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An individual reflection “A critical analysis of effective t

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Belbin Team Roles theory‘s basic idea贝尔宾团队角色理论的基本思想
贝尔宾团队角色理论的基本思想是没有更好的个体,只有更好的团队(Fisher、Hunter和Macrosson,2000年)。没有人可以完美,但它可以是一个完美的团队。团队只要适当的有以下角色。利用个人的行为创造和谐的团队,可以大大提高团队和个人的绩效(Batenburg、van Walbeek和Maur,2013)。九个团队角色分别是IMP(实施者)、CO(协调者)、SH(塑造者)、PL(工厂)、RI(资源调查员)、ME(监控评估者)、TW(团队工作者)、CF(完成者完成者)和SP(专家)(Prichard和Stanton,1999)。
Belbin Team Roles theory‘s basic idea is there is no better individual, only better team(Fisher, Hunter, &Macrosson, 2000). There is no one can be perfect, but it can be a perfect team. The team as long as the appropriately have the following roles. Taking advantages of the behaviors of the individual to create a harmonious team, can greatly improve the team and individual performance(Batenburg, van Walbeek,&Maur,2013). The nine team roles are the IMP (Implementer), CO (Co-coordinator), SH (Shaper), PL (Plant), RI (Resource Investigator), ME (Monitor Evaluator), TW (Team Worker), CF (Completer Finisher) and SP (Specialist)(Prichard, & Stanton, 1999).
根据贝尔宾团队角色理论的基本思想,在团队合作中还运用了九种团队角色来完成任务。在真正的合作中,有五个团队成员:琳娜,达米,斯坦,杰森和我。他们都愿意为团队合作做出贡献,作为角色分配。在团队角色的讨论中,我愿意成为一个合作伙伴,因为我可以制定一个团队合作的时间表,并鼓励团队成员根据时间表完成TEACK。同时,潜在的冲突可能在团队中,所以我会处理冲突。另外,其他学生是TW(即Lyna和Stan)和IMP(即Dami和Jason)。此外,我们都有自己的部分来完成我在时间基础上分配给他们的任务。在团队工作备忘录中,分配的职责可以概括为:我写来介绍两种理论;琳娜,写一个公司如何使用第一种理论;达米,比较两种理论;斯坦,开始写公司如何应用第二种理论;杰森男性写作理论的优缺点。因此,该理论有助于我们完成团队合作中各自角色的任务,从而达到最终的成功。According to the Belbin Team roles theory’s basic idea, the nine team roles are also applied in the team cooperation to complete the tasks. In the real cooperation, there are five team members; they are, Lyna, Dami, Stan, Jason and me. They are all willing to contribute to the team cooperation as role allocation. In the discussion of the team role, I am willing to be a CO, because I could make a schedule of the team cooperation and encourage the team members to complete the teaks based on the schedule. At the same time, the potential conflict could be in the team, so that I would deal with the conflict. In addition, the other students are TW(i.e. Lyna and Stan) and IMP (i.e.Dami and Jason). In addition, we all have own parts to complete in the tasks which I allocate the tasks to them on the time base. In the memo of the team work, the allocated duties could be summarized as follow: I write to introduce two theories; Lyna, write a company how to use the first theory; Dami, compare the two theories; Stan and began to write the company how to apply the theory of the second; The advantages and disadvantages of Jason male writing theory. Therefore, the theory could help us to complete the task on their roles which has their own duties in the team cooperation to achieve the final success. 
Bruce Tuckman Team development Theory
Bruce Tuckman Team Development Stages (Stages of Team Development) model can be used to identify key factors of Team building and Development, and to explain the history of the Development Team(Bonebright, 2010). Five stages of team development are: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning(Cassidy, 2007). 
