to Smith and Rutigliano (2003), who worked with the Gallup organization to compile data from interviews with more than 250,000 salespeople, successful sales communication depends on a salesperson making the most of his or her strengths. Qualities that can help a salesperson to be successful in his or her field include empathy, adaptability and charm. Since even high-achieving salespeople may differ in their qualities and approaches, identifying an individual’s unique strengths will help them to make the most of what they have.

After viewing the videos of our salespeople doing role-plays and tracking their actual performance, I was finally able to classify their communication styles, or as Smith and Rutigliano (2003) describe, their “sales strengths”. I found that each of our four salespeople has sales strengths that correspond to one or more of the seven themes: Achiever (Wang), Activator (Liu), Competitive (Zhang, Li, Liu), Deliberative (Wang, Li), Harmony (Zhang, Wang), Relator (Zhang, Li), and Strategic (Wang, Liu). A summary of our reps’ role-play and performance data has been presented in the Results section of this paper.

The rep that is an Achiever tends to focus on personal productivity goals, with the result that he is hard working but sometimes fails to respond to customers’ cues. Our lone Activator is quick to respond to direction, but needs to become more patient. The 2 reps that fit into the Competitive profile like to compare their own performance with that of others. As a result, they tend to work better alone rather than in teams. The rep that is Deliberative does an excellent job of advising clients on their best options. However, he is better at answering questions than giving presentations, since Deliberators are rather dull speakers. We also have 2 reps that correspond to the Harmony theme. They tend to be practical and look for areas of agreement, avoiding debates. One rep also fits the Relator profile, tending to form close friendships with the clients she serves, although often spending a bit too much company time chatting during sales visits. All reps fit into the Strategic theme to varying degrees. As such, they focus on getting results, which makes them efficient but sometimes a bit too aggressive in their manners. Understanding salespeople’s unique personalities allows a sales manager to encourage each one to “find a style that works best for them based on their strengths” (Smith and Rutigliano, 2003, p. 180).
Although the communication and selling style of our reps was found to vary, this does not mean that they cannot be taught some basic principles for more effective communication. As Stephen Boyd (2006) said, one key principle is to “Make eye contact, especially when you are stressing the key reason for the conversation.” Another principle is to use a “positive explanatory style” (Boothman, 2002, p. 95) since positive language is processed more rapidly and gives a more favorable impression. Even when giving contraindications for a pharmaceutical product, reps should suggest alternate products that would be more beneficial in specific cases. George Abercrombie, President and CEO of Roche North American Pharmaceuticals Operations, stated that one should “sell the medicines as if they would be used by my family, my friends, or myself. This meant explaining the drug’s side effects in as much detail as its benefits, resisting the urge to sugarcoat the drug’s value in order to drum up sales” (Trump, 2004, p. 23). During the sales communication training, our reps learned these principles and more, with the result that there was significant improvement in the way they made their presentations. By the end of the second round of role-plays, all of them were able to give acceptable presentations, and most of them (3 out of 4) were judged as giving a “good” presentation.

Tracking incidents demonstrating effective sales communication in the field showed that there was a significant improvement in our salespeople’s patterns of communicating in the weeks following the training. The areas in which the most improvement was noted included providing clear explanations of product benefits and responding to questions and concerns. Sales training, combined with improvements in product knowledge, has helped our reps to become more useful to the doctors and pharmacists that they serve. As Lee Ann Obringer put it, “There is tremendous value in being a resource for your client. If you can help them to succeed, then they are more likely to help you succeed” (2006). Perhaps the embarrassment of their initial failure to provide enough detailed product information in the videotaped role-plays was a motivating factor. Or, knowing that they would be tracked in the weeks following the sales training may have put our sales reps under positive pressure. Whatever the exact source of motivation, our reps have obviously spent more time studying product features, benefits, and effects in recent weeks and their product knowledge has greatly improved.

2 Directions for Further Research

Overall, the results of my research support my hypothesis that an intensive course and some field practice in professional communication skills and product promotion would lead to improvements in sales and help our company to build long-term relationships with clients. Our company’s sales figures for this quarter seem to be higher than the same period last year; however, the final results are not yet complete. Some clients have made positive comments about improvements in the reps’ performance.

Yet, one limitation of my research has to do with the size of our sales team. Our department has 4 sales reps, which was small enough that I could spend a few hours with each person in the weeks that followed. If our sales team had been much larger, it might have been difficult to give them enough individual attention to motivate them to change. As Smith and Rutigliano wrote, “In various studies, Gallup has observed that the attention of a talented manager will improve a salesperson’s performance by about 20 percent” (2003, p. 179). Our department’s sales orders have increased in the last month, largely due to the increased attention that we are giving our sales staff. This might not be possible if we had a much larger sales force or if they were farther spread out geographically. Perhaps further research needs to be done on the optimum size for training classes and the optimum number that can be motivated by a single dedicated sales manager.#p#分页标题#e#

3 Conclusion

Although I am only a secretary in the sales department, I feel that I have learned a great deal about what is involved in sales management. Sales people require regular training so that they can keep up-to-date with changes in products, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. They also need to learn how to become great communicators, which involves both presentation and listening skills. In order to satisfy the demands of doctors and pharmacists, they must be prepared to answer difficult questions on the spot. By providing effective sales communication training, our company has done a lot to improve the quality and performance of our sales reps. However, it is too early to say how long the boost provided by the training session will last. Will the effects of the training still be recognizable after six months? What about after a year? I suspect that sales training needs to be repeated at least once or twice a year, but this needs to be confirmed by further long-term study. As Fred Couples, a top sales professional, once said: “When you’re prepared, you’re more confident. When you have a strategy, you’re more comfortable.”


