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指导英国管理学assignment:The SWOT analysis of the industry reveals

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导读:本文是一篇harvard格式的管理学硕士assignment,主要讲述的是医疗保健服务是医药市场的新机遇。从2015年到2020年,在英国,一般人口预计将增长3%,65岁以上的人口预计将增加12%,大约110万;年龄超过85岁的人数预计将增加18%,大约30万人;预计百岁老人人数将增加7,000人,百分比增加40%。 65岁以上的人口正在大幅增加;根据相关研究,他们的医疗费用是年轻人费用的4倍。从国际观点来看,当60岁以上的人占一个国家或地区总人口的10%,或65岁以上的人占总人口的7%时,就意味着这个国家的人口。或地区步入老龄化社会。老龄化社会造成很多问题。然而,对于制药业而言,老龄化社会可能会促使药品销售达到顶峰。在这一部分,本文将分析英国毒品市场面临的优势,劣势,机遇和威胁(SWOT分析),特别是在老龄化社会的背景下。通过这一分析,我们可以得出一般情况,以评估未来英国药物短缺的可能性。
该行业的SWOT分析揭示了英国制药业在老龄化相关疾病中的地位。Between 2015 and 2020, in the United Kingdom, the general population is expected to rise 3%, the number aged over 65 years old are expected to increase by 12%, roughly 1.1 million; the number aged over 85 years old are expected to increase by 18%, roughly 300,000; and the number of centenarians are expected to increase 7,000 people and the percentage increases by 40%.   People aged over 65 years old are increasing greatly; according to relevant research, their medical care costs are 4 times higher than costs of young people. In the perspective of international views, when people aged over 60 years old constituting 10% of the total population of a country or a region, or people aged over 65 years old constituting 7% of the total population, it means the population of this country or region step into the aging society. Aging society causes a lot of problems. However, for pharmaceutical industry, the aging society might promote the pharmaceutical sales to reach the peak. In this part, this article is going to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) facing by the drug market of the UK, especially under the context of the aging society. From this analysis, we can draw a general picture to assess the possibility of drug shortage in the UK in the future. 
The SWOT analysis of the industry reveals the position of the UK pharmaceutical industry in aging associated diseases.
1) Strengths
The UK’s economy is beginning to stabilize since 2016. Recovery of economy means aging people could have more disposable income spending on their health care;
UK labour costs are lower than EU average cost. Lower cost could help pharmaceutical enterprises to control their cost and further expand their producing capabilities;
Immigration in UK has been higher, which provides a bigger market and more labour force;
Aging population’s medical care costs are much higher than cost of young people, which may promote the pharmaceutical sales to reach the peak;
Social self-governance of UK. The strategy to the aging problem is worthy of the name a key project, which needs government, society and market’s participation. Old-age care needs to emphasize the government responsibility, because the basic old-age insurance is one of the important parts of social security, and only the country can be capable of organizing and implementing the project. Old-age care also needs participation of the society; everyone would be old after all, to carry out mutual assistance and volunteer service activities for the elderly is one of the ways of social self-governance. 
2) Weakness
Low degree of product concentration. Too many pharmaceutical companies are struggling in the pharmaceutical market of the UK.
Enterprises’ products repeat and overlap seriously. Especially a lot of products coming from foreign pharmaceutical companies which are repetitive and overlap. 
Low sales volume of drug companies. Foreign players have challenged the position of local pharmaceutical companies in the UK.
Poor capability and smaller investment of drug research. Drug research refers to the whole process from the drug laboratory to put the drug on the market, which is a systematic process combining all disciplines and high-tech techniques.
With the development of the society, demographic changes, changes in diseases, and changes in the ecological environment, life cycle of drugs are getting shorter, and the frequency of upgrading is much faster. 
Enterprise management level is low. Many pharmaceutical companies are experiencing a serious shortage of management talents. 
3) Opportunities
According to statistics, the growth of aging-associated drug market will be 2%-5% higher than the whole industry rate;
High prevalence rate of aging people results in huge demands of aging-associated drugs. Prevalence rate of aging people if more than that of young people, aging people is the high-risk population of disease. Compared with other age groups, drug counts of aging people are more than other age groups.
E-commerce providers and online sales will bring new opportunities. Consumers search drugs and pharmacies online through searching engines, the drug-related information and legitimacy can be obtained in a very short period of time. E-commerce will change the consumption models and also bring new opportunities for pharmaceutical companies. 
Medication adherence can be improved. Aging-associated drug industry can promote the medication adherence. A lot of products, devices might be designed to improve the organization of medications. For example, calendars reminding aging people to come to see doctors; electronic pill dispensers help them to organize drugs they take every day; compartmentalized containers and other products and designs are all congruent with a medications schedule.
Health care delivery can be improved. Health care delivery is a new opportunity for pharmaceutical market. Engineer applications and technology applications etc., could improve the efficiency and convenience to deliver health care to people who are frail or have limited mobility. In order to make health care more professional and easy to deliver, facilitate access to health care information and services would be quite popular in the pharmaceutical market. 
4) Threats
The number of people aged over 85 years old is projected to more than double, reaching 3.6 millions in the UK. However, aging-associated drugs and supplies in the UK are not going well. The development and production of aging-associated drugs and equipment are far more enough.
More prescription drugs are transferred to OTC (Over The Counter) drugs. The therapeutic area of OTC gets wider. However, as more and more OTC drugs appear, competitions among OTC drugs become increasingly fierce, in today’s pharmaceutical market, the battle reaches the white hot point. 
Phenomena of unfair competitions among pharmaceutical companies are increasing prominent. This is an evitable result of repetitive production, excessive imitation and homogeneous competition.

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