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The financial statements were prepared for investors (including borrowers, investors, and creditors). The regulator is not the primary user of financial statements; Financial stability is not the objective of financial reporting; The accounting treatment should be neutral, not be used to offset the cyclicality; Financial statements should provide transparent information to assist users in making rational decisions. To improve financial reporting in the IASB and FASB conceptual framework in the study, the general target of the financial report to provide about the reporting entity, need help in deciding whether they contribute to the enterprise resources and whether these resources are the practical use of financial information management (Nassreddine, 2016). All FCAG, IASB, and FASB believe that the primary objective of financial reporting is to serve investors rather than regulators. And in this day and age, accounting standards have been gradually and financial regulation, insurance regulation, securities regulation, separating the tax regulation, regulation to Prudential for the principle, accounting to sufficient information as the goal to become the consensus of the international accounting field.
Along with the rapid development of economic development, the financing demand and investment demand has surged, however, due to the objective existence of information asymmetry, make both sides of supply and demand cannot be in the shortest possible time in the most efficient way. With the lowest cost to achieve their expectations, especially for investors, is not to understand the status of the issuer of the financial conditions and operating under the premise of, but also can't convince me to the displacement of the so-called real gold and silver. At this point, the capital demanders can use the necessary information disclosure to reassure investors. Communicate financial information and crucial non-financial information to participants in capital market through the annual report. But different listed companies have separate management and financial information, and various investors pay close attention to the content of the also differ in thousands of ways. To ensure safe, efficient and orderly operation of the capital market, conform to the majority of investors for a fundamental investment demand of accounting information disclosure system arises at the historic moment.
In the above report in addition to the financial reports required by the balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in owners' equity, and cash flow statement, financial statements, and other regular reports. Also involves the financial risk of prompt, the express of related parties and related party transactions, and other significant influence on investors' investment behavior. Another is voluntary accounting information disclosure system, the listed company voluntary disclosure of accounting information to the public actively to potentially enhance investor's credibility (Lambert, Leuz&Verrecchia, 2007). And, in general, stand in the perspective of listed companies, only business performance have great confidence in the future, to the existing of the company's financial position and economic strategy confident will take the initiative to disclose accounting information to the public. Therefore, the voluntary accounting information disclosure system gives the enterprise executives greater autonomy and also provides the investors access to more abundant accounting information.
Accounting information disclosure should be authentic. Authenticity requires companies to disclose accounting information is based on the external events, happened already facts and the objective existence or current state did not occur, but according to the reality can reasonably infer that information. The authenticity can be divided into three attributes: objectivity, standardization, and consistency. The objectivity requires that the accounting information disclosed by the enterprise reflects the actual daily operation of the business, which is "the original accounting product," not to make up some profit. The normative requirement is a mandatory requirement, that is, the law expressly provides for the legal compliance of the disclosure information. The consistency requires that the accounting information disclosed by the enterprise should be more vertical than that of the information content and the content (Saboo, Kumar &Anand, 2017).
Accounting information disclosure should be timely. Capital markets change rapidly, and investors can only make their best investment decisions by understanding the current state of the business. Outdated information, even if it is real, is of no use to investors. Therefore, enterprises should set up specialized personnel to make timely announcements on matters affecting investors' investment. Also, accounting information disclosure should be both complete and accurate. This requires enterprises to disclose accounting information without significant omission or deliberate concealment. In fact, the principle of accuracy is a complement to the policy of authenticity, and integrity principle is the improvement of the policy of timeliness, real accounting information only through accurate description can be investors understand, timely accounting information disclosure of the implicit essential premise is to must be complete. Only the accounting information disclosure that satisfies these four principles can be described as quality accounting information disclosure (Larson,Lewis &Spilker, 2017).
The relationship between internal control and accounting information disclosure quality can be discussed from the five elements of internal control. Internal environment of the enterprise culture is an essential factor for the quality of accounting information disclosure, a closed corporate culture of honesty and ethical system helps to account personnel in strict accordance with the accounting personnel professional code of conduct. And help to increase the guilt of management fraud and sin which contribute to the quality of accounting information disclosure. Also, the appropriate human resources policies will select personnel with a professional ability for the enterprise to ensure that the accounting report compiled by is entirely in conformity with the accounting standards for companies specification, from the professional ability to ensure the quality of accounting information. Quick and efficient risk assessment system can quickly identify the operation existing and potential risk, after the scientific analysis to take appropriate measures to cope with uncertainty, to avoid the enterprise may suffer from losses, also prevents the enterprise management to deal with the failure and the possibility of financial fraud. Control activities such as incompatible duty separation provide some guarantee for improving the quality of accounting information disclosure by increasing the opportunity cost of personal fraud. Sufficient information and communication can minimize the information asymmetry between enterprises and make it more difficult for some interest groups to exploit certain information advantages for own gain. Transparent and clean enterprise environment is more conducive to the improvement of accounting information disclosure quality (Nassreddine, 2015). Internal supervision is undoubtedly each wants to corrupt the counterfeiters head hung a sword, form a powerful deterrent to them, the positive interaction between it's with other elements together improve the quality of accounting information disclosure.