Part Four Abstracts

关键词:XXXX 电台收听率 节目调整
This BA degree paper presents a detailed report on the modification project of “Qing” program of XX Radio in 2006 to increase listening rate. Listening rate is one important reference data to evaluate a radio program’s performance. It has a direct impact on the advertising revenue of the radio. A radical drop in the listening rate of this program forced us to take steps to modify the show. It is hypothesized that if we carry out some effective modification strategy to let more and more audiences be attracted, then we can develop further audience successfully in cover area and get a higher advertising revenue eventually. This project aims to modify the program by changing the host model, the theme music and rhythm of the program, so as to satisfy the needs of listeners and increase the listening rate by 0.1 % to 0.2% before next survey. A professional market research company is hired as survey organization for the project. XX Radio is guardian of sample quality. Scientific research methods of questionnaire, focus groups and SWOT analysis were used in the identification and analysis of problems. The marketing strategies of promotion and communication were adopted in project design. The project had spent six months from July 2006 to January 2007. The survey period actually was from July 2006 to December 2006.Six months later, a significant increase in the listening rate shows that the project has been successfully implemented. We achieved our goal of increasing listening rate by 0.1% to 0.2%. The modification also gives a positive impact to other programs of XX Radio to make similar modification to improve their work according to the needs of audience.

Key words: XX Radio Listening Rate Modification


Part Five Introduction
Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd. (CERI) was founded and registered on Nov. 28, 2003. CERI is a multi-shareholding international engineering corporation which is a large stated-certified class-A design and research organization of engineering consulting, engineering design and project contracting. The writer of this paper works as the deputy director of Science-technology and Quality Control Department of CERI.

CERI provided technical services for 500 customers both at home and abroad in more than 4000 projects covering turn-key projects, engineering design and consulting service, equipment package supply, project management, supervision, etc. CERI also fulfilled engineering design and research in many State's key projects and awarded more than 400 national prizes for excellent engineering, innovation and scientific progress.

CERI’s key customers are from iron and steel industry who account for 80%, such as Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Songshan Co., Ltd., Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Tonghua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd and other iron and steel plants, and the metallurgical construction companies like China 22nd Metallurgical Construction Corporation.

With the high-speed development of China, the need of iron and steel grows greatly. More and more newly built and modification projects are planning which brings CERI more and more customers. CERI also widely developed the oversea market and awarded more than 100 contracts for the customers in more than 20 countries and areas including Philippine, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Recently, our customer service department noticed that clients’ complaint on drawings was on the rise. It was found that the company received 37 letters of complaint during the first three months of year 2004, 50 during the second quarter, 86 during the third quarter, and 112 during the last quarter. Clients complained that our engineers carelessly made many small mistakes such as absence of specified location of some instruments and equipment on the drawings, missing junction boxes, piping interference, and missing of connection points for some cables. It was felt that the situation was becoming worse;the company had to take measures to ensure that qualified products --- design drawings were provided to its customers, otherwise it would be faced with shrinking numbers of customers.

J. Davidson Frame says in his book The New Project Management that customer satisfaction is key element of any business. It was believed that if all designers were trained to follow the integrated and practical design flow charts; and a monitoring mechanism was employed to check if the flow charts were strictly observed which meant that if the signature of any checker for specific check or recheck step was missing the corresponding check or recheck step was skipped; the design quality would be improved and customers would therefore be satisfied

To carry out the project I read several books for studying how to analyze the problem. I did find out many specific methods for analysis including interviews, face-to-face discussion, focus groups, brainstorming and SWOT analysis whose theoretical bases could be found in Practical Business Project and Proposal Design (Hilton, 2003). My project design was based on the needs and wants analysis and the current situation of our company-the financial resource, human resource, and physical resource.

This project was scheduled to be implemented between January 10 and March 25 of 2005. The project’s goal is to let the designers master the modified design flow charts and follow the flowcharts strictly in order to improve the design quality. This paper used a series of monitoring and evaluating tools to ensure the scheduled activities were fully carried out, which included Project Schedule, Project Progress Checklist, Leader Spot-check, Weekly Summary Meeting, Test and so on. The special evaluation standards and result analysis (Gu, 2002) were also adopted for plan evaluation.#p#分页标题#e#

It was expected that with the mentioned special tools for the project, careful arrangement, and hard working of all involved persons this project would take place progressively and the objective would be achieved which meant the design quality should be boosted.
点 评
本范例是以Improving Design Quality through Staff Training Program and Modified Design Flow chartshttp://www.ukassignment.org/assignmentgs/2012/0221/19277.html 为标题的论文导言部分,包含了对以下内容的论述:项目背景(比如公司概况,作者的角色等)、研究意义、问题分析、文献综述、项目目标、项目假设、项目对象、项目内容、项目实施时间、项目调研方法,而且字数不少于500字,符合撰写要求。

Part Six BA degree paper



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