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MBA Essay格式:Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) at Amazon

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本文是MBA专业的留学生Essay范例,题目是“Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) at Amazon(战略人力资源管理(SHRM))”,在过去的两年里,美国投资界有一个非常有趣的话题,“下一个被亚马逊颠覆的行业会是什么?”一家投资银行也发表了一系列报告,显示亚马逊有多糟糕。亚马逊以一家书店起家,打败了美国最大的书店Barnes & Noble (StatesSnap Agency, 2018)。后来,从书店的分部门,进入了整个零售行业,现在的市场价值超过了美国前八家零售连锁店的总和。后来,这家零售公司开始了云服务业务,现在是世界上最大的云服务提供商。自2017年起,通过收购全食超市进入生鲜食品市场(Forbes.com, 2018)。收购当天,沃尔玛、TargetGood MarketSprouts等连锁零售企业的股价大幅下跌。亚马逊的商业地图没有边界(eBay, 2018)。成功的企业必须来自成功的人力资源管理。本文将对亚马逊的人力资源管理、招聘选拔、绩效与薪酬管理进行分析,探讨亚马逊的优势和劣势,并给出建议。


In the past two years, the US investment community has had a very interesting topic, What will be the next industry subverted by Amazon?An investment bank has also published a series of reports, showing how terrible Amazon is. Amazon started as a bookstore and defeated Barnes & Noble, the largest bookstore in the United (StatesSnap Agency, 2018). Later, from the sub-sector of the bookstore, it entered the entire retail industry, and now the market value exceeds the sum of the top eight retail chains in the United States. Later, the retail company started the cloud service business and is now the worlds largest cloud service provider. Since 2017, it has entered the fresh food market through the acquisition of the Whole Foods Supermarket (Forbes.com, 2018). On the day of the acquisition, the stock prices of chain retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Good Market and Sprouts fell sharply. Amazons commercial map has no boundaries (eBay, 2018). The successful business must come from the successful HR management. This article will analyze the SHRM, recruitment and selection, performance and reward management of Amazon, discussing its advantages, as well as its disadvantages, and giving suggestions finally.

MBA Essay范例 

Strategic management战略管理

In recent years, many e-commerce companies have fallen, and Amazon has stood out to create exciting e-commerce performance. Its amazing growth rate is attributed to the unique management of Amazons president, Jeff Bezos. The biggest reason for Bezossuccess was that he found the most essential and immediate needs of people: they wanted more choices, but they also demanded more convenient, fast and cheap ways to shop. Bezos pointed out that Amazons online business model is to provide a link between customers and providers, and to revolutionize the sales of products. Amazon is only an information broker, and the company has bridged the gap between products and customers, thus forming two kinds of customers: one is a reader looking for books, and the other is a publisher looking for readers (Gaylord, 2011). That is, the reader finds a book or a book to find a reader (Decandia et al., 2007). Bezoss business philosophy is: Amazon is not a company that sells groceries. It should be a customers company. It is an intermediarythat provides a supply and demand between customers and goods, and therefore requires professional knowledge (Boyle, 2018).

近年来,许多电子商务公司纷纷倒下,而亚马逊却脱颖而出,创造了令人兴奋的电子商务表现。其惊人的增长速度归功于亚马逊总裁杰夫·贝佐斯的独特管理。贝佐斯成功的最大原因是,他发现了人们最基本和最迫切的需求:他们想要更多的选择,但他们也要求更方便、快速和廉价的购物方式。贝佐斯指出,亚马逊的在线商业模式是在客户和供应商之间提供联系,并彻底改变产品销售。亚马逊只是一个信息经纪人,公司在产品和客户之间架起了桥梁,从而形成了两种客户:一种是寻找书籍的读者,另一种是寻找读者的出版商(Gaylord, 2011)。也就是说,读者找一本书或一本书找读者(Decandia et al.2007)。贝佐斯的经营哲学是:亚马逊不是一家销售杂货的公司。它应该是一家“客户的公司”。它是在客户和商品之间提供供求关系的“中介”,因此需要专业知识(Boyle, 2018)


