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指导英国国际商务小组assignment-Detailed Brief for Group Assessment

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Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:
Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:
4 Gather, interpret and evaluate secondary global marketing data
5.Work effectively in groups and evaluate their performance
6.Write marketing reports
7.Prepare and deliver marketing presentations
Detailed Brief for Group Assessment集体评估的详细简介
集团研究任务 - 高等教育与发展中经济体
Group Research Assignment – Higher Education and Developing Economies
Purpose of the assessment, the task/topic
As a result of Brexit The University of Hertfordshire’s Business School must consider entry into two emerging economies. The group is to conduct secondary research into the macro environments of South Africa and Chile
The group is to write a report with attributed sections from each member of the group. 
Introduction to the work/Scope/Context: 
You work as a marketing research consultant and have been commissioned by the business school. You are to consider the opportunities for the business school to deliver education products such as undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degree and parts of, to these countries.
Your report should inform management of the issues associated with secondary research and how the selected international markets are impacted by the macro environment in which they operate with respect to marketing strategy and tactics adopted.
Your Specific Instructions: This business report should have 6 sections and be logical, well-researched using Harvard Referencing. It should be written objectively with evidence based discussion.


Market segmentation of the Chile related to Although agriculture is less influential than mining, it is a major source of exports and an important source of national food supply. About 21.1% of the land in this country is agricultural land. Important crops include grapes, apples, pears, Onions, wheat, corn, oats, peaches, garlic, asparagus and beans. Apples, apricots, cherries and plums are the main export products of Chile. Livestock, including sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, horses, mules, llamas and alpacas, grew up in the countryside. Tourism: tourism is a major industry in Chile. More than 5.6 million tourists visited Chile in 2016, more than $8.1 billion. Popular destinations include the andes mountains in Chile's central andes and patania in the south. 
Chile is known for its rapids and kayaks, especially in the south of the country. Robinson Crusoe Island and Robinson Crusoe Island (Easter Island) are two of the most popular Pacific resorts.
Power distance index (PDI): low
Individualism vs. collectivism (IDV) individualism
Uncertainty avoidance index (UAI) high 
Masculinity vs. femininity (MAS) femininity
Long-term orientation vs. short-term orientation (LTO) short-term orientation 
Indulgence vs. restraint (IND) restraint
South Africa:
Industry accounts for 29.2 per cent of GDP (estimated in 2016) and employs 23.5 per cent of the workforce (estimated in 2014). Its main industries are mining, manufacturing and transport. Mining is still a major source of revenue, although the sector has started to decline. Manufacturing is dominated by automobile assembly, metal processing, machinery, textile, steel, chemical, fertilizer and food industries. Agriculture accounts for 2.2% of GDP (estimated in 2016) and employs 4.6% of the workforce (estimated in 2014). Commercial agriculture is important to export economy, while subsistence agriculture is very important to the general population. The combination of scarce water and drought has changed production every year, with only 9.9% of the land being arable (estimated in 2011). Corn, wheat, sugar cane, fruit and vegetables are staple crops. Cattle, poultry and sheep are the main livestock. Tourism: South Africa's tourism industry has grown exponentially since the end of apartheid. In 2016, the total number of foreign visitors was about 10 million, creating $8.7 billion (2016). According to the world tourism and tourism board, the industry directly employed 716,500 workers in 2016, indirectly supporting 1.5330,000 jobs. The country continued its efforts to expand its existing tourism infrastructure.
Power distance index (PDI): high 
Individualism vs. collectivism (IDV)
Uncertainty avoidance index (UAI):high 
Masculinity vs. femininity (MAS) femininity 
Long-term orientation vs. short-term orientation (LTO):long-term
Indulgence vs. restraint (IND):restraint 
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