指导英国课程assignment:可口可乐的社交媒体营销活动A social media marketing campa

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1.0 Introduction引言
In order to improve the competitiveness of Coca-Cola’ carbonated drinks: Coca-Cola in the market in Hong Kong and help Coca-Cola to respond to exacerbated competition in the market, this report develops a marketing campaign for Coca-Cola, expecting that the marketing campaign can improve sales and brand influence of Coca-Cola.
2.0 Body主体
2.1PESTL analysis试验分析
2.1.1 Political政治
As the Hong Kong government has always maintained a free trade policy, there is no trade barrier, so that the goods imported and exported are not subject to customs duties in Hong Kong, the visa procedures are also simple to facilitate sales of Coca-Cola's products in Hong Kong (HKTDC, 2016).
In 2010, the Hong Kong government launched a series of policies to deal with the financial crisis and the challenges of weakening external demand brought about by european debt crisis, these policies include the introduction of tax reform plan, reducing taxing low-income people and enhance their consumption ability, providing SMEs with assistance to remain unemployment rate stable (Bajun, 2016).The introduction of these policies made the situation of Hong Kong's economy recovered obviously, it is also beneficial for increasing the internal consumption in Hong Kong market, creating favorable conditions for the development of Coca-Cola in Hong Kong.
2.1.2 Economic
Recently, the outlook for the global economy is still weak in the near future. Hong Kong's exports will remain declined, but its internal demand keeps a steady growth, which is the main force driving Hong Kong's economic growth (Euromonitor International Report, 2016). Compared with last year, Hong Kong's GDP has increased by 2.4% in 2015, the domestic demand remained increasing and the private consumption expenditure has increased by 4.3% more than the prior year. The stability of employment and income, as well as implementation of infrastructure projects in Hong Kong, in future, Hong Kong's local consumer demand is expected to be further expanded (Bajun, 2016).
In terms of prices, basic consumer price inflation rate fell from 2.7% in the first quarter of 2015 to 2.5% in the second quarter, which was the lowest level since the first quarter of 2011 (Euromonitor International Report, 2016). At the same time, labor costs increased steadily. Lower prices will help enterprises to reduce operating costs and expand production scale (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2016).
2.1.3 Sociocultural
As one of the most densely populated areas in the world, Hong Kong is a well-known financial and business district and it is also one of the world's richest, most economically developed and well-resourced regions (Euromonitor International Report, 2016). In addition, it is also an important service and shipping center in Asia with good law and order, a free economy and a sound legal system, all of these make Hong Kong a good market. With the improvement of living standards of people in Hong Kong, people are increasingly concerned about their quality of life and health, reflecting in that consumers in Hong Kong prefer healthier and more natural beverages (Euromonitor International Report, 2016).
2.1.4 Technological
Diversified pattern of the beverage industry has primarily formed in Hong Kong currently, the use of new technology and increased health-consciousness of consumers, in future, juice drinks, plant protein drinks and tea drinks will be chosen by more and more people, which may negatively on affect the sales of Coca-Cola products in future (Euromonitor International Report, 2016). With the popularity of the Internet, mass media and mobile networks in Hong Kong, Coca-Cola has a number of channels in product promotion and sales to help to promote the sale of Coca-Cola products.
2.1.5 Legal
Data show that Hong Kong has become one of areas in Asia with the highest proportion of obese people, in order to solve the problems caused by obesity population, the Hong Kong government has launched a series of systems and policies, such as "Food Nutrition Labelling Scheme", which requires businesses to label nutrients and energy enriched on product packaging. This brings promotion of Coca-Cola challenges (Euromonitor International Report, 2016).
2.1.6 Critical analysis
Overall, the stability, openness, high efficiency, of Hong Kong's politics and its steady economic recovery, as well as the high standard of living provides a very favorable external environment for the marketing of Coca-Cola in Hong Kong. However, it is noteworthy that the freedom of trade in Hong Kong means that a variety of brands of drinks around the world gather here, Coca-Cola is facing high pressure of competition. With the great popularity of the network, mass media, mobile network in Hong Kong, it has provided convenience for Coca-Cola's marketing, but it also challenges the traditional marketing model of Coca-Cola and requires it to pay more attention to communication with consumers and maintain a good relationship with consumers. Hong Kong people's health awareness has been improved, coupled with requirements of the Hong Kong law for product packaging mark about calorie, which may suppress consumers’ willingness to buy Coca-Cola.