As mentioned above, Amazons success and mission, it can be seen that Amazons general strategic goal is to provide customers with fast and good service. As long as the customer wants to buy something, it will be available on Amazons website. And Amazons services must meet all of the customers needs. From the perspective of strategic human resources concept, the marketing and positioning causes the strategy, and the strategy of the enterprise causes the required behavior of the employee and the HR practice. Therefore, in Amazon, the known factor is that the workers are in harsh environment and conditions to worker longer times to meet customersneeds. According to the interview of the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos (M.youtube.com, 2018), Jeff was asked how he thinks about the public critique of the Amazon setting strict rules for the employees that fully against work and life balance. Jeff said it is totally the reflection of the strategy of Amazon. Since Amazon is can be considered as a high-tech company because the process is based on the Internet, so according to what Jeff said, the people involved in this process should be prepared for the harsh environment and changes. In terms of work and family balance, Jeff strongly stated that There is no work and family balance, but the work and balance harmony (M.youtube.com, 2018), which means the integration of the work and family. It can be referred to the video that Jeff considers that the high standard working is necessary, and it is workersability to manage the stress and turn the Unbalanceof the work life into the Harmonybetween work and life.


Overall, it is easy to identify the aggressive strategy of Amazon from the required workers; behavior. On the one hand, it is positive for Amazon to coordinate workers with the strategic goal. On the other hand, the critiques of the Amazon behavior start to question whether this company should make more chances in terms of the employees so the strategic goal can be better met.



Recruitment and selection招聘与选拔

The way Amazon recruits and selects is very diverse and very strict, only real talent can be retained. The unconventional use of talent in Amazon is well-known. Jeff knows that absorbing talent is the key to the companys vitality. Amazon needs people who can contribute to ideas and ideas, and does not care about its employeespast career. Therefore, Amazons employees may include professional athletes and racing enthusiasts, as well as liberal artists, rock musicians, and scholars from Oxford University who study poetry (Gefen, 2000). In order to control costs, the company does not adopt traditional interviews or examination methods when recruiting talents, but reuses the convenience and effectiveness of the network.

亚马逊的招聘和挑选方式非常多样化,也非常严格,只有真正的人才可以保留。亚马逊对人才的非常规使用是众所周知的。杰夫知道,吸引人才是公司活力的关键。亚马逊需要的是能够为创意和想法做出贡献的人,而不关心员工过去的职业生涯。因此,亚马逊的员工可能包括职业运动员和赛车爱好者,以及自由派艺术家、摇滚音乐家和牛津大学研究诗歌的学者(Gefen, 2000)。为了控制成本,公司在招聘人才时没有采用传统的面试或考试方式,而是重新利用了网络的便利性和有效性。


Additionally, The experiment of Socratesmodel Jeff has a unique model for discovering talents. A reporter called this model the experiment of Socrates, that is, the applicants not only pass his interview, but also to be interviewed by other Amazon.com employees (Goldmanis et al., 2009). As long as there is a little dissatisfaction, it will not be hired. There has been an applicant who has been hired through a layer of interviews. Furthermore, when a person is hired by Amazon, the criteria of this person is stricter, which means the requirement increases all the time, and this is the way Jeff keeps all the candidates to keep having a serious mind.


According to Gayle (2016), who has worked in Amazon before, gives people suggestions that there are three aspects which people can keep in mind to use the to increase the possibility to be accepted by Amazon. The first suggestion is paying much attention to the process. There may take several interviews to fully being accepted, the process may include the several phone interview, online interview and face to face interview. Gayle suggests that people be completely prepared for the interview because of the interviewers came out from the strict training. Interviewers of Amazon keep the clear job description and guidelines in their minds and they will use diverse ways to test candidates. The second suggestion from Gayle is that people should show their leadership. There are 14 leadership principles the candidates should keep in mind. Finally, the suggestion is that preparing for stating the personal past cases because do care about the history of the people because they believe that what people do in the past is what they will do in the future.



In terms of the recruitment and selection process, the approaches of the Amazon are very scientific. In terms of the recruitment process, the required job description and personal traits are made before any interviews. These strict guidelines push interviewers to follow the needs instead of having perception errors. There are several time of interviews done by different people which avoid the self-centered bias, early information bias and stereotypes. Overall, this process make judgements to be more evidence made. Besides, even though this company care about peoples past cases, and their past performance, they do not strictly ask people to have certain past profession past, which allows the diversity.