According to the theory that, the process of the team cooperation could be implemented on the five stage of team development, they are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning(Tuckman& Jensen, 1977). Firstly, in the first stage of the forming, the all team member have agreement in the team work to evaluate the opportunities and challenge in the process of the cooperation which they are all independent in the team tasks, they all considered themselves more in the team work, for example, Before meeting in the second group meeting, Damihas planed we discuss in class on Friday, but on Friday Dami, said tired, he does not want to discuss after class, which is cancelled the meeting. However, there are stil times out group discussion on Sunday, Stan and Jason said they have something to do, all three are off. But to send her information on Sunday morning, she said she was uncomfortable, cancel the meeting on Sunday. In the actual forming stage, they are all their own reasons to leave on the meeting. In the second stage of the storming, the potential conflicts could be solved in the team cooperation to avoid the gaps, they have own personalities in the team cooperation, they are all willing to depend on the other in the duty complete. Tolerance of each team member and their differences should be emphasized that there is no tolerance and patience the team will fail. This phase can become destructive team and will lower motivation if allowed to get out of control. Some teams will never develop past this stage. However, differences can let members in the team stronger, more features, able to work more effectively as a team; in the third stage of performing, all team members are all willing to complete the tasks, At this stage, all team members responsible for the work and aspiring the success of the team goals. They began to put up with other team members imagination and fantasy. They accept others, efforts to move forward. The danger here is that the members may be focused on preventing conflict, are reluctant to share a controversial idea. For example, when they disagree or don't, to break the ice, suggest other transfer targets. For other team members, have much other opinion or the suggestion, but also creates Lyna and I are finally left to pick up the pieces; in the fourth stage of the performing, the team coordinate could be played an important role in the team cooperation, so that all decisions making could be effective in the task completed. In addition, Team can make the most of the necessary decisions. In some cases, even the most efficient team will recover early. Many long-standing team after a lot of these cycles to cope with the changing environment. Finally, the final stage is not implemented in the actual cooperation. Therefore, this theory could enhance the process of the cooperation in the actual opportunities and challenge in the team cooperation. When the goal is attained, the all team members are all willing to complete the tasks in the team. 
Johari Window
Johari Window is a about communication skills and theory(Halpern, 2009). According to this theory, the person's inner world is divided into four areas, such as open area, blind area, closed area and hidden area(Armstrong, 2006).In addition, real and effective communication, only in a public area, because in this area, the two sides’ exchange of information can be shared, the effect of communication will be satisfactory to both sides(South, 2007). 
Figure 1:Themaps ofJohari Window
In the team cooperation, the theory could be solving the relationships and communication gap in the team. To achieve the efficient communication, the team waste the lots of time on that gap. For example, team members arranged to meet at 2 PM on the fifth meeting, Lyna and I are on time to find the empty computer classroom to meeting schedule. However, Dami was an hour after the appointment time. Finally, we began to modify the PPT. In addition, Dami comments, said Lyna written content is not complete, but Lyna disagree, she is firmly believe oneself write very detailed, finally Dami compromise. During the show DamiLyna have small complain before their draft Dami said can now changed again, is the last day, also can not afford time to change. Dami then the second advice that we need to write the definition of motivation, this need academic file. We didn't find the right documents. Standoff is over the problem for almost 2 hours. In the meantime, Dami has been modified PPT format, other members have suggested the content first make last modified the font format, dami didn't listen. Other team members are very helpless, and participation is not high also, I think it is all from the start to the job enthusiasm is not high, the second is to persuade the Dami, but she didn't listen. Finally, Jason said around 5 o 'clock have walked in advance Has been more than 6 PM, Dami just finished. Also met the other students, Dami to view the other team's PPT, did feel very good, wants to change our PPT format, but failed last modified, the new template before modifying nice font format and layout are confusion. Stan said to go back at this moment, I suggest that we four speech first contact he to walk again. Then we practice it again and send time to Jason. Then I and Lyna to modify the PPT, she spent two hours, just changed a template, other didn't change anything, she said she is not a creative person, don't know how to make a good PPT. Then change it to the half of the time, Dami say about, walked first. Also said that she must write the definition, she will finish at night, finally we send modified PPT to her, let her return to make up the definition. On this day, my heart is also very helpless and impatient, but I did not strongly expressed, also failed to dissuade Dami, such as to change the content first, then get text layout these small things. Has failed to stop her change new PPT, Dami modify the two hour Lyna and I go out to buy back to eat, to eat back after see she didn't change anything, in fact I was angry. I asked her if she so you didn't do anything, but she said she is not a creative person, don't know how to make a good PPT. I already don't want to and what did she say at that time, I have modified the PPT. Therefore, this theory could be enhance to solve the relationship and communication problem. #p#分页标题#e#
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