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The presentation has divided into four sections, they are An elevator pitch of your digital business, a justification of your digital business, detailed site architecture including story boards / screenshots / navigation, an implementation plan including business set up issues. 
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Let us start first section. The business is focus on the The proposed business will be a website acting as an intermediary between music labels and consumers, selling on a business to consumer basis. The business advantages are When buying such digital music, the customers would be able to purchase family licenses to share the music with their immediate family, the other would be The USP would consist of paying the record labels a higher price than competitors for the rights to their digital content and selling at minimal profit to the consumer. 
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The second section could be introduced as Digital items like online music have a kind of advantage that never going out of stock. As long as a client is interested in purchasing the item, the person has an opportunity to make purchases. However, this does not mean the items will keep on going forever. The items end up outdated in the long term, much like physical items. It is important to continue invigorating the item to remain fully up to date regarding the clients’ needs. 
Stock expenses can be as high as 75% of an item’s retail cost (include reference), but in the event of creating an online music store where the inventory costs are minimal, thisreduces physical warehousing and store presence costs to nothing. This reduction in costs can be spend on music licencing.
Without physical stock, it would be possible to wipe out costs like transportation, stockpiling and managing warehouses. Digital items do not have obstructions like customs and shipping limitations. When you offer downloadable items, it does not make a difference how far away the client is. It would be possible to make a deal with anybody and anywhere as long as they have internet access. This is one reason why this service attracts a huge customer base. International and domestic orders are fundamentally the same for digital businesses; therefore, it is a justified choice in the context of music retailing. 
Owning one’s own particular business outright provides a great deal of flexibility. In case of physical items, a person is restricted to his office’s area and hours of operation. For example, when an order is placed, operations such as packaging and delivery must be conducted before the end of the day to ensure accurate deliveries. This differs to digital content as worker have the freedom to work at their convenience. 
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Customers are progressively seeking companies that have an ethical reputation and contribute to society. For this reason, within our business model we have chosen to give away profits to the development of music talent in deprived areas. This differs from competitors who value profit over the development of talent. An ethical consideration would be how the money is given out and what justifies “deprived”. The main way the seller can set up himself as a solid and dependable expert to his clients is to represent those qualities, particularly in the way that shows the image, items or management. Furthermore, doing that is the thing that constitutes ethical promoting of music services. The seller should assume full liability for the advertising music that advances his business or brand, and audits them all to guarantee they meet with the endorsement. Trying not to stoop to low levels just to stretch out beyond the opposition is a good ethical consideration. 
Besides that, there are three menus in the site architecture, they are news, videos, and playlists. 
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In the news, the fantastic offers the latest news for the players and other famous music functions. 
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The video has demonstrated the most popular music live video for download purpose. 
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The play list could divide the music into the certain categories such as MTV, music show or others. 
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The cash flow could contained the inflow into the business such as the cash sales into the business and also outflow into the business such as the expense for the employees such as play rolls. The detailed information could be seen in the attachment. The initial investment for the business could be 1 Million Dollar. The first year sale could be also 1 Dollar, about the 75% on the costs into the customers, so that the first year the outcome be negative on the planning. 
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The business issues could be legal issues, There are copyrights laws associated with the sales, and these handled by the business for their customers. Numerous digital items permit interaction amongst clients and gather client data when the client engages with the item. It gathers information from clientsand it requires a membership from its clients. Not all digital items require progressing subscriptions, and the new business should take care to ensure this balance. 
A Returns and Refunds Policy is imperative for any circumstance in which the seller is offering products and services without paying heed to whether they are digital or not. This sort of approach can influence client retention. Notwithstanding, digital items cannot be returned, as they are downloadable, authorized or gotten via subscription. This implies the essential path for the clients who can manage their issues to request a discount, or for them to cancel their membership
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