Performance and reward management绩效与奖励管理

Amazons performance management and compensation management are very strict. From a performance management perspective, Amazon has strict standards for every employee in the position. From the daily work to the work content, from the general work outline to the work practices, Amazon has detailed requirements for every employee. Moreover, performance management and compensation management are closely linked (The Stranger, 2018). An Anonymous Website Is Asking for Amazon EmployeesHorror Stories. [online] Available , the critical rules, the executives of Amazons, from the lower level to high levels, they will have meetings every year to discuss the employeesperformance (Houde et al.,2017). From the annual meetings, they can conclude how to make improvements on the performance. The companys organizational structure is flat, the operation center calculates wages according to the hour, new employees, product managers, senior managers, directors, and core leadership teams. Amazons promotion is not easy, but many employees pay more than the boss Bezos.

亚马逊的绩效管理和薪酬管理非常严格。从绩效管理的角度来看,亚马逊对每个岗位上的员工都有严格的标准。从日常工作到工作内容,从总体工作大纲到工作实践,亚马逊对每个员工都有详细的要求。而且,绩效管理和薪酬管理是紧密相连的(The Stranger, 2018)。一个匿名网站正在询问亚马逊员工的恐怖故事。此外,关键的规则,亚马逊的高管,从低到高,他们每年都会开会讨论员工的表现(Houde et al.2017)。从年度会议中,他们可以得出如何改进业绩的结论。公司组织结构扁平化,运营中心按小时计酬,新员工、产品经理、高级经理、董事、核心领导团队。亚马逊的推广并不容易,但很多员工的薪酬都比老板贝佐斯高。


As it is stated on the official page of Amazon, this company offers flexible shifts to give more workers more choices. And if the performance is well enough, the person will be given the chance of becoming the permanent member of them. Also, the company also offers medical insurance combined with other types insurance, the different packages of bonuses, and also career choicesfunding for the adult education offering to pre-pay 95% of tuition and associated fees for nationally recognised courses, up to £8,000 over four years (amazon.jobs, 2018). As can be seen, the performance management of Amazon is highly strict but efficient, because every detailed time period, from the day to year, the whole process is under the evaluation. Also, the reward system if motivated, because the employees performance is tightly connected with their wages, bonus. Also, the added insurance and projects are very attractive. All of the initiatives of these can motivate employees and push them to have better performance.

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However, the performance system is also under criticizes by the public in the recent time of Amazon. According to James (2018), the low retention strategy makes Amazon hard to retain their people. It is said that managers at Amazon still tend to push employeesperformance even though employees may have some healthy issues or family problems. According to Cadwalladr (2018), workers in Swansea warehouse have to work up to 50 hours in a week and there are four shifts in a day, and some workers have to get up before 5a to prepare for the work.



As can be seen, even though the job situation which Amazon published to the public is positive, but there are ma be much vulnerability in the management process. Strict working conditions do give employees the motivation to work hard, but at the same time, a rigid treaty will force many people to leave. From this perspective, Amazon seems to only care about its own economic interests rather than the well-being of its employees. Although the employees welfare protection is mentioned in the reward mechanism, as well as other employee development projects, but these extra projects may not be as important as the daily care of employees in the workplace.



Also, according to the Cadwalladr (2018), Amazon has been sued for selling fake goods and other unethical behavior, but the company has no willingness to repent. Therefore, on the whole, whether Amazons high incentives are only for economic benefits, but ignore its own corporate social responsibility.



In conclusion, this article mainly analyzes the strategic human resources management, recruitment and selection, performance and reward management of Amazon. From the application of Amazon, it can be seen that this enterprise is very concerned about the realization of its own strategic planning, and also has a very effective human resource management plan for employees, but there are still some problems in the process. This problem is mainly exposed to whether the management of employees should be humanized. High work pressures and extended working hours really ensure the companys overall performance, but this is not good for decreasing the turnover because employees are not being cared. There are several reasons for addressing this problem. The first strategy is to use other technologies to improve work efficiency. As a technology company, Amazon should invest more in the technology of artificial intelligence, so that the work of some machines can be shared by the machine, instead of all the work burden for the employees. The second strategy is to adjust the company culture. The companys current criticism is that the work pressure is too great and the employees are not cared for. Amazons culture is more about paying attention to customers and neglecting employees, so if Amazon can work hard on employee care, it will help Amazon retain its employees.





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