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1.       Data maintenance and utilization;数据维护与利用;
1.1 Data Maintenance1.1数据维护
In the light of the funding raising for the virgin money giving, the research is dedicated to research that which form is best fit for the funding raising, the selection decision is made among the three from target fund raiser, charities, and both ways. In the model, the research is designed for tested which way is the most trusted by the donators, so that the online questionnaires are applied in the process of the research. In addition, the questionnaires are open the potential fund raising to test which way is the most trustable in the process of the donation. In the recent research of the donation, the online donation is popular among the fund raising.
In the form of the questionnaires online, ten questions are designedto test the interests of the fund raiser in the process of the donations.
Besides that, the targeted people who answer the questions onlineare adults, aged over 18. They are possible to earned money forthemselves, and also this group has the extra money to donate. 在研究中,它也被设计用来测试他们有多少钱愿意在线捐赠,他们多久捐赠一次,以及他们的方式相信捐赠。
Thesample size could be 100, which are answered the questions online.
捐赠完全取决于收入状况(即盈利能力),因此收入数据对筹资至关重要。在单独的数据中,将当前收入和潜在收入记入潜在捐助者的贷方;此外,消费习惯对收集习惯也很重要。消费数据与日常开支、购买产品等有关,也是潜在捐赠者为我们捐款的重要客户。此外,公司愿意在慈善机构捐款,以获得社会责任。这些公司的名单对我们很重要。此外,成功的名人也在为筹款活动捐款。In the research, it is also designed to test how much money they are willing to donate online, how often they donate and the ways they trust to donate.
Donation is fully depending on the status of the revenue (i.e. earning ability), so that the income data is important for the fundraising. In the separate of the data, the current revenue and potential income are credited for the potential donators; besides that the consumption habit is also important for the habit collection. The consumption data is relevant to the daily expense, purchase the products and others, these are also important customers to donate for us in the term of the potential donators. Additionally, the company is willing to donate in the charity to earn the social responsibility. The lists of these companies are quite important for us. Furthermore, the successful famous people are dedicating to donate in the fundraising activities.  
1.2 Data utilization
After collection the data online, the data analysis method could be applied in the process of the research, that is, SPSS. In the data analysis, the SPSS could be applied for the result of the questionnaires. In the first stage, finding Cronbach’s alpha checked reliability of the data, which measures internal consistency or average correlation of items in a survey instrument to gauge its reliability. In second stage bi-variate correlation analysis was used to assess the strength of relationship between dependent and independent variables. In third stage multiple regression analysis was applied to check the contribution individual constructs on performance measures. Coefficient of determination (R-square) was used to check the model adequacy. Finally Z-test was used to test the significance of two groups. As a consequence, the SPSS could defined the target customers and the best trust relationship.The information related to the company could be found in the annual report in the website. Besides that the contact information could be found on the website. In the company, the advertisement department could be responsible for the donation in the long term. 
Sometime, the charity always keep all list of the donators in the long term for the special purposes, these data is useful to find the potential donators in the long term.
2.       Legal compliance
Fundraising activities online are lack of supervised by the law and regulation. On the legal compliance could be researched here.In the form of the fund rising online, it should follow the law and rule. In the law explanation of the fund raising, a common perception is that there is a single type of activity termed fund raising, just as there is a prevailing view that all charitable gifts are made in cash. Most state local, as well as some federal, regulatory approaches seem founded on this perception. An assumption is made that the law amply defines fundraising when in fact it does not. Yet, to raise finds in this setting is to solicit gifts.
The internal revenue service (IRS) has devised extensive requirements for the reporting of fundraising activities by tax-exempt, primarily charitable organizations(Stiel, Hermel, &Radbruch,  2011). In this connection, the agency has defined the term fundraising activities. In addition, a contribution basically is a transfer of money or property in the absence of consideration. The term may be defined in a charitable solicitation act as including a gift, bequest, devise or other gran of money, credit, financial assistance or property of any kind or value.
Discussion on whether to grow charity targeting fundraisers, the data is important for the analysis. The categories of these fundraising’ data could be summarized as follow: the nature of the fundraisers. In the nature of the fundraising, the willing of the fundraisers is quite important to the activities. Certain group of the fundraisers could be targeted; the number of the fundraising could be increased.
The advantage of the targeting fundraisers could be reduced costs on the advertisement for the fundraisers, increased fundraising from the fundraising activities, save the time for the fundraising. However, the pitfall could be focus on the certain group of the donation, because these fundraisers have limited ability to raising the money; the economic environment goes down, the donation could be a downturn in the fundraising, so that the donation could be a challenge for the donation from the fundraisers.
From the result of the data analysis, the data can be confirmed that the charity should be open to the fundraisers, because more people are willing to help the people they would like to. The charity is also open to the majority people rather than the targeting fundraisers. In addition, the way could be put online to donates.
The basic concept underlying charitable annual giving programs is to recruit new donors and renew (and perhaps upgrade)  prior donors, whose gifts provide for annual operations(Steinberg, 2004). Some programs require a staff professional to manage; most programs require both staff and a volume of volunteer leaders and workers. Charities frequently conduct two or more forms of annual solicitation within a 12-month period; the net effect is to contact the same audience with multiple requests within the year. Some donors prefer one method of giving over the others. Multiple gift requests to present donors will increase net revenues faster than effects to acquire new donors, inasmuch as present donors are the best prospects for added gifts and donor acquisition can be costly.
   A successful base of annual giving support permit the charitable organization to conduct more selective programs of fundraising that will secure major gifts, grants and capital campaigns toward larger and more significant projects. A request for large gifts differs from annual gift solicitation because the request is for a one-time gift, allows for a multiyear pledge, and is directed toward a specific project or urgent need.
Steinberg, R 2004, 'Caveat donator', International Journal of Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Marketing, May, Business Source Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 27 February 2016.
Stiel, S, Hermel, M, &Radbruch, L 2011, 'Cornea donation from patients deceased at a palliative care unit', Palliative Medicine, 25, 2, pp. 183-184, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 27 February 2016.

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