Corporate governance by establishing ownership structure, board of directors and executive compensation system and other monitoring and incentive mechanism to solve the potential conflicts of interest between the owner and agent, through the reasonable operation mechanism to reduce the trade friction to achieve cost savings. Accounting information disclosure system as an vital safeguard mechanism, to solve the information supply and demand both sides information asymmetry in the process of information to make the environment more transparent, smooth information channels play an essential role. Corporate governance is useful in solving agency problems and prompting managers to disclose high-quality accounting information. The board of directors in the operation of the internal control, supervision company management behavior and external financial reports quoted has played a decisive role in the process, but the board size is too big, can also lead to supervision and inefficient transfer stockholder wealth or cooperation between the members of the board of directors.#p#分页标题#e#
Information asymmetry theory, staff involved in the market economic activities, the ability to collect and use information, generally speaking, a master rich information in real trading is relatively stable, and with the lack of knowledge for belonging to the underdog, its interests are vulnerable to abuse. Due to the asymmetry of information, precious information on it is possible to use its information advantage to damages against the professional ethics and use of things. And a lack of knowledge on excessive caution for the deal may lead to the credit crisis, reduce the efficiency of markets, commonly referred to as adverse selection and moral hazard problems will occur frequently (Adolfo Potin, et al., 2016). Signaling theory, points out that although we are in the information asymmetry in the environment, however, listed companies or significant policy changes can still use some financial management strategy of adjustment to release some benefit companies in the capital market signals. To enhance the recognition of stakeholders for the company development ability, laying a new financing channels for the company. In the securities market, listed companies have mastered all of its accounting information, enterprise managers can according to their intention to focus on certain aspects of the disclosure of accounting information, and deliberately hide part of it, outside is challenging to learn. When listed companies have better-operating conditions and financial conditions, they are willing to disclose more accounting information to convey the company's positive signals to the capital market. When the listed company's operating and financial conditions deteriorate, the management of the enterprise is not willing to take the initiative to disclose accounting information. And even to its interests and report false accounting information, the accounting information user's decision-making errors, this needs to establish perfect corporate governance structure and internal control mechanism to restrict management fraud motivation and ability so as to improve the quality of accounting information disclosure (PuCha, etal.,2016).
This paper expounds the quality requirements of financial report from four aspects and emphasizes the validity and independence of financial news. The financial report is an indispensable part of the global commercial market, and its function is to provide impartial, transparent and relevant information to investors, analysts, regulators, and other information users. The four conditions that are required to satisfy the validity of financial reports are: first, high-quality accounting standards; The second is to apply the accounting standards uniformly and credibly; Third, strict independent auditing; Fourth, effective implementation measures. Among them, high-quality accounting standard is the premise and foundation of other work. Illuminates the financial report effectiveness depends on four essential elements, namely: the functional data provided by the market, the financial institutions of the data are appropriately used, other enterprises of the data validation, and other aspects of valuation of assets and liabilities. It is clear that independence is the guarantee of the effectiveness of financial reporting. Freedom requires the accounting standard to establish institutions that are not subject to undue commercial and political pressure; The process of making accounting standards should be followed adequately by procedures; Accounting standard-setters should assume a high degree of fiduciary responsibility, including the extensive involvement of stakeholders and the supervision of the public interest. To protect its independence, the IASB must have a permanent financing structure, by fairness and forced to provide enough funds, improve the authority of supervision committee, to extend its member's area.
Foreign institute and Deloitte announced a titled "what a note, the tune is" report, the project survey is in the narrative description under the background of increasingly complex and rigid, which, according to a study of Chinese shareholders and regulators was the primary audience for the narrative report. Regulations and regulatory requirements are the primary driving factor statement disclosure (Çalışkan&Karimova, 2017). The challenge for the story analyzes the narrative of the annual report and the prospect, think that the different needs of shareholders and regulators were the cause of release is too complicated, because the company in the same statement succinctly stated, it is painful to the disclosure of the information requirements of both shareholders and regulators. The story tends to increase the discretion of accounting subjects in formulating presentation reports. To reduce the burden of all enterprises with general purpose financial reports, the Australian accounting standards board (AASB) difference reporting framework was proposed, and in 2009 issued a consultation document on December 8. Difference reporting framework requires qualified enterprise full adoption of international financial reporting standards.And other enterprises to adopt short form disclosure system, and combining the cost-benefit principle according to consumer demand, to the release of the small and medium-sized financial reporting standards subject to adjust the disclosure requirements, significantly reduce does not comply with the conditions of the disclosure requirements of the enterprise. The difference report lowers disclosure requirements on the one hand.
In conclusion, Create a differential reporting framework, streamline the parent reporting requirements, and replace the profitability test with a liquidation test to provide greater flexibility for the company to pay dividends and allow the company to select the financial year. On the other hand, a package of streamlining measures for the management structure of the company, such as improving the disclosure of non-financial information of the board of directors. Disclose the client's application for the client to enable the auditor to verify the company's contingent liabilities; streamlining the report of the board of directors on compliance with international financial reporting guidelines.
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