2.2 STP analysis: market segmentation, target market, market positioning
Consumers who are less than 35-year-old are full of vitality, they love sports and the trendy, fashionable drinks (Banks, 2016), therefore this marketing campaign in Hong Kong chooses consumers of who are less than 35 years old as the target. According to the characteristics of consumers under the age of 35 in Hong Kong, the marketing campaign positions Coca-Cola as a vibrant, fashionable, healthy and timeless drink.
2.3 Schedule for the marketing campaign 
The progress of the marketing campaign is developed as follows:
Task Begin Finish Days
1. Design of the marketing campaign 2016.07.01 2016.07.05 5
2. Network marketing 2016.07.06 2016.07.25 20
3. Public relations marketing 2016.07.26 2016.08.24 30
4. Assessment of the marketing campaign 2016.08.25 2016.08.29 5
Chart 1: Gantt for the marketing schedule
2.4 Marketing objectives
According to SMART principle, objectives of this marketing campaign are designed as follows:
To increase Coca-Cola's sales by 6% within two months; 
To increase Coca-Cola's market share by 5% in the carbonated beverage market in Hong Kong within two months;
2.5 Choose appropriate marketing media
Banner is one of the commonly used network marketing modes (Mathews et al., 2016). The banner will be broadcasted through Google and Yahoo in Hong Kong, as these two websites are the most popular comprehensive websites in Hong Kong. The banner advertisement will be broadcasted for 30 seconds each time for 20 days.
The marketing campaign will select Facebook and Instagram as the social media marketing channels, relevant promotional content will be spread through Coca-Cola’s official account and the accounts of the advertising actors’. The time for social media marketing is 40 days. In the marketing campaign, it will make use of Hong Kong Yahoo Sports Forum and Yahoo Music Forum in marketing. The time for marketing through the Forum is 20 days.
 2.6 Determine marketing content
Firstly, it should produce an advertisement for Coca-Cola to highlight its young, dynamic and personalized brand image in order to attract the attention of young people in Hong Kong. Then, it selects a newly famous beautiful singer, a young and handsome football player from Hong Kong as the hero and the heroine. The advertisement consists of three scenes, in the first scene, the actor is singing on a stage full of Coca-Cola element, making the heroine as an audience surprised. In the second scenario, the heroine shows her playing skills and shoots directly, the hero as an audience cheers. In the third scenario, the hero and the heroine together shout the slogan of Coca-Cola: give you different success. The advertisement will be broadcasted through banner and social media.#p#分页标题#e#
Secondly, a series of street basketball, soccer, skateboarding games will be organized, date and prizes of the games will be published through social media. The newest situation of the games will be updated daily through the forum to increase people’s attention on Coca-Cola. These activities are intended to promote a healthy lifestyle, setting up Coca-Cola’s brand image of caring for public health. At the same time, it leads to young people’s online discussion through social media on a healthy lifestyle and to give Coca-Cola the opportunity to explain to young people that drinking Coca-Cola properly does not cause unhealthy problems.
2.7 Establish marketing effectiveness evaluation system
It will be mainly from brand awareness, consumer behavior and marketing income, these three aspects to assess the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.
2.7.1 Brand awareness
It includes whether it ranks higher in the search engine results, whether the rank is based on the content of this marketing campaign, intensity of discussion on related topics on social media, number of fans, number of topics, etc. 
2.7.2 Consumer behavior
This aspect includes whether the total page views are increased, whether the time for a single consumer’s access to the website increases, whether the bounce rate is reduced, the number of consumers’ sharing relevant content, positive evaluation /interaction, etc. 
2.7.3 Income  
It includes that, during the implementation of the marketing campaign, whether Coca-Cola’s sales increase, whether the market share increases, whether the customer satisfaction increases. 
3.0 Conclusion
In this report, it choose banner, social media as marketing channels, through broadcasting advertising, as well as holding a series of games to increase brand visibility of Coca-Cola. It can be from brand awareness, consumer behavior, sales to assess the effects of this marketing campaign.
Banks, H. (2016). The business of peace: Coca-Cola's contribution to stability, growth, and optimism [Electronic version]. Business Horizons, 5. 
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Euromonitor International Report. (2016). Soft Drinks in Hong Kong, China. Retrieved June 24, 2016
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